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  1. So what does the 2024 Olympic team look like? 57 - Spencer 65 - Yianni 74 - Dake or Carr 86 - Zahid 97 - Ferrari??? 125 - Gable
  2. Anyone think Cox would be in the 97kg finals if he had made weight in our trials? Would he have been a bigger test for Sadulaev?
  3. 2021 our best MFS team ever if you pencil in Yianni at 65 (or Oliver or Zain for that matter).
  4. Kind of weird that Gilman goes 1-1 and is already in the Bronze medal match. Just doesn’t seem like much of a tournament.
  5. Has Gilman wrestled a 2nd match? Can’t believe Uguev won 1st and 2nd rd matches both from behind in the final seconds.
  6. Great to see DT absolutely dominating en route to the Gold medal match. Who’s his opponent? Can’t find the brackets.
  7. Qualifying was on a different day, obviously. This wasn’t a case of being not as good as she normally is. She had the yips. If you’ve never experienced it, you can’t understand it.
  8. Biles knew she wasn’t there mentally. She would have only hurt her team’s chances by continuing on. I commend her for bowing out and giving the opportunity to a very capable team mate that could help the team more than she could have.
  9. Looked online for the schedule and looks like Men’s Freestyle (only event I’m interested in watching) starts 8/4 but doesn’t list which networks will be broadcasting. Anyone have the info?
  10. Kolat vs Ironside (was that a final or just a dual?). Rodney Mullen was an innovator in the skateboarding world…one of my favorites.
  11. Yeah was curios if Ruth was still competing in MMA? Or Pico?
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