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  1. Wyoming Seminary makes a strong statement for the nation's top team spot by pulling away from Blair to win by 234.5 to 189, with Malvern Prep a distant 3rd at 126.5. WS had 10 placers including 3 champs and a runner-up, and they were missing their highly ranked 285 pounder and their 195 guy! Blair had 7 placers, including 2 champs and a runner-up, and they were missing their two #1-ranked 126 and 132 pounders. Malvern had 2 champs and 6 placers overall, and I do not know if they were missing anyone of note. Put another way, out of 111 teams, these three teams (2.7%) had 50% of all the champions and 20% of all the placers.
  2. Without two number ones in the country, Blair will have its hands full with Wyoming Seminary. Blair is wrestling without Trevor Mastrogiavani at 126 and Van Ness at 132 -- who would both have been ranked #1 in this tourney. Despite those absences, Blair currently has 6 semi-finalists in 106, 120, 152, 170, 182, and 220; and 3 consolation kids at 160, 195 ans 285. Wyoming Seminary has 4 semi-finalists at 126, 132, 138, and 145; with 9 consolation kids at 106, 113, 120, 152, 160, 170, 182, 220 and 285. All consolation kids need to win their first match tomorrow to place. Wyoming Seminary leads now (136.5 to 116) on the strength of their pins and greater number of consolation points. It is going to be very close tomorrow, I believe. Very exciting to watch the top teams in the country go head to head.
  3. Based on the nationally ranked kids who will probably be wrestling at the Ironman in two weeks, it appears that the pre-season #1 team in the country, Blair Academy, could have 7 number one seeds. The #2 team nationally, Wyoming Seminary, should have two top seeds, as well as a wrestler seeded in every weight class! The 126 and 220 weight classes should be amazing to watch.
  4. Clearly, losing the #1 and #4 nationally ranked kids at 113 and 195 has to move this team from that consideration. Now their line up has a big hole at 195 ( although the 113 back up is currently ranked #8 by Intermat). So, perhaps the team's performance through their remaining schedule will give some indication of just how strong this group is.
  5. Great points, Wrestlingbcpc. Currently, of Blair's 14 starters, 11 are NJ residents, including all three of their #1 ranked kids and 9 of their total 12 ranked ones. It is entirely possible that a team comprised of their NJ kids alone could beat all-star teams from every other state.
  6. According to the most recent list of most expensive boarding schools, there are 8 more expensive than Blair that also have wrestling programs; but I do not see what that has to do with the quality of their wrestling programs.
  7. I think treep2000 has it about right. Many of the other contributors seem to yearn for the old days and that "little engine that could" mindset. It's not the 70s, 80s or 90s any more. Most good high school wrestlers today started with the sport when they were 5 or 6 years old and are the products of local clubs, clinics, and out-of-season competition. If they have a mediocre or deficient high school coach, they are only exposed to him during their season, and even then they often go and workout with their club in their free time. These kids are all competing against other talented kids their own age and have access to similar technique and training methods. So, what's wrong with appreciating teams that excel in their results? I have a friend who got involved in triathlon and had some early success in the local races. But he quickly realized that there were regional and national competitions that attracted a more accomplished level of athlete, and he wanted to test himself at those, and not just beat all the locals. I guess it's okay to want to be just okay, but I am more interested in people and programs who want to test themselves against a higher standard.
  8. Perennial powerhouse Blair Academy may be fielding the best high school wrestling team ever this year. They have already won the Walsh Ironman by over 100 points more than the #2 ranked team in the country (Wyoming Seminary) and the Beast of the East (which included the #2 and 3 teams in the country) with 9 finalists and 7 champions; and they currently have 11 wrestlers ranked nationally, including 2 #-1s and 9 in the top 5 of their respective weights. Their next big competition will be next weekend at the Geary Invitational in OK, then the Who's #1 Duals w/ Clovis North (CA), St. Edward (OH), Wyoming Seminary (PA), La Salle (OH), and Easton (PA), then consecutive weekend duals against the #2 and #3 national powers, Wyoming Seminary and Bergen Catholic. Barring illness or injury, this team may leave a mark seldom if ever seen in high school sports.
  9. Going into day two of probably the toughest high school tournament, with 16 of the top 25 ranked teams, the top 5 teams are: Blair 162.5, Wyoming Seminary 102.5, Lake Highland Prep 71.5, LaSalle OH 68 and St. Eds 67. Blair has 9 wrestlers in the semis and could have one of the strongest high school teams ever.
  10. Concerning sophomore Merola, when's the last time you heard of a wrestler winning a tournament with 3 overtime bouts?
  11. Blair had 10 finalists and 7 champs; and next year they return 9 placers (including 5 champs and 2 runners-up).
  12. Why not give everybody a trophy? Teach kids (and their parents) that they are all "winners."
  13. 106 Michael Colaiocco (Blair Academy) over Justin Hoyle (Wyoming Seminary) (MD 11-3) 4 0 113 Chris Cannon (Blair Academy) over Benjamin Baker (Wyoming Seminary) (TF 19-4 5:13) 5 0 120 Jack Davis (Wyoming Seminary) over Michael Madara (Blair Academy) (Dec 7-4) 0 3 126 Zachary Sherman (Blair Academy) over Jack Riegel (Wyoming Seminary) (Dec 5-1) 3 0 132 Carol (Requir) Van Der Merwe (Blair Academy) over Trent Olson (Wyoming Seminary) (Dec 5-1) 3 0 138 Patrick Munn (Wyoming Seminary) over Shane Brackup (Blair Academy) (MD 10-0) 0 4 145 Andrew Merola (Blair Academy) over Jake Hendricks (Wyoming Seminary) (Dec 3-0) 3 0 152 William Pickett (Blair Academy) over Will Verallis (Wyoming Seminary) (SV-1 3-1) 3 0 160 Mason Manville (Wyoming Seminary) over Ryan Karoly (Blair Academy) (Dec 9-2) 0 3 170 Brandon Dallavia (Blair Academy) over Mike Dogget (Wyoming Seminary) (TF 16-0 2:35) 5 0 182 Christian Dietrich (Wyoming Seminary) over James Stillerman (Blair Academy) (MD 10-2) 0 4 195 Chase Singletary (Blair Academy) over Nick Reenan (Wyoming Seminary) (Dec 3-1) 3 0 220 William Hillard (Wyoming Seminary) over Nick Mosco (Blair Academy) (Fall 3:11) 0 6 285 Neil Putnam (Blair Academy) over Dillon Ryan (Wyoming Seminary) (Fall 1:20) 6 0 Team Score: 35 20
  14. Taking 9 of the 14 matches, Blair Academy staked its claim to a number one national ranking by beating the third top-ten team in the past week (Clovis, 47-12, Bethlehen Catholic, 36-18, and now #1 Woming Seminary, 35-20). Notable in this match, was Wyoming Seminary's line-up juggling -- switching #1-ranked Mason Manville from 152 to 160 and moving 160 pounder Verallis down to 152 (Verallis lost and Manville only won by decision). They also bumped #1-ranked Nick Reenan up to 195 (where he lost 3-1 to Blair's fourth-ranked Singletary). Blair's young squad (starting 3 freshmen, two sophomores and three juniors) has improved steadily since the beginning of the season, wrestling one of the most grueling schedules in the country (Ironman, Beast, Geary Invitational, and Who's #1) along with duals against most of the top-ten teams. Those tough challenges are certainly paying off.
  15. It will be interesting to see if the Blair freshman, Chris Cannon, can hang with Bartlett this coming weekend in the Blair-Seminary dual. This dual could/should be the match for the national title, as current #1 Wyoming Seminary and #6 Blair finished 1-2 at the Ironman, and Blair just beat #4 Clovis (47-12) and #7 Bethlehem Catholic (36-18), after Beth. C. had just beaten #2 Bergen Catholic (28-26) to make the finals.
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