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  1. Too bad some used this post for political opinion.
  2. I still enjoy Mud's posts, though I wish he had not revealed his true identity.
  3. Why would a D-1 school add wrestling? Just asking the question.
  4. Unless I misunderstood, pursuant to the interview with John Smith posted previously in the thread, Joe and Rogers will vie for the 165 lbs spot.
  5. So, is the 165 lb starter determined by wrestle off/s? Coach's decision? Record against common opponents? Joe is the coach's son, so will the decision be fair...? If it is a wrestle off, who ya got - Smith or Rogers?
  6. have made the podium? I can't think of any.
  7. You are welcome. Funny story - the heavy weights would argue about who's turn it was to "drill" with Bruce. Bruce was very intense, lol.
  8. The drilling portion of the morning session started with one of the veteran wrestlers teaching a technique that we would then drill for the next two hours. Gibson taught a gut wrench and Schultz taught a crotch lift.
  9. Ok. I was invited to train with 1983 US Pan American team. The coaches were JRob and Stan Dziedzic. There were 40-45 wrestlers at the camp - some that I remember are Bruce Baumgrdner, Lee Kemp, Dave Schultz, Greg Gibson, Nate Carr, Kevin Darkus and Charlie Heard. My room mates were Fred Bohna, Jim Baumgardner, Jody Taylor and Pablo Sainz. We ran and drilled in the morning and wrestled live in the afternoons. There was an optional evening practice for anyone that was interested. My drilling partner - I don't remember his name - was on the Army team. We were about equally skilled. I was present when the team members were given their uniforms - very cool experience. All of them were very proud!
  10. Thanks! The sport seemed smaller then, and I was almost good, so I have a few stories. The "I wrestled John Smith" story is one of the better ones.
  11. No, I wrestled John not Leroy. I graduated HS in 82. The tournament I wrestled John in was the Junior Freestyle Nationals. Before the match my coach told me to watch out for his shooting and to try to go upper body. After the match coach told me that I lost to a very good wrestler whose brother was an AA at OSU. So, I wrestled John Smith before he was John Smith! Back in those days we followed wrestling in a monthly publication called Amature Wrestling News so we were much less worldly than today.
  12. I read this site often, but don't post much. I met Henson at a social event about a year ago and he seemed like a nice guy. He went out of his way to introduce me to his assistant coaches. Also, I wrestled John Smith back in the day - lost a freestyle match to him by a score of 18 - 9.
  13. Gustafson was ACC champ as a true frosh
  14. Manville has not missed a big tournament since he was 5 years old - at some point - enough is enough.
  15. What happened to VTs Dennis Gustafson?
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