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    ludwigdmd got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time   
    How many times did Tony Nelson make the finals?
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    ludwigdmd got a reaction from wrestlingphish in Seth Gross Sixth Year Approved   
    Maybe, but I can’t imagine Gross would be at 125.  
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    ludwigdmd got a reaction from Coach_J in Chance Marsteller quitting the sport of wrestling?   
    I too would love to see this happen. Kinda reminds me of Rocky III when Balboa gets beat down by Mr. T because he's lost the passion, then gets it back by training with Creed. Kolat has already been thru this, to a similar degree. He'd be a great mentor for Marstellar. I hope he ends up at Campbell.
    Is Campbell a D1 program?
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    ludwigdmd reacted to ludwigdmd in Kyle Snyder - will he get seeded at the NCAAs?   
    Wasn't Cody Brewer last year something like 19-0 going into NCAA's and only got a #10 or #13 seed? How would Snyder at 8-0 or around there get any kind of top-5 seed then based on the same criteria?
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    ludwigdmd got a reaction from silver-medal in Garrett shock & awe   
    What a great match...constant action from both Garrett and Brewer. Quite a contrast in style to the likes of Dance, who did not take a single shot in his match against Tomasello. I love watching offensive guys like Brewer, Garrett and Micah Jordan. Detest the style of Dance and Tsirtis...glad to see offensive wrestlers take these guys out.
    Micah Jordan had a great tournament.
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    ludwigdmd got a reaction from LandLord1Bob in Marsteller at Scuffle   
    Nolf's only got 1 loss thus far in his RS year, to #2 ranked Green.
    It'll be interesting to see who has a better collegiate career, Marstellar or Nolf.
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    ludwigdmd got a reaction from jstock in Scuffle Brackets   
    Looking forward to seeing a potential 3rd round matchup between Jason Nolf and Brian Realbuto at 157.
    Why no Nico or Zain at the Scuffle?
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    ludwigdmd got a reaction from jstock in A.J. Schopp   
    Who's going to beat him? Not Dardanes, Brewer, Clark, Gulibon or Beckman.
    After Logan Steiber and Alex Dieringer, I'd say Schopp is the next best bet for a National Title this year.
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    ludwigdmd reacted to Buckeyebison in H. Stieber?   
    thats right Hunter was #1 before he got upset by Mitchell Port in semifinal and finished third. Hunter finished sixth in NCAAs during freshman year. He was the only one who beat Russell of Michigan who went on to win the NCAAs that time.
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    ludwigdmd reacted to BigRedMachine in H. Stieber?   
    Easy there, I give Hunter a lot of credit for going out there as well whether he was ready or not. Facing possibly the top guy at 149 is a tall order for some ones first match back from injury and a lot of guys would have held off on coming back until the next meet. Instead Hunter geared up and told the coaches he was ready to go (unless they forced him to go out there). No harm in giving a guy credit for that.
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    ludwigdmd reacted to ludwigdmd in H. Stieber?   
    Where did Hunter place at NCAA's in his first 2 seasons? He must have wrestled as a true frosh since his RS year was last year, and he's a RS-Jr. this year. If I recall, wasn't he the #1 seed at 141 in his soph season?
    Logan beat Jordan Oliver for his 1st title (133).
    I think he beat Tony Ramos for title #2 (133).
    He beat Devin Carter for title #3 (141).
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