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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Helen Maroulis   
    If she never wrestles another match, she has nothing to be ashamed of.  She doesn't owe anybody anything.  The future health of her brain (especially in light of all the long-term CTE damage being discovered in high-level athletes in contact sports) supersedes everything else.  Thanks, Helen, for repping our country and sport so well.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Hubbard in Helen Maroulis   
    What a bizarre post by the OP.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Mphillips in Helen Maroulis   
    I believe the, "concussion stuff" was pretty serious.
    Even if she never wrestles again, she was great for USA wrestling and she was great for Women's wrestling.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Cradle1 in Sadulaev is 22 years old   
    Watching this match really solidifies for me that he is the age they say he is.  He was frankly lucky to win this match (it could have gone either way).  We can all agree that Sadulaev is one of the best senior level wrestlers ever.  Does it make sense that one of the all time greats was barely good enough at the age of 19 to win the cadet world championships, with a three year age advantage?  And then from 19 to 21 he goes from being a guy who could barely win cadet worlds with a three year age cheat, to tech falling his way through the senior worlds?  That much of a leap seems much more likely to me for someone going from 16 to 18 than from 19 to 21.  And he looks like he could be 16 in this video.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to nhs67 in Sadulaev is 22 years old   
    It's just an attempt to tarnish his lower-age level accomplishments.
    More sore losers being sore losers.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to MrDream in European Championships Freestyle - Interesting Updates   
    People see a 6 second clip of Saduluev getting caught in a headlock when he was dominating the match and they make it sound like he had a chance to lose. The difference between Saduluev and the rest of the world.....he finishes......against everyone. 
    What's his international record now...110-2? With his losses coming when he was a kid (16/17 year old wrestling the senior circuit) and then losing to a guy who outweighed him by 15+ pounds in the final seconds. 
    Besides Saitiev he's the most complete Freestyler this world has ever seen.  
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Crotalus in Burroughs vs Askren!   
    I think on his old podcast Askren talked about wrestling with Burroughs several years ago in practice and getting pretty well dominated. I think they will put on a show though and Burroughs will let the match get in to some of those fun, crazy scrambles.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Worst Shot of Rutherford   
    Some threads I just wish I never visited...
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to manyak in DAN KOLOV–NIKOLA PETROV Ranking Tournament (Feb.-Mar.3)   
    Chamizo should probably spend less time clubbing and drinking champagne if he wants to return to the top of the podium. His lifestyle doesn’t seem typical of a champion but it looks fun.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in C'mon, man...   
    Just cut the damn hair, Provisor, you ain't Bret Hart!  

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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Bey with a right hook   
    Agree. He was being shutdown by a guy whose style he couldn't figure out.  Not his opponent's fault.  Did the Russian play a little rough?  Sure, but that wasn't the main issue.  Get better.  Learn and train to confront that style/body type again.  The whole "straps down hold me back" drama was embarrassing.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to cjc007 in Sultan khasimikov?   
    Icho and Yoshida.

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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to WillieBoy in Yarygin 2019   
    This is why FILA needs to switch to Double Elimination tournaments. True placing for those who don't make the Gold Medal match. A real chance to see the wrestlers against more competitors and rank them with results that actually mean something. This silliness of 'follow the guy that beat you' is not a good thing at all.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to BigTenFanboy in What about Robles   
    Hes wasnt that great in folkstyle during that time either. His evolution as a collegiate wrestler was incredible.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to JasonBryant in What about Robles   
    Last time I saw him wrestle freestyle was at Sunkist around 2010. He never wrestled much freestyle in high school and his style really didn't translate well as there wasn't much time to work on top and his low stance would likely be called for passivity if he ever ventured overseas. Great dude though. 
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to MSU158 in FS World Champs DNP   
    You are correct.  The 3 best guys being on the same side of the bracket had nothing to do with it.  It's not like he lost 3-2 to the World Champ in the semis and then lost 4-4 in the bronze medal match to a guy with more medals(as many golds) than fingers on 1 hand(he does have all his fingers).
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Where is Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin?   
    Where ISN'T Khuzin???  He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.  He is Khuzin!!!
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    TheRealOne9050 got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling in My all time favorite wrestling match (link)   
    On a more serious note, I always loved this match. I don't know, it feels so epic everytime I watch it.

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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to de4856 in Medved   
    Even though Andriitsev may be nearing the end of his competitive career, you got to love the guy, He is always hustling onto and off the mat, always trying to take ground, and always enthusiastically nodding in agreement with whatever his coaches are telling him. Every time he competes his face always ends up looking like an old time boxer with his face all battered and bruised. He has my respect.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in RIP, Frankie Boy   
    My old teammates have informed me that 3x World Champion Frank Andersson has passed on.  He was the Bad Boy of wrestling in his era, known for spectacular throws, heavy partying, womanizing all over the planet.  Just after a meet, he could be found in a disco, holding a beer, smoking a cigarette, three or four women on his arms.  It wasn't uncommon back in the day for him to show up at a local meet for weigh-ins wearing leather pants, a boom box on his shoulder, reeking of booze, that movie star smile on his face.  He drove the Swedish national coaches crazy, but he was one of those guys you couldn't help but like no matter how much you tried to hate him.  RIP, champ.   https://www.expressen.se/noje/frank-andersson-ar-dod/
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Richard Perry accident   
    Extreme migraine from facepalming at some of these comments.  Should a team do some off-mat cross training?  Absolutely.  What type?  Something that keeps the metabolism moving but minimizes risk of injury.  Can you get injured playing team handball or going swimming?  Yes--but that's not even a valid justification for whipping out the pugil sticks right before a World Championship with guys who have never used them before.  "Hey, let's take the guys cliff-diving--it'll build team unity!"  Wrestling is already brutal enough; you don't add to the risk with an unfamiliar activity before a major championship.  It is beyond irresponsible.  When I trained in Europe almost 40 years ago, every Friday we played soccer in the gym above the wrestling room.  We put on plastics and the idea was to run around, get our minds off our misery, have some laughs, get our weight down for the weigh-in the next day. Yes, it got rough, but everyone knew the gameplan and no one got stupid.  In college, we played team handball to break up the monotony; same idea, bust a sweat, get your mind off the grind, keep the roughhousing to a minimum.  When I worked at the '96 Olympics, after light drilling the Russian team asked for a basketball in the days before weigh-in, They played a crude form of basketball (little if any dribbling, lots of grabbing, a little bumping, no throwing anyone to the mat, no tackling, no body checks, etc.).  Same when I hosted the Turkish Olympic team when they were coached by Shakmuradov--a little basketball cross training to break a sweat.  Miron Kharchilava has told me many stories about being on the Soviet national team.  Their training camps were exceptionally tough; six straight weeks of intensive drilling and matches.  They then tapered, and the last week they did light drilling in the morning and later in the day they actually dropped the guys off in a local park for an hour to just walk around; burn energy, keep the metabolism kicking, BUT NOT RISK INJURY (yes, I'm shouting).  Training at a military base should not be confused with being in the military; the guys are there to do a job--prepare to win a World title.  Introducing pugil sticks is idiotic.  Pugil sticks, with proper instruction and equipment that doesn't break on contact and impale the user through an eye socket, are good to introduce the physicality of combat to new troops, many of whom have never done any intense physical combat of any type in their lives.  These are world-class wrestlers training for a very specific purpose.  God help Rich and his family.  If he is experiencing paralysis and his brain was actually stabbed as it sounds, he's got a long grueling road ahead to live a somewhat normal life.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Buckeyebison in Richard Perry accident   
    Here’s the latest update from Gina
    More news from Gina!!
    “God is SO good. I mean He truly is SO SO good those with heavy hearts, I urge you to lay them down and rejoice! Rejoice because God is a God of miracles and I know that may seem crazy for me to say right now, but I promise He is!
    When we arrived at the hospital this morning the news was grim and not at all what we wanted to hear. They said Ri Ch Perry was too lethargic, not staying awake, and it concerned them that he was unable to talk at all. So, instead of allowing their prognosis to cause fear or chaos, I asked you all to pray and I am so grateful for all who did, because the day quickly turned around
    Today Rich not only said, “I love you” THREE times, but he pulled me in for a hug and a kiss, he was holding Zekes hand and tickling his feet, he also rubbed Zeke’s back as I held him. He held my phone in his hand and watched a video of Mya and Beau and smiled when they said “I love you daddy.” Oh, there is so much more he did today! He took a marker and was doing all sorts of tricks with it in his hand, his same hand that earlier that morning he couldn’t even clench shut! When his teammates came to visit and pray over him, he said “Can I get an Amen?!” And before we left for the night he told me “Sweet Dreams!”
    These may not sound like much to you, but I promise from when I first arrived and saw him, what he is doing now is absolutely incredible. ❤️ please continue to pray for his eyes to open and his strength to be renewed each day by the Lord.”
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Pinnum in Worst Wrestler Turned Great College Coach   
    Doesn't apply but a story I want to share none the less...
    I might have shared this story before, but I am not sure.
    Anyways, I know a high school coach in a poor rural community. He was a college swimmer who has never wrestled a match in his life. He was hired to teach at the school and they had some coaching openings--JV soccer and varsity wrestling. He took the jobs since no one was looking to fill them and they came with a boost in pay.
    Since he didn't know anything about wrestling, he focused on the basics of wrestling that he could learn and coached his athletes these basics and continued to teach these basics.
    When the wrestlers would get good with the technique, they would do it more. Since the athletes on the team only knew basic techniques, they all would constantly use them on each other. This lead to them getting really good with them (since you'd have to be when your opponent practically knows what you're going to do each time). As he learned some additional techniques here and there he would teach it and add it to their training but the wrestlers were limited in their technique compared to most programs.
    But they were really good at the limited techniques and had to learn them perfectly.
    After years of coaching the same way year after year he ended up being conference coach of the year. He produced some really good wrestlers over the years. All with a focus on the basics and discipline.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to olddirty in My all time favorite wrestling match (link)   
    This one never gets old.  Man, they really tried to screw Yildiz.  He clearly techs him in the first 15 seconds, then has to beat a multiple time world champ and the refs

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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Fishhook in Coach Anatoli Margiev interview: Ramonov is at 20%   
    My favorite Woody Hayes line will forever be: "Nothing cleanses the soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."  We usually need these losses. 
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