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  1. I've seen this stated a few times. How would it be fair for only seniors to get another year of eligibility? I feel terrible for all of these guys and this impacts all of the qualifiers equally. I don't know what the right answer is, but I can't think of any justification for only giving seniors having another shot but not underclassmen.
  2. Yes/No. I edited this. Seton Hall is correct that it does not impact RPI.
  3. Anyone know when we can expect to see him wrestle again? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I disagree that DeSanto was wrestling at “full power” with “no signs of injury”. He gave up a completely uncontested takedown. Again, DeSanto could have handled it better and, maybe, could have continued, but he was hurt/injured in the first 12 seconds and that would have been a major factor in the match had it continued. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I think DeSanto’s reaction to the second cradle was due to panic because he was frustrated and panicked after hurting/injuring his knee and couldn’t defend himself like he usually would. Had that match continued, he very well may have been pinned, but he was definitely not at full power and was impaired by the knee. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. His knee was injured when RBY locked up the first cradle. I think DeSanto tried to continue, but was impacted and panicked. I don’t think the second cradle hurt him the same way as the first, but his reaction was a result of his panic and frustration for injuring the knee and not being able to wrestle at 100%. I took Brand’s comments to mean that he believed DeSanto could have continued through that injury had he calmed down, not that he wasn’t injured at all. I’m sure Brands would have liked to see DeSanto adjust and try to save team points at that point. No way to know the extent of his injury yet, but he was injured/hurt/impacted in the first exchange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. He does need to improve on bottom, but I wouldn't say it is a glaring weakness. DeSanto's path to victory in most matches is on the feet and he is a guy that is likely to score multiple takedowns in a match. Getting ridden I don't know if anyone who has a shot of beating gross has a strategy that requires them to escape on bottom. He did a pretty good job weathering the storm against Gross in the first match. In order to beat Gross, he needs to win on the feet. Gross came out aggressive on the feet in both matches. The difference being, in their first match, DeSanto got a stalemate after the first attempt and then dictated the pace on the feet thereafter. In the second match, Gross converted a quick takedown to backpoints and it was very difficult for DeSanto to come back after that (he still almost did). The path to victory against Gross is not giving up any takedowns and, of course, scoring his own. I am impressed by Lovett and think he has a good chance to AA this year. Top is clearly his better position and the only shot he had to stay in the match with DeSanto, which is why he committed hard to working for a turn in the 3rd period. If Lovett is going to beat DeSanto, he is going to have to slow him down on the feet, because despite the solid ride, he wasn't really close to turning him and he didn't come off the hips until the very end of the period. I also believe that DeSanto felt Lovett's ability early in the 3rd period and realized it was risky to try to do too much on bottom. If he needed an escape in order to win the match, I suspect we would have seen him wrestle differently (not saying he would have definitely gotten out, but he would have taken more risks). Bottom line, guys can try to shorten the match by 2 minutes by riding DeSanto out, but they still need to stop him from scoring multiple takedowns in the other 5 minutes, or figure out how to score a takedown of their own.
  7. Does anyone know why Korbin Myers is not in the lineup? Does he need more time to get to 125?
  8. The key word is cycles. PSU has been dominant in recruiting and on the mat for the last decade. There is a delicate balance between the Nickal's and Nolf's attracting talent and pushing it away. There are some recruits who see PSU's stacked lineup and say, "I want to be on that team because they are the best, even if I don't start." Others look at all of the stars in the line up and realize there is no spot for them (at least right away). PSU has some great recruits waiting in the wings and I think they will do well the next couple of seasons, but it is very difficult to look at anyone and predict that they are going to score ~100 points at NCAAs over their career. I think we will see Cael rebuild next year or the year after and then start another run at some titles. I loved watching Nolf and Nickal, and think what PSU has done under Cael is incredible, but I am looking forward to some (hopefully) exciting team races in the next few seasons.
  9. Stoll did snap Parris a few times and still backed him out (I'm not saying pushed him out anymore...)
  10. I watched this back on the Flo video and couldn't really tell what you were trying to say regarding the arm, but it wasn't the whole video. I do agree that DeSanto was simply shooting Pletcher off in that situation in order to get a stall warning, however, given the current rules, I don't understand how they can distinguish a half shot/push out vs a legitimate shot given the fact that he dropped to his knee and touched Pletcher's leg. The rule needs tweaking. I don't know the right way to do that, so I think the simplest and most objective way to call it is using the push-out. I don't think it will turn into sumo. I think guys will wrestle more in the middle and we'll see more action. At times, guys will take thepush out when they are in a position of disadvantage.
  11. I know it is just my opinion and not popular. Pushing for the sake of pushing is not wrestling. Stoll is pushing and looking for a reaction. When Parris finally pushed back, Stoll snapped him. I actually have mixed feelings about the stall call that DeSanto received for "pushing" Pletcher. I believe the wrong call was made based on the rules. DeSanto did not have his arms extended to push. He shot him off the mat in an attempt to draw a stall call. He was not trying to take him down, however, I am surprised that a ref can make the determination that one shot is legit and one shot is not. He dropped to a knee and wrapped the back of Pletcher's leg and got called for stalling for pushing him off the mat. My main point is that Stoll is not just pushing, he is looking for pressure back. Novak is right that Wood figured him out. Wrestle him in the middle and beat him.
  12. The topic of stalling, particularly stalling on the edge of the mat, has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum, so rather than open this up to the broad inconsistencies that we have seen with calling stalling on the edge (which is an issue), I'd like to discuss Sam Stoll's style of wrestling. My seats at NCAAs were right next to the Michigan section and Mason Parris' dad was just a row behind me, so when Stoll wrestled Parris in the first round there were a lot of people who were very angry about Parris being called for stalling several times in that match. I don't know if my friends were just getting absorbed in the opinions of the fans around us, but they (and most of the people I discussed this match with) were upset about Parris being called for stalling. Wrestling fans know that Stoll is a big wrestler who grabs a Russian tie and pushes into guys, often pushing them off the mat. Parris let Stoll push him off the mat several times and was hit for stalling several times (though the ref was afraid to stall Parris out of the match). Parris WAS stalling. I know some people will say, "yes, it is stalling based on the way the rule is written, but it's not REALLY stalling." or "Stoll should be hit for stalling for pushing people of the mat." Parris needed to react. Initially, he didn't because he was in a position of disadvantage. He didn't want to push in because that would open up Stoll's offense. After realizing that he was going to stall out of the match, Parris finally pushed back into Stoll and...Stoll snapped him down and scored. The next time Parris knew the Russian was coming so he shot and Stoll scored off his shot. Backing off the mat because you are in an uncomfortable position is textbook stalling and is what the edge of the mat stall rules were put in place to protect against. I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts. With all this said I concede that: Stoll's style is not the most exciting The refs are inconsistent in their edge of the mat stall calls, and I would be in favor of going to the freestyle push out rule.
  13. I was just about to add that. You can almost see me. I'm blocked by the scaffolding.
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