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  1. This is seriously some entertaining bedtime reading guys. I am literally laughing myself to sleep here. You guys are losing your marbles and it is one of the funniest threads I’ve read all year. Bravo! If only Wyoming had rival fans with whom I could have such a beef...
  2. That was an exciting match. Hope Moran didn’t mess up his ribs too bad.
  3. D1: Colorado State University D2: Fort Lewis D3: Colorado College Juco: Red Rocks CC
  4. Nomad looked like he was gonna cry when CP was talking about Willie's departure at the beginning of FRL. I like all of the FRL guys and Willie was great, I always thought. I'd corresponded with him a couple of times here through DM and he was always very respectful
  5. He went to Pomona HS which is where both Tom Clum and his bro Dan wrestled so I’m assuming they had a hand in his development, as they are still both living in the area and very involved in wrestling. If Tom was involved I’d say Robison has a great head start towards being an AA sooner than later.
  6. Did you not read my post? I clearly stated that it has gone beyond the mat, that is not in dispute. You did not address even one of the points I was making. Either your reading comprehension is very low, or you are deflecting...
  7. It didn’t NEED to go beyond the mat, but it has and there is a perfectly legitimate process for taking it there. Isn’t that part of your stance, that there is a process for things that should be followed and now you’re against a different process being followed? Just say that you don’t like them pursuing the process for arbitration for personal reasons and leave it at that. They are, however, following said legitimate process.
  8. You sir just made my night a little better.
  9. No recent Rudis podcasts either. I’m stuck listening to my crime-show casts, gah!!
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