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    mhecke01 reacted to Holtfan in Finals Discussion   
    Waiting for the BB game to end......and hoping it doesn't go to OT. 
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    mhecke01 reacted to NJDan in Kudos to Chance   
    I don't know why, but I have always like Chance. Even when he was on top of the world, he seemed so humble. After his college career started terribly and then his life looked a lot worse than his career, he put it all back together. He won't win a title, but has a chance for two straight top 4 finishes.
    Would it have all worked out better had he gone to Penn State like God intended?
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    mhecke01 reacted to Marcus Cisero in Interview with Iowa 125-pounder Spencer Lee and 133-pounder Austin DeSanto   
    Hopefully DeSanto can get back on track and keep a cool head.  The Fix vs. DeSanto match should be a thriller.  As it relates to Pic vs Lee, same thing – huge opportunity for both wrestlers. 
    After watching this interesting interview, I’m pulling for these two to bring it to the next level. 
    Question is, can they? Will they? I say they do.
    Here's the interview
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    mhecke01 reacted to TobusRex in Is Jason Nolf overrated?   
    Not to rain on anybody's parade, but I think Nolf would've beaten Dake at 157.  Nolf is a lot squirrellier than David Taylor was (Taylor was a fine scrambler..but Nolf is a freak), and I think that gives Nolf a leg up on Taylor (vs Dake).
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    mhecke01 reacted to Marcus Cisero in Is Jason Nolf overrated?   
    No, he not overrated. He's as good as it gets with a tank to match, plus he's humble while as dominating as it gets. 
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    mhecke01 reacted to silvermedal in Is Jason Nolf overrated?   
    Nolf is not overrated.  
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    mhecke01 reacted to portajohn in PSU Bubble Bursting?   
    You mean Michigan?
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    mhecke01 reacted to wrestlingnerd in Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?   
    I actually enjoy watching Desanto quite a bit. I'm not one of the guys who tries to bring him down. But he tried to injure Cornell's Tucker at the EIWAs by cranking on the lower leg against the joint, similar to the kimura situation (he was clearly going to lose). I don't think anything else he has done is really that big a deal but the two times he was trying to injure his opponent were bush league, to put it as mildly as possible. 
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    mhecke01 reacted to Housebuye in 125 getting more interesting   
    For sure but mymar and  nato had close matches at NCAAs. Lee killed everyone. 
    I think it is fair to say Lee is way more likely to be a 4 timer than those guys
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    mhecke01 reacted to rlw028 in Nebraska vs Wisconsin   
    My buddy texted me during the dual that Bono is a "walking adderal". The guy brings passion and teams that he coaches always compete hard. He does a bang up job.
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    mhecke01 reacted to WillieBoy in Nebraska vs Wisconsin   
    If you are a fan, duals matter. Giving the home crowd something to cheer about. When your school hosts and Iowa, Penn State, OSU and the like and somehow does well or steps it up big and wins - it matters. To the fans, it matters.
    It is all about the NCAA Tournament only to those with a legitimate shot at placing near the top. Most of the fans will never, ever attend a National Championship session. They will attend a dual or maybe even a tournament. Duals matter.
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    mhecke01 reacted to NnN1825 in Nebraska vs Wisconsin   
    Duals may not matter, all depends on your perspective.  Either way that was an entertaining dual to watch!
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    mhecke01 reacted to Gantry in Good day for the Hawkeyes   
    Got commitments from Jesse Ybarra, Colby Schriever and Cullan Schriever today.
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    mhecke01 reacted to nyum in JO nagging Retherford   
    I’m guessing not many other posters would recognize it’s a twist of MGK’s diss track directed towards Eminem....
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    mhecke01 reacted to sgallan in Session Three Thread   
    Is it just me or does DeSanto both wrestle, and act, like he is still in HS?
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    mhecke01 reacted to pawrestler in Session Three Thread   
    That cartwheel flip to a keylock hold...wow
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    mhecke01 reacted to NJDan in Session Three Thread   
    What Spencer Lee just did-- there oughta be a law!
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    mhecke01 reacted to BigTimeFan in Session Three Thread   
    Are you kidding me?!!!
    Wowoww Lee is delivering. Yes pins Picc. But check it out -
    First period: takedown and near-fall and escape 6-1 and 1:02 riding time
    Period two: Lee chooses bottom and escapes. Takedown and two near fall. 11-1. Turns and pins.
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    mhecke01 reacted to scribe in Move the Date   
    You’re interested in wrestling or you’re not. It doesn’t matter what else is going on around the championships. Rules can only be followed by knowledgeable fans. This is the way it is and the way it will always be. Stop fighting against it as you are distracting from useful leadership and stewardship of our sport.
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    mhecke01 reacted to scribe in Least-Favorite Wrestler(s) Not On Your Team   
    Something is up with mark halls melon. It looks weird and his body looks weird as a result. Big head short legs.
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    mhecke01 reacted to rcoates1 in wrestlestat pick 'em   
    I started a gourp over on wrestlestat called "themat.com boarders".  it's a tourney pick 'em for the B1G tournament.  let's see what kind of team everyone can put together.  No prizes, just bragging rights on the board.
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    mhecke01 reacted to lu_alum in 141 or 165   
    125 looks pretty solid to me:
    NaTo:  former champ'
    Cruz:  returning champ
    Lizak:  finalist
    Moisey:  finalist
    Suriano:  beat both of last year's finalists
    Piccininni:  returning 4th
    Mueller:  returning 6th
    Russell:  returning 7th
    Milhoff:  former 7th
    Bresser:  R12 (2016)
    McGhee:  R12 (2016)
    Fausz:  R12 (2017)
    Hudkins:  R12 (2017)
    among others...
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    mhecke01 reacted to VakAttack in 2017 MFS World Team Trials   
    Don't poke the bear, PD3...
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    mhecke01 reacted to VakAttack in 2017 MFS World Team Trials   
    My God Gilman.
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    mhecke01 reacted to VakAttack in Who will be the highest placing freshman next season?   
    Yes, thank you for your stunning wrestling insight that doesn't address, at all, the point that freshmen improve.
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