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    My comments is not based on being an excuse - its based on seeing some of his matches last year when he wrestled 157 and he did NOT look like he did when he wrestled 165. He beat/hung with some top competition at 165 last year, so its not like there isnt a track record to go off of.
    I dont know what went on specifically, but someone mentioned there were a lot of factors, and there were. I also think that in his mind to be the best, he needs to beat the best, and if he cant beat his own teammates, he cant be the best. He also commented at the time that his ultimate goal was olympic and world gold and he thought OSU gave him that chance (not that PSU or other schools didnt, but he liked Smith).
    I dont mean this to be a jab or anything - but, so what? Each person is different; some can cut and others really cant. Your body reacts differently than others. Some kids continue to grow past their senior year of high school, others stopped in 10th grade. I wrestled 140 in high school and had a real hard time making 142 my freshman year; by the time I was a senior I was at 158. I continued to grow a bit and fill out - does that mean I couldnt cut? No - heck, I had trouble making 158 that last year because i put on muscle that I didnt have in HS.
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from jtothep in Marstellar   
    Why isn't this a valid comment?
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    Simply put - this was AWESOME. Well written 👏
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