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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Coach Anatoli Margiev interview: Ramonov is at 20%   
    Like this comment:  "There is nothing dangerous in Tsabolov's loss."  So many want to declare the sky falling because JB and Snyder lost at the Dogu.  Who cares about a loss in a tune-up competition?  Chamizo's loss at BTS didn't seem to doom him at Dogu.  Losses are great measuring sticks, motivators, and teachers on the way to the bigger stage.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to GoNotQuietly in The 4 Chamizo got against JB   
    I have no clue if it was 4, but the two refs on the mat had a damn good look at it, and the rest of their calls were pretty solid imho. In no way was this a screw job.
    Chamizo was amazing here for a couple reasons:
    Gave up 1 every time he should have given up 2
    Gave up 2 every time he should have given up 4
    Got an ice cold takedown real late when Burroughs needed to score to win (which he does 99% of the time)
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to wrestlingnerd in The 4 Chamizo got against JB   
    That Chamizo move must be hard as hell to stop. I’ve seen him do it constantly in competitor and in practice with very high level wrestlers and he almost always gets it and almost never gets scored on off of it.
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    TheRealOne9050 got a reaction from tbert in The 4 Chamizo got against JB   
    This one was a screwjob.

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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Delgado v Garret   
    If this match would be in FS rules Garrett would won!
    SHAME on folk rules! 

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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Russian nationals moved up   
    The man is now a COLLEGE GRAD!  Big congrats to our man Khuzin!
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to sgallan in Helen Maroulis injury   
    As much as I hate to say this; she needs to retire. Every time she gets one going forward it will further seriously affect her quality of life for the remainder of her life. I love her wrestling but you only have one brain and it will not rewire itself.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to ClawRide in Why Kids Not Wrestling   
    I wrestled for many years and did very well until a serious injury ended my career.  I always felt I had unfinished business, and it bothered me.  I forced my son to wrestle, and it was ugly at times.  I was way too hard on him, and I was living through him.  That was a huge mistake, and I own that.  He stopped wrestling in college for a time.  I was heartbroken.  I know one of the main reasons he stopped was me and the pressure.
    I am now in my mid-50's, and after coaching lots of other kids, learning to back off, and coming to grips with my own issues/failings, I became a better father, coach and person.  It really was a spiritual journey for me.
    I try to use my own experience to help other wrestlers and families enjoy and appreciate the sport more.  I encourage support for wrestlers win or lose.  Wrestling is tough enough.  You don't need to pressure them all the time to 'be the best'.  Find enjoyment in the sport, its complexity, its excitement, even the social aspect.  It's OK to be passionate, but don't let that passion get the best of you.  Keep it positive.
    We have talked about those early days, and I have apologized many times for being so hard on him.
    Now for the happy ending...
    My son did reach a very high plateau in college and even traveled overseas to compete.  He graduated from college and got a job in his field, and he's back coaching and competing in his mid twenties.  He seems to be enjoying it more than ever.
    I asked him, "If you have a son, do you think you would like him to wrestle?".  He paused for second and said, "Yes.  I think I would."
    That is the irony of wrestling.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to spladle08 in Chamizo weight class   
    I was big on Chamizo going in and I'm still pretty big on him, those mats were a detriment to all of the wrestling, I would wager we see much different results on a dry mat in several of the matches. 


    Last night was as much about who can adapt to the conditions as much as it was about their abilities, and it was close as ****, he doesn't need to go back down in weight, he would def be the favorite come worlds but I think it would benefit him to hang around and grow into the weight by 2020. 

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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Shiraz123 in Beat the Streets was a circus show   
    Didn't see the match but you are surprised Burroughs didn't show class? This is the same guy who received a gift for the birth of his new born baby from the Iran wrestling federation at the 2016 world cup (when he pulled out at the last second due to the birth and that other American 74 had to wrestle Yazdani) and then went on twitter and posted a pic of the gift saying that Yazdani gave it to him for sparing him by not wrestling at world cup. Very classless, you don't do that when given a gift.  A shame we never got to see Yazdani beat him but getting 10-0 by Abdurakhmanov made up for it. 
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Lurker in Fix - how does he get that arm!   
    The technique is not new. It's how Brian Dolph made his run, beating Joe Williams, on his way to the Olympic trials finals back in 2000. Fix has just made a point to work it and work it and get real good at it.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Gantry in USA vs India   
    I hate to say it, but I feel like JB always makes every match personal now - chirping and finding reasons to get mad at his opponent. Seems to happen a whole lot now. 
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Tofurky in Kyle Snyder signs with Rudis   
    As to Kyle Snyder, how can you not love that young man? He works his tail off and is incredibly humble at the same time. He’s still very young and has that kid aspect to him (read some of his tweets), which makes things fun. KS and Spencer Lee are awesome for this sport.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to de4856 in How Good are Women   
    Honestly, I don't care if Maroulis, or Gray, can't beat the local high school kid, we should be celebrating the fact that we have some great female stars like the aforementioned Maroulis or Gray.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Pavel Pinigin about Iowa monster   
    And this is despite the fact that the Dagestanis brought you a lot of trouble on the wrestling mat ...
    - Yes, with them I had the most difficult duels. But how else if I had to compete with such outstanding wrestlers as Ruslan Ashuraliev, Nasrulla Nasrullaev, Mairbek Yusupov, Ihaku Gaydarbekov. I used to lose, I used to win. Ikhak Gaidarbekov was the most unlucky with me. In 1975, we both won the European Championship. Then for some reason I was exposed in an unusual category for me to 74 kg, and Gaidarbekov struggled in weight to 68 kg. Ihaku was superior to his opponents and, if I'm not mistaken, defeated everyone cleanly. Two months later we met in the finals of the USSR championship. Would you know how I prepared for this wrestling! The whole notebook was written down, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. Having studied thoroughly the manner of wrestling Ikhak, we even prepared for him, with Georgiy Anatolyevich, a homework, which, I must say, worked. I won the wrestling macth and went on to win the same year at the home world championships in Minsk, and next year I became the Olympic champion. Believe me, I would lose in the final of the national championship, then Ikhuk would get into the team and this same victorious path would be done by him, not by me. But I was lucky that in the most important wrestling in my life, which opened the way to big titles, I surpassed it.
    - You were a pretty tough wrestler. Opponents from you got, but also to you it fell. They even say that there were no competitions, after which you did not have any bruises or abrasions on your face.
    "There were many injuries, but the worst case happened to me at the 1975 European Championship. It was held in Germany, and the most dangerous of my rivals was the German Adolf Seger. He was a strong wrestler, he became an Olympic medalist, twice won world and European championships, besides, he had his own walls for him. But I tuned in to him and confidently controlled the duel. I already thought that calmly bring the meeting to victory, as in the beginning of the third period, Seeger peppered me in the face, so much so that I flew four teeth. I remember, as now, leaning over me coach of the national team of Yuri Shakhmuradov. Staring at me, he laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. With the help of doctors, I managed to stop the bleeding, I regained consciousness and continued the wrestling , which ended with a score of 12: 1. Then, when I returned to Kiev, a dental tool resembling a chisel took out the remains of my teeth. The frost did not work, the tears flowed from their eyes.
    I was then obliged to win, I had a very strong motivation, because I wanted to dedicate this victory to my father. He is a front-line soldier, he went through the whole war, starting with the Finnish campaign, he has many awards. In that year, our country celebrated the 30th anniversary of the victory over fascist Germany, it was a holiday of my father. He lived a decent life and died in 2009 at the age of 92 years.
    - A well-known sports journalist Ian Dymov in his book "And the friendship is strong heroes" described in detail your wrestling with the legendary American fighter Dan Gabe. The author quoted you: "It was the hardest wrestling match in my life. I went out many times to the carpet, but I never got so tired. I did not know that a person can be so strong. " Was the American so strong that he could not be defeated?
    - At that time he was truly invincible. Although, if the judges were objective, victory would be awarded to me. But how could they remain impartial when Gable was the darling of the audience, which was attended by thousands of spectators who filled the famous Madison Square Garden in New York. It was a duel in the framework of a friendly match between the teams of the USSR and the United States. It was 1973, Dan was already a famous wrestler, who won at the Olympic Games and World Championships, and I'm a 19-year-old junior who only got in the national team. As soon as the wrestling began, I held my crown - a duck under my arm with a stepped right foot. Gable fell on his back - it was carcass. Then a familiar American gave me a videotape of this meeting, which is still kept by me. It clearly shows that Dan was on his shoulder blades. But the judges conferred and confined themselves to giving me two points. After this, the duel took place under the dictation of an American. He drove me elementary, not giving me a second of respite and attacking all over the carpet. After the fight, my head was buzzing, like a boxer grabbing blows. Gable was an amazingly hardy fighter. What do you want, if he wins the World Cup today, and the next day runs the cross! On the fanatical devotion to the wrestling against Gabe legends. For subsequent generations of American wrestlers, he became an idol, to which they try to be equal. Of course, Gable is a unique athlete, but I'll tell you that in Russia there is someone to be proud of, our national school of free-style wrestling was and is the best in the world. Young athletes should know this and try to follow the victorious traditions of their predecessors.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Is There a More Exciting Wrestler?   
    oh yeah.....he did it, he tried to provoke JB and his fans. Very sneaky move by Frank yeah, but i chatting with his coach he call him "good guy" maybe for coach he is good person, but he wanna be like Conor 
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    TheRealOne9050 got a reaction from Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Is There a More Exciting Wrestler?   
    It was just one friend, to be fair. It all happened on Instagram. An italian rapper commented a Chamizo's post, insulting Burroughs. A fellow wrestler from Italy stepped in, telling him to show some respect to a legend of the sport. The rapper replied with harsh words, saying that he knows wrestling well and that JB it's not Jon Bones Jones (proving, indeed, that he knows nothing about wrestling). 
    Chamizo then stepped in, tells the italian wrestler that he's the one who has to show respect, and supports his friend telling him "Well said, bro". Very cheap move by Chamizo, truly disappointing.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Is There a More Exciting Wrestler?   
    Technical and wide open at the same time; explosive and calculated; traditional and unorthodox all at the same time.  One of top 5 charismatic competitors currently in the ring.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to KTG119 in Gable Steveson says he's trying out for seniors   
    yeah Snyder really screwed up 
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Yaktia vs Oregon state   
    Khuzin has made me head ref!  I'm in!
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Yaktia vs Oregon state   
    Loser cries like a little girl.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in Cuban Wrestling Video from UWW   
    The Cubans are amazing.  Have been fortunate to count Alberto Rodriquez (2x World bronze, World Cup gold, wins over Monday and Schultz) as a friend for over 20 years now; he was my "assistant" for a year, and I put that word in quotation marks because he knows more about technique than I'll ever know.  An isolated island with little resource, Cuba produces some of the most amazing boxers, wrestlers, baseball players, and track athletes in the world.  One small story he told me:  as a kid, he wanted to be a wrestler like his older brother.  They had no mats to train on so he wrestled outside in the grass (he developed his "no knees" stand up style because of that, never shooting to his knees on purpose).  He wanted to train indoors with the national team but the coaches told him he was too skinny and would never be a wrestler.  So he would sneak in after practice was over and wrestle with some of the older guys who still wanted to drill or lose weight and he kept improving and begging the coaches to let him train indoors.  Finally, they had enough and told him if he wanted to train inside he'd have to beat the guy he would replace, who was older and a stud.  So they had a match and Alberto won and he was finally allowed to leave the grass and train indoors the rest of his career.
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to irani in Iran Wrestling News   
    Much respect for Khadem for taking a stand.  He made a couple of very profound statements 
    1. He said  â€œcannot lie,” adding that “sometimes the best way to take a stand is not to stand,”
    2. â€œIf we must continue with the policy of non-competition against the Zionist regime’s athletes… forcing an athlete to accept defeat or run around all night looking for a doctor’s note is not right,” Khadem told the Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA).
    Khadem had previously told ISNA that if Iran continues to force athletes to evade competing against Israeli opponents then it should “behave honestly and… accept the consequences.”
    While he did not come out and say Iran should stop its policy of avoiding facing Israeli athletes (perhaps because it would be too risky to do so) he came out and said "if we must do it, then we should be honest about it, and have the federation deal with the consequences (instead of having the individual wrestler or coach pay the consequences)
    Based on anecdotal information, I believe most Iranians disagree with this stupid policy of avoiding Israeli wrestlers and would love to go back to the pre-revolution days when Iran used do pin Israeli wrestlers left and right.
    I salute Khadem and his courage and honesty, and hope this results in a change of policy by the Iranian Wrestling Federation.  Sadly, I am not holding my breath.
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    TheRealOne9050 got a reaction from bwh27 in Cox in Ukraine   
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    TheRealOne9050 reacted to Coach_J in RUS fans make me laugh   
    Sound like Americans.  Just change the names.
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