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  1. Because the weight is unbelievably weak, and he AA'd twice back to back years in loaded 184 lb fields. Weigel is maybe the only guy I'd advocate putting above him. Definitely should be ahead of McCutcheon/Beazley though, IMO.
  2. My preseason favorite is tOSU Tomasello - Finalist : He'll be banging it out with Suriano/Cruz/Lizak for the title.(If Spencer Lee went this year as a True FR, he would get buried by Lee for the title) Pletcher - 4th-6th: Past the top 3 of Gross/Micic/Brock, I don't think the weight is overly impressive, he will contend with Mckee, Parker, etc. McKenna - Top 3 : I think he had an off NCAAs last year and will revert back to his FR form as a consistent Top 3 guy, title contender. Hayes - 5th-R12 : Idk what kind of success for him after he bumps up from 141 after losing wrestle off to McKenna, but the weight isn't that deep, and hes talented. Jordan - 3rd-6th : Will battle it out with Smith/Berger/Lavallee/Pantaleo for non finals podium spots. Campbell - R12-R16 : Think 165 is the most stacked weight this season, and hes on the outside looking in, just on the cusp. Jordan - Top 3 : Another Top 3 lock pretty much, title contender, could beat Mark Hall. I'd pencil him into the finals automatically if Valencia moves up. Martin - Top 4 : I think i'd put Nickal and Downey ahead of him, as well as Valencia if he comes up. Moore - Finalist : Don't really see anybody in the current 197 field that will challenge him for the title. Maybe Miklus is a new man up at 197. Downey could if he's 197. Snyder - Champ : Not much to say here. The Champ will claim his 3rd title with relative ease. I predict 8 AA's (2 R12's). 4-5 finalists. 2-3 champs. 145-150ish team points.
  3. Iowa has had a top 3 AA at 133 from 2012-2017 - 6 year streak. If Ramos had AA'd in 2011 instead of R12, it would be a pretty big streak, going back to 2008 I think. Went 2-7-2-R12-3-2-1-2-2-1 from 2008-2017.
  4. Bury any wrestler in his path for the next 4-5 years at the NCAA level.
  5. No he won't! Spencer Lee will bury him if they ever cross paths.
  6. I really enjoy having Bratke and Nomad on the show. I think both are very knowledgeable and foil CP and Willie well. In fact, I often find myself agreeing with Bratke's takes more than anybody else.
  7. He blitzed the field at JR worlds with the shoulder injury (which was a torn labrum, Summer 2015). Hasn't been a problem since then, and labrums are generally not as serious as a torn rotator cuff, just my opinion, having suffered both injuries as well as having surgery for both. I for one think a healthy Lee would win 125 this year as a True Frosh. I think we see Lee at Midlands this year and the coaching staff will evaluate from there.
  8. Yeah, oversight on my part. Looking forward to seeing Kutler in this 165 grinder. Will be some good wrestlers missing out on the podium in this weight class.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised to see Marinelli in the top 4 this season. I think Valencia, Lewis, and Womack are all moving up. His main competition will be IMAR, Joseph, Massa, Marsteller, and McFadden. A lot will depend on the draws of the bracket IMO. Could be the difference between having a favorable semi matchup or losing to 6th place.
  10. Nick and Joe Lee are brothers but I don't believe Brayton is related to them. They do have a younger brother named Matt though. Think he is a SO in HS.
  11. Could be because Nebby may be bringing in Brayton Lee as their 'preferred' recruit.
  12. I think Thomasello is a fitting name, seeing as Thomas Gilman owns him. :)
  13. Maybe we will see TnTs awesome coaching skills put to work. I'm hoping they are able to coach Spencer up to Fix's level, hopefully sooner than later!
  14. Perhaps this Mark Perry interview from the HWC banquet on friday night can shed a little light. https://iawrestle.com/2017/05/20/mark-perry-i-want-to-be-here-a-long-time/
  15. 57kg Gilman - 80 61kg Stieber - 6 65kg Oliver - 9 70kg Green - 6 74kg Dake - 13 86kg Cox - 13 97kg Snyder - 5 125kg Gwiz - 8
  16. LaxHawk174


    True freshman in 2015-2016 - R12 @ 149 True SO in 2016-2017 - 1-2 @ 149
  17. 125: Stickley/Wagner 133: Laux/Happel 141: Turk/Happel 149: Sorensen 157: Kemerer 165: Marinelli 174: Young 184: Wilcke 197: Holloway 285: Stoll I see 6 AAs, maybe 7 if someone can sneak onto the podium out of 125-141 or 197. Sorensen + Kemerer as finalists. Hoping Stoll can come back healthy. I think 4th is possible, but Marinelli and Stoll will both need to place high. 5th/6th is probably more likely for the team.
  18. Very keen observation Guns. It will be an interesting dynamic to watch unfold!
  19. Thomas Haines was the starter for Lock Haven this season. He was even in the top 10 for D1 Tech Falls for a large part of the season. Finished 2-2 at the NCAAs.
  20. I filled out LutherAce's interactive bracket and posted my AA's and R12 + Team scores on, so i'll copy & paste it here, just for some good discussion. I took a stab at it and just went with my gut on each pick. I tried to factor in bonus points as much as I could. I'll post my 8 AAs, and 4 R12 guys and the top 15 team scores. 125 1st- #1 Thomas Gilman 2nd- #2 Joey Dance 3rd- #4 Darian Cruz 4th- #6 Ethan Lizak 5th- #10 Jack Mueller 6th- Unseeded Connor Youtsey 7th- #9 Josh Rodriguez 8th- Unseeded Dylan Peters R12- #8 Nick Piccinnini R12- #3 Nick Suriano R12- #5 Tim Lambert R12- #12 Sean Fausz 133 1st- #4 Cory Clark 2nd- #3 Kaid Brock 3rd- #1 Nathan Tomasello 4th- #5 Stevan Micic 5th- #2 Seth Gross 6th- #8 Zane Richards 7th- #9 Scotty Parker 8th- #7 Eric Montoya R12- #15 Jamal Morris R12- #14 Mitch McKee R12- #12 Josh Alber R12- #6 Dom Forys 141 1st- #1 Dein Heil 2nd- #2 Kevin Jack 3rd- #3 Joey McKenna 4th- #4 Matthew Kolodzik 5th- #6 George Dicamillo 6th- #5 Anthony Ashnault 7th- #7 Joey Ward 8th- #11 Randy Cruz R12- Unseeded Christopher Carton R12- #8 Jaydin Eiermann R12- #9 Colton McCrystal R12- #10 Bryce Meredith 149 1st- #1 Zain Retherford 2nd- #2 Anthony Collica 3rd- #5 Brandon Sorensen 4th- #3 Lavion Mayes 5th- #4 Micah Jordan 6th- #7 Max Thomsen 7th- #6 Solomon Chishko 8th- #8 Patricio Lugo R12- Unseeded Andrew Crone R12- #10 Laike Gardner R12- #11 Davion Jeffries R12- #9 Justin Oliver 157 1st- #1 Jason Nolf 2nd- #2 Michael Kemerer 3rd- #7 Dylan Palacio 4th- #3 Joey Lavallee 5th- #5 Joe Smith 6th- #4 Tyler Berger 7th- #9 Josh Shields 8th- #11 Collin Heffernan R12- #8 Jake Short R12- Unseeded BJ Clagon R12- #10 Brian Murphy R12- #6 Clayton Ream 165 1st- #1 Isaiah Martinez 2nd- #2 Logan Massa 3rd- #4 Isaac Jordan 4th- #3 Vincenzo Joseph 5th- #6 Daniel Lewis 6th- #5 Chad Walsh 7th- #7 Anthony Valencia 8th- #11 Bryce Steiert R12- #15 Drew Hughes R12- #8 Dylan Cottrell R12- #12 Austin Matthews R12- #9 Chandler Rogers 174 1st- #3 Bo Jordan 2nd- #1 Zahid Valencia 3rd- #2 Brian Realbuto 4th- #4 Zach Epperly 5th- #6 Ryan Preisch 6th- #5 Mark Hall 7th- #7 Kyle Crutchmer 8th- #11 Alex Meyer R12- #8 Ethan Ramos R12- #13 Taylor Lujan R12- #9 Miles Amine R12- #10 Zach Brunson 184 1st- #1 Gabe Dean 2nd- #2 Bo Nickal 3rd- #3 Sammy Brooks 4th- #5 Zachary Zavatsky 5th- #6 Myles Martin 6th- #4 Nolan Boyd 7th- #7 Timothy Dudley 8th- #8 Jack Dechow R12- #9 Nathan Jackson R12- #12 Drew Foster R12- #14 Dakota Geer R12- #10 Michael Macchiavello 197 1st- #1 J'den Cox 2nd- #3 Kollin Moore 3rd- #2 Brett Pfarr 4th- #4 Jared Haught 5th- #6 Preston Weigel 6th- #5 Matt McCutcheon 7th- #7 Aaron Studebaker 8th- #8 Ryan Wolfe R12- Unseeded Brett Harner R12- #12 Frank Mattiace R12- #11 Shawn Scott R12- Unseeded Jacob Holschlag 285 1st- #1 Kyle Snyder 2nd- #2 Connor Medbery 3rd- #4 Jacob Kasper 4th- #3 Ty Walz 5th- #5 Nick Nevills 6th- #6 Austin Schafer 7th- #8 Michael Kroells 8th- #7 Tanner Hall R12- #15 Ryan Soloman R12- #14 Thomas Haines R12- #13 Collin Jensen R12- #9 Denzel Dejournette Top 15 Team Scores (I just filled out the brackets, and this is what the team scores came to) 1. Penn State - 117 Points 2. Oklahoma State - 109.5 Points 3. Ohio State - 108 points 4. Iowa - 107 points 5. Virginia Tech - 78 points 6. Mizzou - 64 points 7. Cornell - 56.5 points 8. Minnesota - 45.5 points 9. Lehigh - 41 points 10. Illinois - 40.5 points 11. Michigan - 39 points 12. Nebraska - 35.5 points 13. Wisconsin - 35 points 14. Arizona State - 34 points 15. NC State - 26 points 16. UNI - 22 points points Just some food for thought/debate! -Maybe I am giving Peters too much credit at 125, but when guys have a history of turning it on at NCAAs, I thought I'd give him and Youtsey the benefit. -174 Maybe I'm lowballing on Mark Hall, but I think Epperly presents the same challenges Preisch does. I had him losing to Epperly, Realbuto on the backside, and Preisch in the rematch for 5th. -My original post and predictions had Zahid, but I think I believe in BoJo. I like the Jordans, great people. -My 157 was done before the bracket redraw, however I don't think it affects any of my top 7 picks... it may affect Heffernans path to 7/8. So i'll have to go back and redo that bracket to see how my 8th and R12 work out.. will edit later with those.
  21. Iowa in 2009 won with no champs, and Metcalf was the only finalist I believe.
  22. I like this abacus guy, I'd like to meet him at NCAAs and shake his hand.
  23. I've been to D3 NCAA's before, when they were in Iowa, 2014. But this year will be my first D1 NCAA's, I'm pretty excited.
  24. One thing that needs to be stated is that a score of '30-0' on the interactive bracket is considered a fall. I think the normal rules apply for DEC/MDEC/TF.
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