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  1. Metaphor for their inability to manage their own affairs responsibly?
  2. It was unintentional thread sabotage. My apologies Brother I!
  3. The Lol acronym gets thrown around a lot, but that one was literal. Thanks for that one brother Billy.
  4. At first glance I keep seeing GoPro instead of Gro and picturing guys wrestling with GoPros attached to their headgear.
  5. Yessir! You’ve written some gold of late. I wonder why it might have disappeared?
  6. I’ve used Sling, Youtube, and Fubo in the past to watch both NCAAs and Worlds/Olympics. They all have free trials so if you time it right you won’t have to pay a thing. If you’re looking to keep the service long term, imo Youtube had the best user interface on a Roku.
  7. Are you sure you understand how averages work?
  8. Now if they will only make the mobile site match…it’s still laid out like the iOS app and that is not user friendly
  9. You know, I didn’t even think to notice!
  10. Did Flo just briefly tease us with a retro website layout and then revert or did I momentarily look into a superior alternate universe?
  11. It almost sounded like you quoted their Midwest discussion verbatim
  12. You must have listened to FRL yesterday
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