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  1. LaxHawk174

    Top Freshman 2019/2020

    I have very high confidence that Cassioppi will AA for Iowa, time will tell how high. I don't think a top 4 or 5 finish is unrealistic. He has the tools to beat most at the weight, but definitely takes risks and sometimes unnecessarily puts himself in precarious situations that cost him a match or two.
  2. LaxHawk174

    Which college coach is the best developer of talent?

    Missouri (Brian Smith) and Cornell (Rob Koll) are 2 that always seem to consistently develop somebody usually in that 30-100 range coming out of high school into AA caliber/Title contenders.
  3. LaxHawk174

    Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup

    Iowa 125: Spencer Lee 133: Austin DeSanto 141: Max Murin/Jason Renteria 149: Pat Lugo 157: Kaleb Young/Nelson Brands 165: Alex Marinelli 174: Michael Kemerer 184: Cash Wilcke 197: Jacob Warner 285: Anthony Cassioppi
  4. LaxHawk174

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Starter - Max Murin - 141 - Iowa Backup - Cash Wilcke - 184 - Iowa
  5. LaxHawk174

    133 is going to so much fun!

    List of guys who have AA'd or made R12 in their careers + other impactful newcomers that will presumably be competing at 133 this season: Gross (R12-2-1) Micic (4-2) Suriano (X-2) Fix/Piccinnini (4-R12) Pletcher (R16-4) DeSanto (R12) Wilson (3) Lizak (R16-2-4) Parker (R24-8-7) Bridges (8) Mueller (6-R12) Erneste (DNQ-NQ-R12) Lantry (NQ-R12-R16) Arujau/Tucker (NQ) Gomez RBY Weight could be 15-16 deep with really quality guys.
  6. Penn St. will be lucky to get 2nd. Iowa is going to run over them this year and the foreseeable future.
  7. LaxHawk174

    Rinteria and The Storms Coming Gents

    Iowa has a good shot to challenge for the team title in 2020, I don’t think Lee would want to RS for that. Maybe an abbreviated schedule like Snyder in 2016.
  8. LaxHawk174

    Rinteria and The Storms Coming Gents

    2019 Lee DeSanto (JRent RS) Turk/Murin/Happel Lugo 2020 Lee Renteria Turk/Murin/Happel (DeSanto RS) Lugo 2021 Lee Renteria DeSanto/Happel Murin/Happel
  9. LaxHawk174

    Jack Davis

    Jack Davis just committed to Penn St.
  10. LaxHawk174

    133 = Toughest Weight Class Next Season?

    I added Josh Terao to the list, but Eggum stated that Lizak-McKee-Thorn would all be moving up a weight class (hence Lizak listed instead of McKee), and Alber was a 141 lber last year - haven't heard anything about him going down.
  11. Looking at the guys rumored to be moving up, and the returners at 133.. shaping up to be a monster weight class. (Results are just from this past season) Seth Gross (Champ @ 133) Stevan Micic (2nd @ 133) Nick Suriano (2nd @ 125) Daton Fix/Nick Piccinnini/Kaid Brock (Piccinnini R12 @ 125 - Brock 5th @ 133 - Fix Incoming RS FR) Ethan Lizak (4th @ 125) Luke Pletcher (4th @ 133) Tariq Wilson (3rd @ 133) Montorie Bridges (8th @ 133) Scotty Parker (7th @ 133) Austin DeSanto (R12 @ 133) John Erneste (R12 @ 133) Jack Mueller (R12 @ 133) Josh Terao (12 seed @ 133) Roman Bravo-Young (Incoming TR FR) Austin Gomez (Incoming RS FR) Vitali Arujau (Incoming GS FR) Any other notable names that belong on that list? The depth resembles 125 or 165 from 2018.
  12. LaxHawk174


    Other guys granted releases and considering transfer options: Devin Skatzka Justin Oliver Mason Smith Sean Russell Connor Schram Sa'Derian Perry
  13. LaxHawk174

    % of single compared to multi time champions?

    Iowas Multi Time Champs Royce Alger - 2 Ed Banach - 3 Lou Banach - 2 Terry Brands - 2 Tom Brands - 3 Chris Campbell - 2 Barry Davis - 3 Mark Ironside - 2 Eric Juergens - 2 Marty Kistler - 2 Randy Lewis - 2 Terry McCann - 2 Matt McDonough - 2 Jeff McGinnis - 2 Lincoln McIlravy - 3 Brent Metcalf - 2 Mark Perry - 2 Joe Scarpello - 2 Joe Williams - 3 T.J. Williams - 2 Chuck Yagla - 2 Jim Zalesky - 3 83 Total NCAA titles won by Iowa wrestlers. 50 of them won by the above list of multi time champs.
  14. LaxHawk174

    Bad Coaches Kill Programs not Title 9

    I definitely agree. Any smaller school, or Non-Traditional wrestling power need look no further than SDSU and Bono to figure out how to elevate their program and excitement around it. Very impressive what he has done there in a short amount of time.
  15. LaxHawk174

    PSU v tOSU

    Tomasello TF Schnupp 5-0 tOSU Pletcher Dec Keener 8-0 tOSU Lee Dec McKenna 8-3 tOSU Retherford TF Hayes 8-8 TIE Jordan Pin Pipher 14-8 tOSU Joseph MDec Campbell 14-12 tOSU Hall Dec Jordan 15-14 PSU Nickal Dec Martin 18-14 PSU Moore Dec Rasheed/Cassar 18-17 PSU Snyder MDec Nevills 21-18 tOSU Bouts that I view as toss ups: 141-174-184 Something I don't expect to happen, but wouldn't shock me is if Rasheed came out like a ball of fire and lit up Kollin Moore with a cradle. I can just envision this happening at rec hall for some reason. His cradle has always been fierce, and he has hit it on multiple AA level guys in his career.