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  1. Yellow_Medal

    FLO Midlands Finals issue

    Had the same issue on my Roku. I kept refreshing the app and finally got all the mats. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yellow_Medal

    Did you have a pre-match go-to meal?

    Spaghetti with meat / pasta sauce and orange juice jello.
  3. Yellow_Medal

    Dake - Taylor - My Best Rival

    Mañana hermano
  4. Yellow_Medal

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    This story has made it international: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/dec/22/high-school-wrestler-dreadlocks-hair-cut-video-racism The Guardian's reach is pretty wide and regardless of your opinion on their political leanings, this is not a good look for wrestling.
  5. Yellow_Medal

    Separated at birth?

    Lol. I just saw the video thumbnail this is from on flo and had to do a double take 'cause it looked like CP on first glance. Then I thought, "that would make a good Separated at Birth post..."
  6. Yellow_Medal

    Should I quit?

    I will say this, we all hang up the wrestling shoes at some point, however I don't think you'll ever regret not hanging them up in the middle of a season. Out of the 23 guys on my college team my freshman year, over half of us expressed wanting to quit at some point over the course of the first semester. Some did. I have never regretted not quitting, though I came close several times. Most all of us have been there; wrestling can suck a lot sometimes. That said, if not even a little bit of the wrestling you are doing is for yourself, and purely for fear of what others will think if you quit, then maybe you have something to think about. There is no shame in quitting, but I have to think that it will be a lot easier socially in the long run to get through this one season and then just not go out for the sport next year than quitting in the middle of a season. Either way, good luck in your decision.
  7. Yellow_Medal

    Lehigh at Iowa

    Thanks for all the work you put into wrestling. Building a database is no joke. I’ve had to learn to use Microsoft Access at work and it can be quite complicated. Teaching yourself to database is quite the accomplishment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yellow_Medal

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    According to Intermat, Steveson's redshirt will be pulled this weekend: http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20774
  9. Yellow_Medal

    Flo is on fire w content!

    Doesn't cost much more than Netflix and man do I use Flo a lot more. Best entertainment money I spend.
  10. Yellow_Medal

    Flo - live events not on Roku/Apple TV

    It took some searching, but I found the Fieldhouse feeds on Roku. Had to scroll WAY over on the Live Today section. Their Roku setup is improving but still pretty annoying
  11. Yellow_Medal

    Midlands Train Wreck Dead Tourney Walking

    Like I said on your last post, should never have done that Mattalk interview. Now that I know there's an articulate human behind the handle, the shroud of mystery is gone. That said, you're obviously in the know Cletus.
  12. Yellow_Medal

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    If the person behind the handle really died, very sad, RIP. I always figured Cletus and Mudflap were one in the same. It seemed like we started hearing way less from Cletus once Mudflap made his return...
  13. Yellow_Medal

    NWCA All Star Classic

    I was there. The venue was a horrible place to hold the event. The structural columns surrounding the raised mat made it impossible to see the entire mat from anywhere in the stands. The best part for me was running into several of my old college teammates and drinking the overpriced Coors. At least I found free parking. Got to shake Bryan Snyder's hand and ran into Coach Manning in the pisser though, so that was cool. Event itself would have been better off being held in a high school gym...I missed a lot of the action on the side of the mat blocked by the columns and I arrived early and found "good" seats. Can't believe I paid $20 to attend.
  14. Yellow_Medal

    PSU Visit from Mudflap

    Should never have done that mattalk interview...
  15. Yellow_Medal

    Interview with Sadulaev after Worlds 2018

    Khabib missed the the birth of his kid too in the lead up to the fight. Ariel Helwani asked him if he felt bad about it. This pretty much sums up the Dagestani cultural perspective on this (video should start at about 8:35 in):