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  1. If you don’t have roku or apple tv, you can “cast” it from your iPhone to pretty much any Smart TV I think
  2. I concur that I would like to be able to replay the matches
  3. Ha! Now you’re speaking language we can understand
  4. I like reading both of your guys’ posts, but you are both clearly triggered...
  5. It’s hard to overcome Eagle Powers. Especially with Esqueleto by your side.
  6. Very nice! If I hadn’t moved to the 4 corners I’d have done the same with my boy.
  7. I loved watching Dan at UWyo. He sold me my Auto Opener Kershaw at their family archery shop, very nice family. I’ll never forget watching Tom get put on his back at the Pepsi Center. Colorado wrestling legend!!
  8. I mentioned this in the recruiting pipeline tread, and these guys wouldn’t be in the discussion for greatest, but the number of successful Badgers hailing from Colorado makes me proud of our square-shaped State and have made me a Badger fan to boot. Clum, Medbery, and Graff are the ones off the top of my head.
  9. No kidding! Way to leave us hanging! Great story though
  10. Wisconsin has had quite a few successful guys from Colorado for whatever reason.
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