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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from goStanford18 in Did your state GOAT come from the pool of undefeated’s?   
    Kolat.  For sure.
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from BadgerMon in Did your state GOAT come from the pool of undefeated’s?   
    Kolat.  For sure.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to MSU158 in Should "hiding" an arm be an automatic stall call?   
    Some brutally horrible comparisons here. Now, I am not saying it is always stalling, but it definitely can be and is in certain situations. Remember, this isn’t Freestyle. Stalling is NOT about lack of controlling the mat. It is about NOT trying to improve your position. 
    So, with that in mind, there are times when RBY is stalling with it and times he is not. Same goes with the one good comparison of dropping to a knee. If you use them to bait a guy into a position and then attack, it is a legitimate setup. RBY’s takedown of DeSanto in their 1st match was a good example. 
    However, if you use it to keep as much of you body disengaged from you opponent as possible and are content to stay in that position it IS stalling. 
    Finally, if you use it for 6:00’s or so after getting a takedown without a single fully committed attack, there definitely is some stalling going on.  Still, a great strategy that has worked very well so far!
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to nhs67 in ACC Tournament   
    If you're going to be a twat at least spell appropriately.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to goheels1812 in ACC Tournament   
    This is one of the most lame posts I have ever read on this board. Plenty of people care about the ACC tournament. Ya know the conference that finished the season with 4 of their 6 teams in the top 10? Take your garbage opinion somewhere else. 
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to justafan in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    100% we have become softer then a marshmallow
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from nhs67 in Fix oly redhirt?   
    That word might offend some with ED....

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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to madcat11 in The call   
    The idea that Zain initiated the move is hilarious.
    Watch his legs throughout and then tell me that with a straight face.
    Screw the timing they scored it wrong.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to NJDan in The call   
    I think the main bone of contention is not the correctness of the call, but whether the brick was thrown too late to allow for a review.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Coach_J in The call   
    Horrible call.  Defensive man initiated an exposure and the offensive man did not immediately assume control after the exposure.  Two for the defensive man.  Not a hard call.  At no point did the offensive man stop or impede the motion initiated by the defensive man, thus no 2-2.  
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Coach_J in Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Braking Stories   
    To be fair, it's a distant sister, two times removed.  You're making it sound like he has no morals.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to russelscout in Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Braking Stories   
    If Chance Marsteller can make it back to the medal stand after everything he did, anyone can including Teasedale. That's no shade a Chance. Would have been easier for him to call it quits several times. Great example of someone turning their life around.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to silverback in Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Braking Stories   
    Some of you people are pathetic.  If you don't like it, STOP reading it.  
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to TobusRex in Snyder vs Gable and Cassar and White   
    Mike Ditka is an old man. A stupid, arthritic old man. Ditka's balls are probably dipping in the toilet water by now, if you know what I'm saying. Old man balls. Let me tell you about ...but I digress. Snyder is a young, shaved gorilla in his physical prime. He eats bamboo shoots and runs marathons for breakfast. He ****s Wheaties.
    Gotta go with Snyder on this one. By an immediate if not sooner fall. Or pinfall, for you Jason.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to MadMardigain in Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?   
    Should have just said he’s in the wolf pack.  :)
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to lu_alum in Iowa v Indiana   
    No ill will intended.  I did not scroll up to see LordNelson's post about Mikey breaking him.  Apologies if I hurt your feelings.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to 1032004 in Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?   
    Why would Penn State be “home”?  That’s over 2 hours from where he went to HS.  Pitt would be more accurately described as “home.”  He’d also have a higher ranked 133 to practice with.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to DEFan79 in Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?   
    Mono has been all but confirmed guys. That’s all this is 
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to VakAttack in Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?   
    Are we back talking about Desanto? I know i'm Mr. Desanto guy, but it's possible he had no idea he did it. His eyes were pointed straight down. It also isn't the position people have been getting hit in, which is from space. This is the first time I've seen it called anywhere besides from space in neutral. It's the right call (I think), but it may also have been rules confusion.

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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to qc8223 in Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?   
    You heard it here first everyone!!! Lee will be transferring home to Coe College in Cedar Rapids to cut his distance from family from 20 minutes down to 0!
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to will-i-am23 in Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?   
    It’s well documented that Spencer’s family mover to Cedar Rapids which is 20 minutes from Iowa city 
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Old Corps in HEW...Finish Strong!   
    I know many wrestlers read these forums. 
    I want to offer them some words of encouragement late in the season. 
    Many of them have been grinding since they were very young boys and right about now, many are just wanting their final season to be over with so they can finally live normal lives. More than a few have been coping with HEW for quite a while, but for various reasons, not wrestling wasn’t an option - so they fight on.
    I say they have a right to be tired and ready for new phases of their lives. 
    That said, I’d advise anyone who’s reading this thinking, “He’s talking about me!” to reflect on all of the sacrifices they’ve made to this point. All of the weigh-ins, ass-kickings, disappointments, the countless hours of training, etc. All of this is will be over several weeks from now, but these last weeks, for most of them, will define their achievements in our sport. 
    Now is the time to dig deep and resolve to give it everything you’ve got until you walk off the mat after your final match. 
    I thank you for your dedication and I’ve enjoyed following the careers of many of you. 
    Good Luck!
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Iowa v Indiana   
    DeSanto with a very disappointing performance last night - no antics whatsoever.
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from 1032004 in NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results   
    Maybe someday he can win senior world.

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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to 1032004 in NCAA D1 champs with worst HS results   
    Did Hall win national 2 years ago?
    as to the OP, I’d be surprised if there were any D1 champs that never qualified for states.  I mean the announcers always talk about how Cassar didn’t qualify until he was a senior but he still won it that year.  Even a guy like Macchiavello was the first champ from NC in 30+ years and he was “only” a 1 time state champ.
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