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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from pamela in DeSanto to...   
    It’s called StateS b/c there are multiple classes being contested, thus plural. Yes - one who wins is a State Champ - but when you qualify, you are going to States. Just like you go to Regionals, or NCAAs; it is a conference tourney b/c it’s only one conference competing, but the Big Tens b/c multiple teams are competing at multiple weights.  
    It’s basically an abbreviation - State Championships or just States.
    I won NCAAs, or, I’m an NCAA champ.
    The Eagles are Super Bowl Champs - they won the PlayoffS. What’s the difference?
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Tofurky in Rule idea: push out   
    It can’t be called the push out. Even in Freestyle you can’t simply “push” your opponent off the mat. There has to be technical wrestling involved. Calling it a “step out”, most times, correctly penalizes the guy with his back to the edge and rewards the aggressor in that situation.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to WRfan1 in Push-back against the 3pt TD?   
    If you want more neutral action, just get rid of riding time.  Its as simple as that. No one would bother trying for a ride out if they had over a minute left in a period. 
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying in Push-back against the 3pt TD?   
    It's a wrestling match, not a takedown contest.  Winning the takedown battle is just one component of winning the match. Sometimes a football team that scored more touchdowns loses because they gave up too many field goals. The solution isn't to make touchdowns worth 9 points. 
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to PhiferFuqua in DeSanto to...   
    State championships = states.
    Olympic games = Olympics.
    Big Ten tournament = Big Tens.
    Not hard.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Gantry in What are the rules to Cael’s room?   
    ....confirmed, never trust those people
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from Ogalthorpe Haywood in What are the rules to Cael’s room?   
    4.  Never trust anyone who wipes back to front.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to lu_alum in Thank You, Darian Cruz!   
    If you missed it during the championships, here is the "Letter to Wrestling" he delivered on the big board in Cleveland...
    Post-tournament reflections from him and Pat Santoro...
    In the 30+ years I've followed collegiate wrestling, he's definitely my favorite to have worn the Brown and White.  Thank you, Darian, and best wishes in your future endeavors.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to wrestlingnerd in Suriano to 133 next year   
    He would beat Gross for sure. Look at how easy he gives TDs up against smaller guys: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/975221322954493952
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from Eagle26 in Coach of The Year?   
    Moore from LHU!
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from xander in Suriano drama...again   
    and they all have the same thing in common - Pico wins every time.
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from Witherman in Suriano drama...again   
    and they all have the same thing in common - Pico wins every time.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to JasonBryant in Is your state doing it worse than VA?   
    It’s embarrassing. I don’t like to say things are a joke because the term is overused but the VHSL is a friggin joke.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to headshuck in Chance Marsteller   
    I once told my wife something similar. It did not go well...
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to cornercoach in The FLO Gone from FLOSports ?   
    ... don't have a crystal ball handy, but i do know Martin was a groundbreaker and put all he had into the product- I watch/use/consult FLO info and really appreciate it.  $150 a year is one less trip to the racino to cover it. Watched Wyoming wrestle live with my phat asz on the couch,
    and a bowl of BBQ flavored chips close by..
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to straitshooter in ODU vs. Ohio...???   
    I've taught CPR, BLS (healthcare provider version) and ACLS (in-hospital cardiac arrest) courses for several years now.  Ironically, although I've done compressions and used manual defibrillators many times, I've never seen an AED used - always been near a full code cart when needed.  Anyway, your concern is the true issue, they are pretty mindless to use.  It's more about having the nerve to use it and hit the button when it tells you to if you've never seen it done before.  Also, this is not the time for modesty.  If it's a woman, you have get everything out of the way and get, um, hands on to get the pads onto bare skin - the system can't do its job through clothing.  If you're a brawny wrestler type but someone else is handling the machine, you can chase away any gawkers, or at least form a ring around the individual for privacy.  I could go on at length here, but every adult should know the basic procedure for using an AED.  The alleged scenario here is the ideal one for cardiac arrest; an otherwise healthy person whose heart suddenly stopped pumping blood, witnessed event, immediate action.  You'd hate to be there when you see an 'AED' on the wall - and no one knows/is willing to use it.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to straitshooter in ODU vs. Ohio...???   
    A clarification or two on the last post.  In a situation that appears to be the case here, emergency providers will quickly remove all clothing from the upper body - male, female, young, old - trauma scissors cut through just about anything.  If you have, say, a dozen people standing there doing nothing else, have them form a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing out.  You can't always move the patient immediately, and if you see any inappropriate gawking, well, put a stop to it.  On batteries, etc, I had a few classes 'on-site', where the company I taught for send me to the school, business, etc.  Part of the contract was to check all their AEDs while there from a standard checklist: two unexpired batteries, unopened set of pads, machine turns on when activated, etc.  If it fails, let them know what needs replacing/repairs/whatever.  As CPR certification is only good for two years, that should be the max time between maintenance checks.  When you're looking to buy AEDs, ask if they have followup like this; if not, consider another supplier.
    Getting ready to head to the gym, and yes, they have an AED.  It's funny, whatever your world is, that's the prism you look through.  My reserve unit had a briefing shortly after the Las Vegas shooting by a full-time police officer, he said the first thing he does on entering any room is determine all the exits.  Since I started teaching CPR/etc courses, I go in a public building, I look for the AED. I don't want to waste time looking if it's needed.  (and per my colleague, I know where the exits are, too.)
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from pamela in ODU vs. Ohio...???   
    Honest question about AEDs - we have them in the wrestling room and a portable one that goes to tourneys with the varsity team (the youth doesnt get to take it, but there should be at least one at every event we go to) - but my question is this:  are they hard to use?  We've never been provided training on using one and I'd be scared that if something happened at practice, no one would know how to use the thing.
    This whole thing makes me think I need to push to get us coaches some training.
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from MikePorcelli in ODU vs. Ohio...???   
    Thanks guys - Im checking the AED out when I get to practice tonight.  I've never really thought about it until now.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to stp in Coon vs Snyder - can the bigger guy do it?   
    I thought Connor Medbery was going to beat Snyder last year, how Coon did it this year.  Keep in mind, Snyder only beat Coon by three his Sophomore year.   Snyder-man losing to some juggernaut college HWT isn't a surprise.  
    Going from 197 to HWT in college is stupid.  High school has 215.   College needs a 220 or 225 weight class.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Tofurky in Kanen storr   
    Elmhurst College in West suburban Chicago is a very nice place. If he calls me today and gets me his transcripts by noon tomorrow, we can have him admitted and get him an advising date for Monday morning, the day our Spring term begins. Since Coach Dresser is giving Kanen a full release, he can attend practice that afternoon. Waddya say, Kanen? Drop me a line!
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to jeffr_ideal in Separated at birth?   
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Medicine_Man in Separated at birth?   


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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Coach_J in Lee 0-2 next two duals? What then?   
    Ask Mark Branch what being 6-7 in March means.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to JeanGuy in Does increased number of televised events hurt attendance?   
    I have never used TV as a reason not to attend an event. If I want to go and am able I will. If there are reasons that  make attending difficult I watch on TV if I can.
    I know there is discussion with the $$ sports about coverage hurting live attendance but if you are a sports fan there is nothing like being there live no matter how good the TV coverage is.
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