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  1. Wow MSU. I think this is your first post in all these years I actually agree with you 100%[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Of course Iowa should be #1 preseason. Not debatable. They’ve won 8 of the last 9 team titles, they have 7 returning AA’s, 3 of them being past champions. What ranking service wouldn’t rank them 1 to start the season? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Cornell can come back to the scuffle if they want PSU so badly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Anyone that would give Koll any hypothetical championships if he went to PSU truly don’t understand how this all works but since it’s all hypothetical people like MSU can try to seem smart. Very simple..there are 4 active coaches who have even won one team title. The only one that’s beaten him in last 10 yrs is Ryan. So right off the bat your top 4 are Cael, Brands, Ryan, Smith with Cael being the alpha. If Cael stays at ISU he wins almost all of them just like he has at PSU. The best kids want to wrestle for him..simple. He’d have Nolf, Bo, Zain, DT etc over at ISU (hypothetical so prove me wrong). So how in the world would Koll have won one? How can you be an elite coach and never won a championship? Anyone can play hypothetical gymnastics. Wake up MSU.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Don’t feel bad. I still take Taylor over Dake and we’ve seen that one how many times?
  6. My way too early prediction.. PSU wins again. 4 finalists (Cenzo, Hall, Shak, Cassar). 4 more AA’s (Lee, RBY, Berge, Beard). Brooks, J Lee, S Nevills take their redshirts.
  7. Yeah some of these Iowa fans can try to spin anything. Some here in this thread writing novels. Real simple no novels Joseph (1,1,2) > Wick (3,4) > Marinelli (6,7)
  8. As a 2x champ Cenzo doesn’t worry about who’s on his side of the bracket Vak..I realize you’re an Iowa homer but even you should realize it’s impossible for Bull to compare to Cenzos career. Stop pulling at straws it’s embarrassing
  9. Maybe just maybe he can crack top 5
  10. Bulls knee injury isn’t keeping him from being his best. If it was he’d be having surgery like Shakur. Try again
  11. Lol. Didn’t realize dual wins meant as much as Nationals. The results aren’t even on the same level. Cenzo could sleep next year and still have 3 finals and two championships in his back pocket. Would you rather be 1,1,2 or 6,7 but be undefeated in duals?
  12. Yes I do. Here’s my reasoning If I’m not mistaken, Bull hasn’t lost a dual match in 2 yrs. He has all the physical tools to do better than his postseason results. I feel it’s his style. 3 day tournies and Bull don’t match because of his physical style. His body gets beat up. Obviously I can’t prove this but if he were at PSU, he would be taught a more diverse style to go along with his physical nature. He would be fresher, and mentally no team has the coaching staff PSU does. I don’t like getting into hypothetical questions, but I do feel strongly that YES Bull would have fared better than 6th/7th if he were at PSU. For people in this thread who said “Rasheed.” He’s hurt so cant compare.
  13. Or maybe Shaks knee was hurt more than I realized. But touché
  14. Wow. Super close. Congrats WIN.
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