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  1. Cody looks good and aggressive during the first period and a half. Then he seems to run out of gas. Is he cutting too much weight or is he just not in wrestling shape yet. Seems odd to think he wouldn't be in shape yet at this point in the season. Anyone have any insight? Otherwise, Mizzou is looking good for March. They get their HWT back tomorrow from grades and Mike England (unranked) had a good win today over #13 Caleb Marsh. Southern Scuffle will give everyone a good mid season assessment.
  2. Makes sense for the team, but how will Cox react at that option and how high can he place at nationals giving up the BIG difference in size and strength?
  3. BIG win for Missouri 184 lb Miklus (unranked redshirt freshman) over #2 ranked Dechow!
  4. BIG win for Miklus (unranked redshirt freshman) over #2 ranked Dechow! Nice addition to the lineup and will add NCAA pts to go along with Waters, Houdashelt and Cox. Mayes #10, beating Mecate #5 is also a really nice win. Maybe Mizzou can make some noise in St Louis at the NCAA's.
  5. I still believe Johnston will win the right to start at 165 by January. Johnston will also go on to qualify for the NCAA tourn in St Louis.
  6. Didn't Johnston pin Lewis in the Cyclone open?
  7. Mizzou benefits either way! Nice looking lineup this year.
  8. Thanks. Henson will do well at WV. Hated to see him leave Mizzou.
  9. At 165, will Prazma get the nod to start or is this weight still a work in progress?
  10. What happened to Parker Von Egidy?
  11. Noticed he's not listed in the Mizzou roster. Has he left Mizzou? What's up?
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