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  1. I wrestled back when overtime was 1 - 1 - 1, that seemed to be a good solution. I recall wrestling in the Eastern Nationals, a tournament held at Old Dominion University in the eightys, where the torunament organizers imposed a criteria rule for overtime. The criteria they used, in order, was most near fall points, most takedowns, most reversals... I lost a 4-4 tie because I had two reversals and my opponent had two takedowns. That hardly seemed fair. I say let em keep wrestling.
  2. I was surprised by Joe Smith's finish. It is hard to believe a two time AA could not place at the Scuffle this year. Does anyone have any inside info? Is he injured?
  3. Manville graduated from high school 4 years ago, and will have three years of wrestling eligibility beginning next season. Is that how the shirts are intended to be used?
  4. I met Bruce in the summer of 1983 at the Olympic Training Center. I trained with the 1983 Pan American Team. Bruce is about 6'1" - 6'2" and is very thick. I would say he weighed at least 250 lbs. I've mentioned this before - Bruce was very intense, even at practice where he showed no mercy. The other heavy weights and 220 lbers at the camp would argue about who had to practice with Bruce. One would say I wrestled him yesterday, I'm not going with him today and another would say I wrestled him two days ago, I'm not going with him, etc. It was very funny!
  5. Too bad some used this post for political opinion.
  6. I still enjoy Mud's posts, though I wish he had not revealed his true identity.
  7. Unless I misunderstood, pursuant to the interview with John Smith posted previously in the thread, Joe and Rogers will vie for the 165 lbs spot.
  8. So, is the 165 lb starter determined by wrestle off/s? Coach's decision? Record against common opponents? Joe is the coach's son, so will the decision be fair...? If it is a wrestle off, who ya got - Smith or Rogers?
  9. have made the podium? I can't think of any.
  10. You are welcome. Funny story - the heavy weights would argue about who's turn it was to "drill" with Bruce. Bruce was very intense, lol.
  11. The drilling portion of the morning session started with one of the veteran wrestlers teaching a technique that we would then drill for the next two hours. Gibson taught a gut wrench and Schultz taught a crotch lift.
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