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  1. So many good ones to never win a title.  Here are a few more that I have not seen mentioned yet:

    Joe Colon

    AJ Schopp

    Devin Carter

    Brian Realbuto

    Ian Miller

    Nick Heflin

    Alan Waters

    Dave Habat

    Morgan McIntosh

    Jaydin Eierman

    Daniel Lewis

    Stefan Micic

    Kevin Jack

    Lavion Mayes

    Hunter Steiber

    Kevin LeValley

    Ty Walz

    Connor Medberry

    Matt Kolodzik

    Tyler Berger

    Evan Wick

    Micah Jordan

    Miles Amine

    Zach Sanders

    Ryan Flores

    Jason Chamberlain 

    Mack Lewnes

    Boris Novachkov

    Lance Palmer

    Taylor Walsh

    Reece Humphrey

    Steve Fittery

    Clayton Foster

    Joe LeBlanc

    Andrew Hochstrasser

    Dan Dennis

  2. On 3/2/2020 at 1:32 PM, mgrimm said:

    Not so fast. Lance has made $1.217K over 8 years. Taxes chew up almost 40%, and then there are also training and manager expenses. 

    He’d be lucky if he was able to save a couple hundred thousand of that.

    I assume you meant $1.217M, as in million, not thousand.  

    $1.2M over 8 years is only $150K per year...not a lot of money, and certainly not enough given the risks these MMA guys take.  

  3. Anyone know if Don Rohn is still head coach at Northampton HS in Eastern PA?  
    Those guys were hammers in the early 90’s along with other District 11 powers Nazareth and Easton.  Some studs came out of those programs along the way including Jordan Oliver (Easton), JaMarr Billman (Easton, PSU), Bryan Snyder (Easton), Rob Rohn (Nazareth), Whitey Chlebove (Northampton), Chad Billy (Northampton)...to name a few. 

  4. What about Minotti? Heard he lost the wrestle-off at 65. Dude was a 2-time all-American in his last year of eligibility. Hate to see injuries have such a big impact on an athlete's season, especially their final year. Reminiscent of Matt McD and Dylan Alton, among others.

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