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    2 hours ago, Ray Brinzer said:

    Yes, that's who it was, or yes, it was shameful?

    Yes on both

    I think it sucks that everywhere you read, the guy who did it is referred to as "Kurt Angle's brother" or "the brother of Kurt Angle" - just use the friggin guy's name and leave Kurt out of it.

  2. 54 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:

    You are way off on some guys. Marstellar is from Southeastern PA almost, Lancaster County. Desanto is from Berks County, Jordan Wood from Boyertown, and Labs, Moisey and Lizak are from the Lehigh Valley. None near Pittsburgh.

    Marstellar is from south central PA - York County. 


    And if thats the route you are going, you better just cross off Myers (south central PA - Cumberland County) and Hidlay - north central PA (Mifflin County)


    That said - Id still call them close enough to be in front of a "home crowd"

  3. 20 hours ago, swoopdown said:

    The point was that a Hawkeye source made this claim. Hate to see you strike out getting it. Must be frustrating for you so I'm happy to help out this time.

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    I will be a big boy and admit when I miss something, and yes, I DID miss the comment in your post about the mono.  My bad!!

    And no - I am not frustrated about it.  I don't let message boards dictate how I feel.

  4. 1 hour ago, swoopdown said:

    "DeSanto replaced originally chosen Lee, who was wrestling through a torn ACL and mononucleosis in the state final, as Pennsylvania’s 126-pound all-star. "

    - per https://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sports/college/columnists/chad-leistikow/2019/02/12/iowa-hawkeyes-wrestling-spencer-lee-austin-desanto-friendship-teammates-tom-brands-terry-brands/2836011002/

    Just imagine how good this kid will be once he shakes the mono that's been plaguing him since high school. Maybe he should have gone to Rutgers in order to have access to a good doctor.

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    Yeah, bc that's what everyone is saying.....  You make no point at all.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  And zip.  Because we all know it was a KNEE, not mono that was the issue then!  Sheesh, man.  Sheesh.

  5. maybe not Rutgers but quite possibly Penn State. If it is an emotional issue then where is it better to be, at home around family and loved ones or half way across the country among strangers. I wouldnt be surprised if he makes a transfer during his remaining 2 1/2 years.
    Oh my goodness..... This is sooooo funny!!

    He's not transferring, he loves Iowa and.... wait for it..... his family lives in Iowa now!

    Honestly tho - I've heard he had mono for about 4-6 weeks and it drained him. Makes sense watching his matches.

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  6. Amen!

    And never let this leave your mind - you will never, ever be able to get these days/weeks back - don't live a life regretting that you didn't take full advantage of these last opportunities on the mat.

    I was one of the lucky few that was able to continue into college but there isn't a day that goes by (23 years after I hung up the competition shoes) that I don't regret not prepping harder senior year of HS or doing things differently in college.

    Just let 'er rip, boys!

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  7. What does Mikey Carr have to do with this discussion?  Iowa wrestled INDIANA last not, not ILLINOIS.
    My bad - forgot to quote Mr Nelson. Lord mentioned Murin being broken by Carr and that's what I was responding to. I guess I need to go back to internet message board 101.

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  8. It was being discussed how Carr broke him and his confidence is extremely low now.  
    Thank you. Of course LU had to jump all over someone with a sarcastic "God, you must be stupid" response bc, well - that's pretty much the MO on here.

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  9. I'm not defending Murin at all, and didnt see his match last night, but Carr is really friggin tough and is wrestling really well and is a kid that I wouldn't be surprised makes the finals if he doesn't have to run through Yanni before finals.  His only 2 losses this year are to Eierman (both relatively close and I recall one being pretty high scoring and close).

    Did Hall win national 2 years ago?
    as to the OP, I’d be surprised if there were any D1 champs that never qualified for states.  I mean the announcers always talk about how Cassar didn’t qualify until he was a senior but he still won it that year.  Even a guy like Macchiavello was the first champ from NC in 30+ years and he was “only” a 1 time state champ.
    Maybe someday he can win senior world.

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  11. He wasnt looking for a box score of the dual.
    "I texted a friend last night telling him Fix lost and the first response from him was he couldnt find anything on Flo"

    Sorry - I interpreted this to mean he couldn't find ANYTHING on Flo and I was simply pointing out that the box score was there that at least showed a final score of that match.

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  12. Pittsburgh has a VERY GOOD 133 pounder in Micky Phillipi (As you know) If Teasdale were a 133 he would be unlikely to go to a school that already has a good 133.
    Agreed. That was my original point. Maybe I am just missing your point of your original response to me. Sorry.

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  13. Teasdale is a VERY SMALL 125 pounder,  I heard he can eat a large pizza, drink a liter of soda and have a hot fudge sundae for desert, wake up in the morning and still be under 125 with clothes and shoes on.
    Ok. Great. Not sure how that applies to me responding to a comment about him being Pitt's 133 pounder.

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