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  1. TheRealOne9050

    News: top Russian wrestller

  2. TheRealOne9050

    What about Robles

    JB is able to do one-arm pull ups. Very, very impressive.
  3. TheRealOne9050

    What about Robles

    Well, he competed in freestyle, but wasn't that good.
  4. TheRealOne9050

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Hanzlickova uses that move all the time.
  5. TheRealOne9050

    HWC Additions

    I'm glad Chamizo trains in a different country week in and week out like a freakin' superstar. Back in the day, Vincenzo Maenza (2 Olympic golds and one silver in Greco) used to compete knowing that, at the end of his career, he would get a job as a bank clerk (which he didn't get, by the way).
  6. TheRealOne9050

    My all time favorite wrestling match (link)

    On a more serious note, I always loved this match. I don't know, it feels so epic everytime I watch it.
  7. TheRealOne9050

    My all time favorite wrestling match (link)

    Mine is this. Just for the hilarious finish.
  8. Ramonov bracket was insane. And Musukaev was kinda screwed again.
  9. TheRealOne9050

    The 4 Chamizo got against JB

    Yes, Ramonov stepped out.
  10. TheRealOne9050

    The 4 Chamizo got against JB

    This one was a screwjob.
  11. TheRealOne9050

    Chamizo weight class

    Well, he changes his mind very quickly then.
  12. TheRealOne9050

    Beat the Streets was a circus show

  13. TheRealOne9050

    Chamizo weight class

    Chamizo will stay at 74 kg for sure. Will find a way to beat JB, I believe.
  14. TheRealOne9050

    Fix - how does he get that arm!

    That's the technique.