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  1. Good idea. OSU likely has the best shot to beat them this year, so everyone needs to allow the OSU wrestlers to bonus them, and give your best shot against PSU wrestlers. Next year tOSU likely has the best shot so we need to give the same help to tOSU. Iowa likely has the best shot in 2019, so hopefully the assistance will be reciprocated. Isn't it great when we all work together to beat PSU?
  2. Missouri actually poses a tougher challenge to Iowa than Vtech, IMO. Against Virginia Tech I think Iowa wins 125-165 and 184. Virginia Tech wins 174-197-285. Iowa could lose both 125 and 184, but that is best case scenario for Virgina Tech. I think against Mizzou Iowa wins 125-133-149-157-174-184, Mizzou wins 141-165-197-285, with upset potential at 174, considering he just beat Crutchmer. I would also rather have Mizzou so that Sorensen can solidify a #2 or #3 seed with a win over Mayes.
  3. http://cyclones.com/news/2017/1/31/jackson-stepping-down-as-wrestling-coach-at-seasons-end.aspx
  4. Dude, why would you even go on that cesspool board?
  5. Stoll wrestled 9 matches in 4 different competitions dating from 12/29/2016 to 1/15/2017.
  6. Like the guy or not, at least he puts his predictions out there for practically everything, and sticks by them, right or wrong.
  7. So with a hardship waiver are all of the different extenuating circumstances, mutually exclusive from each other completely? Tsirtsis competed in the second half of last season, and took a planned redshirt year and was granted an additional year. I understand his circumstances weren't injury related, but do those circumstances only apply to an injury scenario but not for anything else like academics or family situations?
  8. Well I was thinking if Stoll missed 70% of scheduled comp this season, which is possible (will calculate percentages, he only wrestled in 3 duals and midlands this season), and also missed all of next season, might he be a candidate to be granted a 6th year? So he could compete in 2019 and 2020 seasons.
  9. Could anybody provide me with a link to the section of the rules where it describes the policies for Medical Redshirts, and Petitioning for an additional 6th year of competition? I tried searching the wrestling rulebook for 15-16 / 16-17 and I couldn't find it.
  10. I think Iowa wins by DEC at 125/141/174. Clark gets bonus, either major or pin IMO. Iowa holds PSU to DEC at 149/157/184. PSU possible bonus at 165. But Iowa fails to get an upset win at 197/285 and loses the dual. PSU leading by 1-2 points heading into hwt.
  11. Kemerer has a better chance of seeing 165 than he does 149. I think his size issues are a little exaggerated, he's not that small for the weight, also not big for the weight either, seems to be an average sized 157 lber from my viewpoint.
  12. Gilman has always taken his L's on the chin like a man. If the one match with Waters makes him a sore loser then so be it, but Waters was just as much of a 'punk' in that match. Gilman had the obvious one with the slam, but Waters was giving him cheap shots the whole match. Not as easy to see if you're not paying close attention.
  13. Option A: Pull Halls Redshirt* Option B: (Assuming Cortez' injury is significant/very hindering) Drop Gulibon to 133 (Assuming he certified) and insert Moss at 141.* Option C: Stay the course.* *Cassar replacing McCutcheon could be a viable option for any of the scenarios, if PSU likes what they see out of Cassar in the practice room. I personally think Cassar gets a little too much hype for making his JR World Team 2 years ago, and don't really see him as much of an upgrade over Cutch, other than maybe size.. but that's just, like, my opinion, man.
  14. He has multiple wins each over Youtsey, and Tyler Cox in the past. I know neither were very consistent during the season, but both AA'd.
  15. Still the same Gilman Clark Heil Retherford Nolf IMar BoJo Dean Cox Snyder 133, 141, and 174 are the only weights I think could change. 133 is stacked, NaTo, Richards, Montoya, Brock, and Gross will make for a very fun weight class in St. Louis. 141 is pretty even across the board, but Heil is the master of close matches. Wouldn't surprise me to see Kolodzik, Ashnault, Jack, McKenna, or Ward win it all. 174 I think the upper tier is BoJo, Zahid, Epperly, Realbuto, and Preisch. Crutchmer could punch a ticket to the finals, but he could also place 7/8 with his style. Don't see anybody beating Gilman, Retherford, Nolf, IMar, Dean, Cox, or Snyder.
  16. This thread is gold. Another legendary broadcast from Nebraska on BTN+. So much laughs in this thread that this happened.. An error occurredYou have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
  17. My predictions from a Hawkeye perspective Gilman MD Piccinnini Iowa 4-0 Clark DEC Brock Iowa 7-0 Heil DEC Carton Iowa 7-3 Sorensen DEC Collica Iowa 10-3 Kemerer DEC Smith Iowa 13-3 Rogers PIN Marinelli Iowa 13-9 Crutchmer DEC Meyer Iowa 13-12 Brooks DEC Boyd Iowa 16-12 Weigel DEC Wilcke Iowa 16-15 Stoll DEC Schafer Iowa 19-15 I think the biggest matches will be 133, and 149-184. Clarks biggest test yet back from injury, he still looks as stingy as he always has, I think that gets him the win, but Brock is extremely slick and could catch Clark off guard with a few slick TD's. Sorensen is unbeaten vs Collica and I think he continues that streak, but it's not a guarantee, Collica has been wrestling very well this year, hasn't had any really 'down' moments like he has in the past seasons prior to post season. Kemerer and Smith the marquee matchup of the night IMO. Smith hasn't looked quite as sharp this season as he did last prior to his injury, also Kem has been looking rock solid thus far, think he stays unbeaten on the year. For those who watched Iowa vs MSU, Gunthers shoulder looks like it could be potentially injured, which may force Brands hand with The Bull. Just guessing that Marinellis shirt finally comes off, with Gunthers injury being the straw that broke the camels back. I think Marinelli is every bit as good as Rogers, but Rogers is a big 165, and he is VERY dangerous from a pinning perspective. Given its his home mat, and there always seems to be something big that happens when Iowa/OSU wrestle, I gave Rogers the benefit of the doubt and say he catches Marinelli with something big, especially considering MArinelli is a bit undersized. Meyer vs Crutchmer is a tossup IMO. Whoever decides to pull the trigger will win. These two have had a lot of great matches, I think Meyer leads the series 2-1 or it may be tied 1-1. They had an epic match at Grapple on the gridiron last season, with Crutchmer pulling the win out with a Clutch TD in the 3rd period. Brooks and Boyd, another tossup. Should be a barn burner, both guys let it all hang loose on the mat, and should make for some fireworks. Essentially I think 133, and 149-184 are pretty much all tossups and the dual will be decided in the 149-184 stretch. Iowa NEEDS 3 out of the 5, or 4 of them if Clark loses, in order to come out victorious.
  18. Thomas Gilman Michael Kemerer Kyle Snyder
  19. I've got all of the same, except for one difference, Crutchmer over Ramos.
  20. What about Cory Clark? He never seems to get ridden by anybody, very active and explosive on bottom.
  21. Pletcher is also listed, but apparently those are the only two buckeyes listed.
  22. I'm looking forward to Kemerer vs Smith, and Sorensen vs Jordan. Also really looking forward to seeing Marinelli square up with the 165 field at Midlands, hoping to see a matchup vs IMAR or Jordan.
  23. http://ohiowrestling.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6211 According to Corey Haddad, Sasso has a strong interest in Iowa. This was the first i've heard of any Iowa connection from Sasso. "Sasso wants to attend Iowa and the feeling is mutual."
  24. Dake could get riding time on a 1600 lb rodeo bull that just got poked in the ass with a cattle prod.
  25. Didn't Andrew Alton come out as a true frosh and pin like 10 or 11 straight people or something like that? Man, he was fun to watch.
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