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  1. Tell your Mom I'll take that bet
  2. Yellow_Medal

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    This is the exact conversation about Cejudo I wanted to avoid, hence why I didn't include him on my list... To my knowledge, we haven't had any Olympians on the men's freestyle side, though there very well could be some I'm overlooking. The aforementioned Dean Lahr placed 4th at worlds in 1963, but I'm not sure about other world medalists.
  3. Yellow_Medal

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    I considered adding Cohlton. I would not necessarily disagree if you did. I also thought about Cejudo but I’ve seen that conversation play out before and wanted to avoid it.
  4. Yellow_Medal

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    I would say no. It means we have too many classifications.
  5. Yellow_Medal

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    CO: Ben Cherrington Tom Clum Tyler Graff Connor Medbery Adeline Gray Dean Lahr I'm sure I'm forgetting many. We've had so many 4x state champs now https://chsaanow.com/sports/wrestling/four-timers/ that I've lost track.
  6. Yellow_Medal

    PDIII Needs your dough

    I see he plans on taking more than one of his families.
  7. Yellow_Medal


    Flo works great for me 99% of the time. You either have a hardware or an internet speed issue.
  8. Yellow_Medal

    A nice story about Logan

    Glad someone did that so I didn’t have to
  9. All they need to do is use some basic automated limiter / compression plugins and they would improve dramatically I would think. I will listen almost no matter what, but it does get a bit hard on the ear-balls occasionally.
  10. The more pressing question is, when you are on the Flowrestling homepage, and you click on the logo/home button, why doesn't the page reload like EVERY OTHER WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET!!??
  11. Yellow_Medal

    Logan Stieber retiring

    Going to miss seeing him wrestle. He is one of the guys who got me back into watching wrestling consistently.
  12. Yellow_Medal

    Bryant and Mudflap | The Untold Story

    The plot thickens...Is Ching's "story" an orchestrated attempt by Bryant to steer attention away from / rewrite the narrative surrounding the KMF "interview"? Smells a little like that could be the case. Anyways, they have my attention.
  13. I went through this a few years back myself. It led me to trying both Judo and BJJ several times each. Judo was painful (on multiple levels), and I had the same experience with BJJ as you seem to have had. As it turned out, I was living in the city with what I think is one of the only adult-centered wrestling clubs in the country, so far as I can tell...Good luck in your search, it’s not an easy one.
  14. Yellow_Medal

    Adult Wrestling Clubs (Master)

    If I remember correctly there was a thread on here about wrestling dreams a while back. I have them pretty frequently where I'm back on my old teams.