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  1. I mean, do you think Fite TV would even have ever wanted to broadcast the Rumble had Flo never existed? I find it hard to believe. I have always looked, and continue to look at my Flo subscription as an investment in the sport's continued coverage. We would not have even HEARD of the Rumble before Flo. Even if they did not "advertise," "promote" it, or do whatever it is people wanted, we owe the fact that we even HEARD about the event in largest part to the spotlight Flo has given our Dear Wrestling.
  2. At the end of high school (2002) it was like xmas when WIN Magazine showed up. The anticipation for highlights of ANY wrestling on cable...My Lord, when i hear people complain about the way Flo does business, I just shake my head. CageFighter was one thing. Flo is worth EVERY penny.
  3. There are scholarship and non-scholarship NJCAA schools. Many of my teammates had full scholarships.
  4. I’m pretty sure the guys from Paraguay would have the tools to be good at the Collegiate wrestling style.
  5. That was NOT how I expected this discussion to go...not judging, just took me by surprise is all
  6. While this is absolutely true, I think it's worth noting that many of my college teammates would not have even thought about getting their college educations without wrestling being involved.
  7. Then this must be fake news... https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/23365
  8. Kinda weird that the only 2020 champs are from NAIA and NJCAA
  9. I mean, I know it doesn't fit the definition of one, but in spirit it feels like it could be a "medical rs" for all qualifiers.
  10. Would be cool if they could give all of the qualifiers an automatic redshirt if they want it. Also, with no ncaa champs, who will get that Olympic Trials spot?
  11. So do you honestly think that the words of denial from the world’s most powerful and influential person did not have a direct effect on the behavior of his followers, perhaps causing them to act in a manner counterproductive to public health’s efforts to corral the spread of this thing? That is just putting your head in the sand T...but ok, it’s only his actions that count...eye roll
  12. This is true, but hence the subjectivity...it is a frustrating rule for everyone involved, including the spectators.
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