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  1. Claudio Pollio started at 16. 2 years later competed in his first Olympics; 4 years later he won the gold. Petar Kirov started at 21. He is a 2 time Olympic, 3 times World and 4 times European champ in Greco-Roman.
  2. JB is able to do one-arm pull ups. Very, very impressive.
  3. Well, he competed in freestyle, but wasn't that good.
  4. I'm glad Chamizo trains in a different country week in and week out like a freakin' superstar. Back in the day, Vincenzo Maenza (2 Olympic golds and one silver in Greco) used to compete knowing that, at the end of his career, he would get a job as a bank clerk (which he didn't get, by the way).
  5. On a more serious note, I always loved this match. I don't know, it feels so epic everytime I watch it.
  6. Ramonov bracket was insane. And Musukaev was kinda screwed again.
  7. Well, he changes his mind very quickly then.
  8. Chamizo will stay at 74 kg for sure. Will find a way to beat JB, I believe.
  9. Not the best wrestler, the best technician. Which is true.
  10. Yeah, I agree with you. Frank has always been a class act, I think he acted like this on purpose, he wants to build up his match with JB. But I don't like that very much, personally. I think there's no need to stage a fake beef, everyone is going to be excited to watch the match, regardless of those antics.
  11. It was just one friend, to be fair. It all happened on Instagram. An italian rapper commented a Chamizo's post, insulting Burroughs. A fellow wrestler from Italy stepped in, telling him to show some respect to a legend of the sport. The rapper replied with harsh words, saying that he knows wrestling well and that JB it's not Jon Bones Jones (proving, indeed, that he knows nothing about wrestling). Chamizo then stepped in, tells the italian wrestler that he's the one who has to show respect, and supports his friend telling him "Well said, bro". Very cheap move by Chamizo, truly disappointing.
  12. I don't like how he acted during the fake beef with JB, he let his VIP friends (who know nothing about wrestling) disrespect a legend of the sport. But that's just me. That being said; yes, he's freaking awesome.
  13. It's a very, very, very high amplitude fireman's carry.
  14. Yeah, we talked about it in the other thread. Chamizo is going up a weight anyways, so it's likely to happen in the future.
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