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  1. Gilman Oliver Dake Taylor Snyder Steveson How does this team stack up against our team in 2016?
  2. Mark Hall not wrestling at OTT?
  3. Yeah, what is the actual story? What specifically did AD do or say to get him sanctioned by Brands?
  4. Sounds like a great idea to get the surgery now, take his RS next season, get healthy. Then he has choices. I can’t see him passing up another college season to cement his legacy and join the 4x champ club. Next Olympics is only 3 years away. He’ll still be a young man.
  5. Agreed. That was awesome.
  6. Spencer Yianni Brooks Starocci Ferrari
  7. So had Yianni wrestled this year and won, he could have been a 5x champ? Did he take an Olympic RS last season?
  8. ^see above. The blatant oversight was not paying attention to the thread title, and blatant disregard for use of the word oversight. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
  9. So many good ones to never win a title. Here are a few more that I have not seen mentioned yet: Joe Colon AJ Schopp Devin Carter Brian Realbuto Ian Miller Nick Heflin Alan Waters Dave Habat Morgan McIntosh Jaydin Eierman Daniel Lewis Stefan Micic Kevin Jack Lavion Mayes Hunter Steiber Kevin LeValley Ty Walz Connor Medberry Matt Kolodzik Tyler Berger Evan Wick Micah Jordan Miles Amine Zach Sanders Ryan Flores Jason Chamberlain Mack Lewnes Boris Novachkov Lance Palmer Taylor Walsh Reece Humphrey Steve Fittery Clayton Foster Joe LeBlanc Andrew Hochstrasser Dan Dennis
  10. Cassar is the extreme. His career then better than Hazewinkle?
  11. How many 1-time champs were Freshmen or RS Fr? Two come to mind — Tomasello Tsirtis Would most argue their careers were disappointing?
  12. Looks like B1G conference will have the #1 or #2 seeds (or both) in every weight class except 184.
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