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  1. Anyone have info on what Retherford & Megaludis have been doing during their RS year this season. I have not seen any results of these guys competing unattached in any tournaments. What's the story?
  2. There are quite a few guys with unblemished records this season. Waters, C. Dardanes, Steiber, Martinez, Dieringer, Kokesh, Cox and Gwiz. What are the chances all of them run the table and stay perfect? Was there ever a previous season where 8 out of 10 weight classes (or more) had a wrestler finish the season unbeaten?
  3. That's the loss I could not remember...Boyle. Thanks!
  4. I would assume 2011 PSU had Taylor and Ruth in the B1G finals as RS Fr along with Megaludis as a true Fr. I could be wrong though.
  5. What was the result when Gilman & Tomasello met earlier in the year? Gilman's got 3 losses, I know 1 to Waters recently. The other 2? Tomasello has 4 losses, 1 to Dance. Trying to think who the other 3 were?
  6. What's up with Dylan Alton missing from the 157 bracket? I see Luke Frey in there. It seems the Alton brothers' collegiate careers are coming to a disappointing end.
  7. The only one Jordan may see prior to NCAA's is his cousin Isaac. Is there anyway that if Moreno, Sulzer and Bo Jordan all win out thru their conference tournaments, that Bo doesn't get the #2 seed at NCAA's?
  8. Intermat has Bo Jordan ranked #5. He is undefeated. The guys ahead of him are Moreno @ #2 (with 2 losses), Isaac Jordan @#3 (with 2 losses) and Nick Sulzer @#4 (with 2 losses). What is this madness?
  9. Intermat used to list the Top 20 ranked wrestlers (they still do) and allow you to click on an individual wrestler and see their win-loss record and a complete list of their matches with results for the year. Now, when you click on the individual, it takes you into a portal that list some of their matches (seems incomplete), but does not give win-loss totals. Anyone know where I can find this?
  10. So what is his official record then? He must have more than 3 career losses if he was 5-3 during his 1st season prior to taking a medical RS, and had a loss last season to Retherford.
  11. Which tandem of brothers, Logan/Hunter or Zahid/Anthony, will have more combined wins and more combined NCAA titles?
  12. I've never attended NCAA's but was considering going in 2016 when Madison Square Garden will host. I may be reconsidering my decision if it's this difficult to get decent seats.
  13. Nolf's only got 1 loss thus far in his RS year, to #2 ranked Green. It'll be interesting to see who has a better collegiate career, Marstellar or Nolf.
  14. What kind of credentials did Jenn have during his career?
  15. Did Cael have any losses during his RS season?
  16. My prediction for Snyder BEFORE the season started was the NCAA finals, but after a few losses, that seems now unlikely. I agree, this weight class is still Cox's to lose. I see Gadson with him in the finals at this point.
  17. Is Dieringer a big 165? If Dieringer does not move to 174 next year, I wonder if Marstellar would consider transferring so he can wrestle 165 somewhere else. Would be ironic if he found his way back to PSU!
  18. It's a shame we'll never see how good a collegiate wrestler Pico could have been. Although with all the hype, anything short of matching Cael Sanderson's career would be a disappointment.
  19. Looking forward to seeing a potential 3rd round matchup between Jason Nolf and Brian Realbuto at 157. Why no Nico or Zain at the Scuffle?
  20. Who has Nikal wrestled this year? Is he wrestling 74 at the Scuffle?
  21. Who's going to beat him? Not Dardanes, Brewer, Clark, Gulibon or Beckman. After Logan Steiber and Alex Dieringer, I'd say Schopp is the next best bet for a National Title this year.
  22. So you're essentially projecting a top-5 finish for Nikal next year? Seems lofty.
  23. Would be cool to see a guy like Aaron Pico enter Midlands. Don't think it will happen. What's the criteria for entering? Could a guy like David Taylor or Ben Askren still enter?
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