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  1. Is McKenna enrolled at Stanford yet?
  2. Wow, Megaludis kinda following the Andrew Howe route then, 6th year Sr by the time he finishes up.
  3. So 2 questions...who takes the dual meet, and who scores more points at NCAA's?
  4. Penn State should be really solid again next season, so what are your thoughts on a dual between the 2013-14 squad vs the projected 2015-16 squad? 125 - Megaludis (2014) vs Megaludis (2016) 133 - Gulibon ('14) vs Gulibon ('16) 141 - Retherford ('14) vs Retherford ('16) 149 - Beitz ('14) vs Beitz ('16) 157 - D. Alton ('14) vs Nolf ('16) 165 - Taylor ('14) vs Hammond ('16) 174 - Brown ('14) vs Nikal ('16) 184 - Ruth ('14) vs McCutcheon ('16) 197 - McIntosh ('14) vs McIntosh ('16) 285 - Lawson/Gingrich ('14) vs Nevills ('16) I see the 2015-16 squad taking the first 5 weights. The 2013-14 champs come back strong thru 65, 74 and 84. Then the 15-16 squad takes 97, and I have no idea about 285. Key on this would be bonus or no bonus at 65, 74, 84 and who takes 285.
  5. Wright was a #9 seed when he won NCAA's in 2011 at 84. I don't think too many saw that coming. That guy was definitely surprising, turned it on when it really counted in March. I didn't expect him to handle Kilgore the way he did in 2013 either. And, I expected him to handle Bosak in 2012. Had I been a betting man, I would have predicted wrong in all 3 of his NCAA finals appearances.
  6. What if Nico meets up in the draw with Conaway? Does Nico forfeit as the unattached wrestler to help promote the attached wrestler and the team? Same scenario for any other weight where a team has an attached wrestler scoring points for the team title and an unattached wrestler from the same school. Do they wrestle or do they forfeit?
  7. Good point. When you look at the guys Dake beat for his 4 titles compared to the guys DT beat for his 2, there is just no comparison.
  8. David Taylor 3 career losses but never avenged any of them. Bubba graduated. And he never beat Dake during their collegiate Matchups, and to my knowledge, has still not beaten Dake (FS).
  9. Ed Ruth also had 3 career losses. Dean during his senior year. Amushtegei (Stanford) during NCAA's in his Freshmen year (medical forfeit, he came back to take 3rd but I wonder how he would have done had he got past that match and met Jon Reader in the finals that year). Who owns his 3rd loss? Interesting that I believe Ruth also avenged at least 2 of his 3 losses, if not 3 out of 3.
  10. I believe Logan has 3 career collegiate losses. I know Retherford is one coming last year. I think Chris Dardanes owns one (Steiber's Frosh year?). Who's the third? Jordan Oliver during Steiber's Frosh year???
  11. Tyler Caldwell. How'd I forget that?
  12. That's right! So if memory serves, didn't Maple and Marion meet in NCAA's in 2011-12? And wasn't that the year Dake won at 141 as a freshmen? Let's see .... Dake beat Marion in 2009-10 for Title #1 (141). Dake beat Molinaro in 2010-11 for #2 (149). Dake beat St. John in 2011-12 for #3 (157). Dake beat Taylor in 2012-13 for #4 (165). Alright, I still don't have my facts right. Can't even remember who Taylor best last year for his title. Taylor lost to Jenkins (2010-11) - 157 Taylor beat Brandon Hatchett (2011-12) - 165 Taylor lost to Dake (2012-13) - 165 Taylor beat ??? (2013-14) - 165
  13. And how bad does Logan hammer Hunter?
  14. I always wanted to know who won in PSU's practice room between Taylor, Ruth, Brown and Quentin Wright. Thoughts?
  15. Did Maple beat Montell Marion in the other semi-final in 2012-13? Then Steiber must have beaten Marion for 3rd?
  16. I guess then in the 2012-13 season, 141 ended up Kendrick Maple (1st), Port (2nd) and Hunter (3rd).
  17. Where did Hunter place at NCAA's in his first 2 seasons? He must have wrestled as a true frosh since his RS year was last year, and he's a RS-Jr. this year. If I recall, wasn't he the #1 seed at 141 in his soph season? Logan beat Jordan Oliver for his 1st title (133). I think he beat Tony Ramos for title #2 (133). He beat Devin Carter for title #3 (141).
  18. Has Ok.St opened their dual meet season yet? I would assume Smith will have to decide on whether Marstellar RS's this year or not. I agree with others that wonder why Chance chose Ok.St over other top programs (including staying with PSU where he could have followed David Taylor at 65 if he could beat out Garrett Hammond). I think his ideal wt class would be 65, and unless Dieringer moves up next year to 74, starting at Ok.St is going to be a struggle.
  19. What was the final score...Dance vs Tomasello?
  20. What weight is Nolf wrestling at this year (RS)? And what is he projected at next year?
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