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  1. LJB, I like you man, but the dude has a point. You answer darn near everyone you chatty Kathy.
  2. Add in the double negative to boot
  3. Emmett Willson for the same reason. Yes he has a Hodge Trophy, but watching him dominate like he did that year, it would have been cool to see him in a top DI program.
  4. I think both sides of this debate make good points, and it boils down to cultural elements, but that is funny
  5. Oh thank goodness. I was just about to reply to your message before this with, man, pitting your argument supporting this decision against a lawyer’s with the opposing view..losing battle.
  6. Listen to Gable's stream of consciousness after Rogan's mental toughness question. This is why I love listening to him and some of his proteges.
  7. I kind of hope that it’s not really PD2. Blue Dragons would be an even more awesome troll job if that were true.
  8. On Ticketmaster, there are still many seats left. The hitch is, you have to buy them in blocks of 4, 5, 6, or 8. Totals for a seat seems to range between $145 and $355. PS - Anyone know where we will be able to Stream this thing?
  9. Info on ticket sales https://go.teamusa.org/3kq6hE3
  10. How did you get tickets? I was just on the ticketmaster site and there are still none available. Did they sell out that fast, or were previous ticket holders given first dibs?
  11. I’m able to get as far as seeing the arena on the ticketmaster site. It says there are no seats available yet. Hopefully in the next couple of days.
  12. Re: Ep. 1..That was so refreshing. Killer editing, yet minimalist like op said. So cool to see some of our favorite athletes interact on that human level. We even got a coach Cael quote from Gilman.
  13. Optics from role models absolutely matters. My father-in-law died from Covid on 12/1/20. If I had to wear a mask every day for years if it meant he would still be around I would. I work for a county public health department with county commissioners who actively disincentivized wearing a mask...up until the second wave...optics matter. Words matter.
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