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  1. I think he's doing what Joey McKenna did at Stanford - delayed enrollment to focus on freestyle this year.
  2. Wow - what great hijack thread
  3. Sorry - I'm not a big message-boarder - where is this thread?
  4. Agree 100%. This may be his one shot at making the Olympic team and getting an Olympic Gold. Why risk it? There's got to be more to it
  5. It's AWAY easier to get a college degree down the road than World/Olympic titles. If he keeps winning world level medals, he will make more than enough to pay for an education - or someone out there could give him an academic scholarship to finish his studies as time allows. Just sayin'......
  6. That is interesting. Anyone know what the seeding criteria is for the scuffle?
  7. Where do you see that? The Scuffle website still lists Chance.
  8. I believe that Smith just beat Chance pretty good at an open a few weeks ago at 157.
  9. Easily??!! I love how people throw around words like this
  10. That's all I was trying to clarify.
  11. Then Sanderson wasn't undefeated in college. He lost in an open freshman year.
  12. Why is everyone so quick to dismiss CM? He's a RS Frosh, the weight above opens up next year, they will probably RS Smith this year, etc. And anyone who follows college wrestling knows, they shuffle guys quite a bit.
  13. My comments is not based on being an excuse - its based on seeing some of his matches last year when he wrestled 157 and he did NOT look like he did when he wrestled 165. He beat/hung with some top competition at 165 last year, so its not like there isnt a track record to go off of. I dont know what went on specifically, but someone mentioned there were a lot of factors, and there were. I also think that in his mind to be the best, he needs to beat the best, and if he cant beat his own teammates, he cant be the best. He also commented at the time that his ultimate goal was olympic and world gold and he thought OSU gave him that chance (not that PSU or other schools didnt, but he liked Smith). I dont mean this to be a jab or anything - but, so what? Each person is different; some can cut and others really cant. Your body reacts differently than others. Some kids continue to grow past their senior year of high school, others stopped in 10th grade. I wrestled 140 in high school and had a real hard time making 142 my freshman year; by the time I was a senior I was at 158. I continued to grow a bit and fill out - does that mean I couldnt cut? No - heck, I had trouble making 158 that last year because i put on muscle that I didnt have in HS.
  14. Why isn't this a valid comment?
  15. How does that work for guys red shirting? They aren't official matches at that point. I think if you wrestle unattached at an open that isn't an official team tourney, the matches don't count. That's how it was back in the early 90's (waaaaaaaaaaay back then!)
  16. He wrestled at 157 a few times last year too, so its not his first time ever being down at this weight.
  17. No - these are open tournaments that do not "officially" count towards their records.
  18. I dont think it is burn out in the sense that he is losing his motivation, I think the cut to get a chance at starting at 157 is really hard. He looked gassed last year when he wrestled 157, and as mentioned above, looked much better at 165. He might just have the unlucky end result of being behind Dieringer for a year.
  19. To try to answer your question - I think there were a lot of factors why this is up there. First - Kolat and Ironside were HUGE names at that time and the hype was thru the roof for this match. Second, Kolat was on cruise control and rarely had points scored on him. Them Ironside just went to work and stormed back scoring late to take the lead. Finally - it was in Iowa so the crowd factor played a lot into it. Of course - it's all a matter of opinion, so nothing to be confused about - I'm sure you have one that's better in your mind.
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