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  1. Any word on the DeSanto injury that caused medical default in the RBY match?
  2. Is it totally unrealistic to think that Joseph catches Maranelli and gets 6? If that happens, team score could be very interesting if PSU has a few other matches go their way.
  3. Anyone know if Don Rohn is still head coach at Northampton HS in Eastern PA? Those guys were hammers in the early 90’s along with other District 11 powers Nazareth and Easton. Some studs came out of those programs along the way including Jordan Oliver (Easton), JaMarr Billman (Easton, PSU), Bryan Snyder (Easton), Rob Rohn (Nazareth), Whitey Chlebove (Northampton), Chad Billy (Northampton)...to name a few.
  4. Which Iowa combo will go down as the best 125 and 133 pair in recent Iowa history? Which combo would win if they squared off against each other? 2019 Lee/DeSanto 2017 Gilman/Clark 2012 McDonough/Ramos
  5. Maybe, but I can’t imagine Gross would be at 125.
  6. How many times did Tony Nelson make the finals?
  7. Kolat vs Jaworsky Steiber vs Oliver Steiber vs Ramos
  8. Manville ever going to crack the lineup?
  9. Hall at 184? C’mon. Many were saying he was undersized at 174 last year.
  10. My dad still calls Logan Stieber, STIEBLER. Some names are just meant to get fumbled. Steveson will constantly be referred to as Stevenson. Hell, even my autocorrect wants me to call him Stevenson.
  11. Steve Bosak (Cornell)...never won a state title at State College HS (PA).
  12. What about Minotti? Heard he lost the wrestle-off at 65. Dude was a 2-time all-American in his last year of eligibility. Hate to see injuries have such a big impact on an athlete's season, especially their final year. Reminiscent of Matt McD and Dylan Alton, among others.
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