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  1. I also want to see him happy. I also think Lavalle would be good in that spot. He seems like he could be a 149.
  2. I wonder if he will bump up to 149 next year. I hope he can hold his weight because he could destroy this weight class next year.
  3. I disagree but I might be biased. Smith took Mizzou when they were in the cellar and he didn't have the name recognition. To me thats more impressive.
  4. I'm more curious how the seeding will work.
  5. Garrett missed weight by 0.2. I don't know if that was intentional but i'm really disappointed. I was looking forward to that match all week.
  6. cox wins 6-1 with riding time
  7. cox is up 5-1 with 24 secs left
  8. First I think Houdashelt and Kindig's scramble should've been no score either way. I would have to see the reply though. Also the penalty was a bunch of crap. They should have hit Kindig harder with stalling and let them wrestle.
  9. That was one hell of a ride by Waters. 125 will be one hell of a weight at nationals.
  10. I think there's a pretty good chance that Miklus will be the starter. He not only has a win over Dechow but he also has a win over Eblen. This kid is the real deal. I just hope he can maintain his weight. I didnt know he had that much to lose.
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