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  1. Do tell! How do you feel about the Spartan commercials?
  2. I have an Onn tv with built in Roku and a roku device for another tv. Flo app has worked fine on both. I mainly just cast it from my iphone to my living room tv though. That has worked great too.
  3. Absolutely correct. I wrestled JUCO and I can think of at least 3 of my teammates who made that exact statement; that they wouldn’t be in school if not for wrestling. They each went on to get a 4 year degree and have been successful in their personal and professional lives ever since. There are certainly other educational and athletic models that work, but the point you bring up cannot be overlooked.
  4. Oh man, I’m starting to love this guy!!
  5. Indeed one can. Fyi, Stalemates clued us into a Flo payment loophole. Apparently, some of their other sites (eg flomarching) let you subscribe on a monthly basis. It seems that you get full access to all of their sites with any subscription...
  6. I don’t have the data to back this up, but it seems like many refs call that 1 point more towards the end of match
  7. If you don’t have roku or apple tv, you can “cast” it from your iPhone to pretty much any Smart TV I think
  8. I concur that I would like to be able to replay the matches
  9. Ha! Now you’re speaking language we can understand
  10. I like reading both of your guys’ posts, but you are both clearly triggered...
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