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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Gantry in NaTo hurt   
    This whole forum has devolved into the same 6-8 people arguing with each other in every single thread.  Seriously, can some of you:
    1)  Simply not need to get the last word in. Tit-for-tat has zero returns after about the 5th reply.
    2)  Agree to disagree
    3)  Make your point and move on
    4)  Put someone you can't stop fighting with on ignore
    5)  Hopefully all of the above
    You're under no obligation to do so, but just keep in mind that you are making the board worse for everyone else.  Thanks for listening...
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to TBar1977 in WNO at the Snake Pit today   
    One of the msg board posters, Jason Mitchell, being interviewed by Nomad.
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from BigTenFanboy in Greatest wrestler from each State?   
    Yep - I was just gonna say that. Or Coleman Scott but he's less decorated tban Angle.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to silver-medal in Pitt with two local commits   
    Just seems to indicate that Keith Gavin is creating excitement at Pitt.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to cornercoach in Iowa Style promotes light weight success at expense of upper weights   
    ...be right back, going to do some recreational reading about nuclear medicine for a bit- just to relax.....
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from Erminio8 in Pitt with two local commits   
    I think they are great recruits for us right now.  Matthews is definitely the higher rated guy and probably is the more exciting recruit for us, but I think Luke has a high ceiling.  We also just got a commit from Louis Newell (he finished 8th, 2nd, 2nd at states so far).  Loading up on the lightweights right now.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Fletcher in 1 on 1 with Downey   
    I just want the best guys on the mat at the NCAA tournament in March. With Downey involved, 184 becomes more interesting and that's a good thing - character issues be damned.
    I could do without the old man riding his coattails, though.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Tofurky in Pitt with two local commits   
    Psyched to see Pitt on the up and up. I'll be watching!
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from KTG119 in Pitt with two local commits   
    I think they are great recruits for us right now.  Matthews is definitely the higher rated guy and probably is the more exciting recruit for us, but I think Luke has a high ceiling.  We also just got a commit from Louis Newell (he finished 8th, 2nd, 2nd at states so far).  Loading up on the lightweights right now.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Buckxell in Boom!! Suriano to Rutgers..eligble now   
    It would be interesting if either would care to elaborate. I'm a parent of 3 boys 10 and under, and would love to hear parenting thoughts from both... maybe this should deserve a separate thread but I thought I'd throw it out there.  
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from de4856 in Breakout stars - 17/18   
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to wrestlingphish in Brands Wants To Have His Cake and Eat It Too   
    Whether or not 'you give a hoot' had nothing to do with the fact that you are grasping at straws.
    And for someone who doesn't give a hoot you sure do like to post on the topic.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to wrestlingphish in Brands Wants To Have His Cake and Eat It Too   
    The Regents who run all three state institutions could implement a policy like this. No clue if they have though. 
    Edit: Not sure how this would qualify as Brands wanting to have his cake and eat it too. Did he come out and say Flynn should have granted the release? For all you know he agrees with Lugo not getting released. You are grasping at straws.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to BLT in Brands Wants To Have His Cake and Eat It Too   
    Lol at flying troll, not even good effort. The thoughts expressed on the non Lugo release to Iowa thread that you posted this on before making a special anti Iowa troll thread was that if there has been no coaching change then a release should not be given since school #1 has invested time into developing the wrestler. The Vtech situation involved a coaching change. Have no idea if the Logan Ryan thing is true or what the behind the scenes story is if it is true but it would not involve a coaching change. Maybe they feel like they were there for him during his legal issue and even though he is not starting they are counting on him as a key backup. Maybe UNI withheld a release to Iowa previously. There could be any number of details that factor into it we are not aware of. who knows maybe the Iowa AD promised Ryan a release to follow Brands to UNI and UNI is really keeping there new hire quiet.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to HurricaneWrestling in New announced   
    You can say that again...
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from KTG119 in Breakout stars - 17/18   
    Mikey is definitely sitting this year.  Forys has mentioned redshirting so he could wrestle his final year with a chance to wrestle NCAAs at home and Peters never afforded him the opportunity to redshirt
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from KTG119 in Living Dream Medan Fund   
    Just read this article and its great to see these guys getting a financial reward for their efforts
    What I loved to see the most, though, is a woman wrestler number 2 and 5 on the all time cash list for the LDMF, and there are 4 of the top 8 are also women (2 tied for 7th with $50k):
    Career LDMF bonuses
    $465,000 – Jordan Burroughs
    $365,000 – Helen Maroulis
    $350,000 – Kyle Snyder
    $265,000 – Jake Varner
    $130,000 – Adeline Gray
    $65,000 – Elena Pirozhkova
    $50,000 – Logan Stieber, Alli Ragan
    $40,000 – James Green, J’den Cox
    $30,000 – Andy Bisek, Tervel Dlagnev
    $25,000 – Coleman Scott, Clarissa Chun, Jake Herbert, Dremiel Byers, Thomas Gilman
    $15,000 – Leigh Jaynes-Provisor, Alyssa Lampe, Ali Bernard, Tatiana Padilla, Becka Leathers, Nick Gwiazdowski
    The 2017 Worlds was the highest payout to our athletes ever (surpassing the 2015 Worlds) in a non-Olympic year; however, in 2016, the LDMF paid out $600k (mainly because it paid out $250k to both Helen and Kyle for Olympic Golds).
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to WillieBoy in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    You don't have to be in college to have illegal betting discussions bring in Law Enforcement to nail the forums just as you don't have to actually own or make silencers for firearms bring ATF/ATFE to you for discussions of them online.
    Take it offline and save the forums all the problems associated with your possibly illegal activities.
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    Jasonmitchell32 got a reaction from Pinnum in Pitt wrestling receives $250,000 gift   
    Vish is definitely a wrestling supporter and has done a ton for the team recently.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to iGranby in Spaghetti wrestling   
    Guys who scramble to avoid a takedown AND score are exciting (Nolf, Dylan Ness) 
    Guys who scramble only to avoid a takedown and get the stalemate back to their feet are boring. Despite what fans of wrestlers who use the latter strategy will tell you - there is a difference. 
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to JasonBryant in Attendance in Paris   
    Olympic venues are typically in the 6-8K range. So London and Rio were in that ballpark. London had a tighter facility inside the Excel facility, whereas Carioca Arena 2 had more open space at the upper levels.
    Here's what I recall about the Worlds I've been to.
    2003: MSG - Probably peaked around 9-10K. It was only men's and women's freestyle, no Greco. Can't remember if it was 2 or 3 days. I was staying on floors. 
    2007: Baku - Don't believe they sold tickets, they had one row of military guys on the bottom row around the seating areas up top. It got pretty crowded. The facility was pretty similar in terms of seating style than the place in France. I'd say 3-4K each day there (format is the same we have today, 2-2-2 in terms of days of competition).
    2009: Herning - Smallest "facility" as they created an arena with about a 3500-4000 seat bowl with big aluminum/metal stands. Filled up each and every day. Loud, exciting atmosphere. 
    2010: Moscow - Was in this gigantic indoor stadium. It used about 1/4 of the arena for seating. I'd say that part of the stadium sat maybe 10K, probably 6-8K per day in freestyle, 2-3 for women, 6-7 in Greco. 
    2011: Istanbul - Basketball arena, probably anywhere from 7-9K on any given day, with heavy push in Greco when Kayaalp wrestled and the two freestyle days. 
    2013: Budapest - Back to the good rules, I'd probably say 6-7 would be about right. Lots of hype with the Save Olympic Wrestling movement.
    2014: Tashkent - Probably 2-3K most days, 3-4 on freestyle. Smaller venue, only used 3 mats since that whole trip was just a debacle. 
    2015: Vegas - I think the cap there was maybe 8K in terms of the arena, billed as "sold out" for many of the days.
    2016: Paris - Arena seated about 18K, only really sat fans on one side with the upper deck getting hit for the last two days. I'd say it would have been capped around 8-9K if they wanted to fill the bowl, there was some spread. The 5500 or so the last two days seemed bigger than it was, but my back was to the other half of the arena for the entire time. No idea how many were sitting behind me. 
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to Crotalus in Zain   
    I agree he has a bright future in freestyle and hopefully will bring home some hardware in the coming years. But I don't follow the argument that he would have made the finals had he won the match against a guy who lost his next match to a guy who preceded to lose his next match. You could say he likely would have been competitive with those guys, but arguing he would be a finalist defies logic.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to BigTimeFan in Hurricane Harvey   
    If you are in the path of Harvey, my best wishes and thoughts to you and your families as you weather the storm. And my best to everyone in the great state of Texas and in the storm's path. Be well.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to pamela in Magic man taking over Gilman role   
    I'm a big David Taylor fan, but that tweet was beyond idiotic. He's a member of our senior national team and is publicly throwing shade at his own teammate. How petty and disrespectful is that? This is how people lose fan support and sponsors.
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    Jasonmitchell32 reacted to brickhousey in Magic man taking over Gilman role   
    "Makes me sick" was poor choice of words.
    Why couldn't he have said "man I wish cox would've turned it on before the last minute".
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