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  1. It's possible Alex Marinelli may be in this bracket as well.
  2. Spencer Lee - Leg Lace Mark Hall - Rubber Knee defense
  3. I've always liked Shane Sparks, here in WI he would always travel around the state to broadcast as many high school wrestling matches as he could, and upload them all to this website, badgerstatewrestling.com . Really great guy, and loves the sport of wrestling. Very knowledgeable too. The other guy, Olanowski I think, was saying a lot of cringe-worthy things IMO. The delays were ridiculous.. But the video feed was good, so thats a positive.
  4. Kind of funny how it works out, the last 15 years have: -1 title from Tom Ryan -2 titles from JRob -3 titles from Brands -4 titles from Smith -5 titles from Sanderson
  5. Michael Kemerer Kaid Brock Carp took my choice of picks :(
  6. I'm sure a lot of people could look better than Sorensen when wrestling someone with a 9-13 record (non-starter) over the past 2 seasons..
  7. What would Michigans lineup look like in 2017-2018 if everybody redshirted this season? 125- Assad 133- Micic 141- Hall/Fisher? 149- Pantaleo 157- Murphy 165- Massa 174- ? 184- Abounader 197- ? 285- Coon Certainly has a lot of promise.
  8. 125- Gilman over Dance 133- Clark over Tomasello 141- Heil over McKenna 149- Retherford over Sorensen 157- Nolf over Kemerer 165- IMAR over I.Jordan 174- BoJo over Nickal 184- Dean over Boyd 197- Cox over Pfarr 285- Snyder over Medbery Team 1- Iowa - 4 Finalists, 2 Champs (8 Total AA's-Gilman, Clark, Sorensen, Kemerer, Marinelli, Meyer, Brooks, Stoll) 2- PSU - 3 Finalists 2 Champs (7 Total AA's- Suriano, Cortez, Retherford, Nolf, Joseph, Nickal, Nevills) 3- OSU - 2 Finalists 1 Champ (8 Total AA's- Piccinnini, Brock, Heil, Collica, Smith, Crutchmer, Boyd, Weigel) 4- tOSU - 3 Finalists 2 Champs (6 Total AA's- Tomasello, Hayes, Jordan, Jordan, Martin, Snyder)
  9. Abstinence is the only way you can save your brain, Kyle.
  10. 125: Gilman MD Suriano (11-3) Iowa 4 PSU 0 133: Clark DEC Cortez (7-3) Iowa 7 PSU 0 141: Gulibon DEC Turk (9-5) Iowa 7 PSU 3 149: Retherford DEC Sorensen (6-1) Iowa 7 PSU 6 157: Nolf DEC Kemerer (8-4) PSU 9 Iowa 7 165: Joseph DEC Marinelli (6-5) PSU 12 Iowa 7 174: Nickal DEC Meyer (15-8) PSU 15 Iowa 7 184: Brooks DEC McCutcheon (7-4) PSU 15 Iowa 10 197: Holloway DEC Cassar (6-4) PSU 15 Iowa 13 285: Stoll DEC Nevills (5-4) Iowa 16 PSU 15 Winner: Iowa over PSU 16-15 at CHA home field advantage. Going to be one hell of a dual, I'm sure there will be at least 2 matches that do not go according to 'plan'. Most interesting matches from my P.O.V. : -Kemerer vs Nolf : Think Kemerer is going to surprise a lot of people this next season. -Marinelli vs Joseph: Very excited for this one, hoping Marinelli doesn't RS. I think this will be a lot closer than most think. -I think both 197 and 285 will be huge for winning the dual, far more important for iowa to win those 2 than PSU.
  11. Tomasello dec Suriano 3-0 tOSU Cortez dec Pletcher 3-3 Tie Hayes dec Gulibon 6-3 tOSU Retherford maj Jordan 7-6 PSU Nolf maj Ryan 11-6 PSU Joseph dec White 14-6 PSU Jordan dec Nickal 14-9 PSU Martin dec Rasheed/McCutcheon 14-12 PSU Moore vs Cassar ? Snyder Maj Nevills 16-14 tOSU I have Ohio State with the advantage without the 197 results. I believe that match will decide the dual, and I don't know who to pick. So the winner will be either PSU 17-16 or toSU 19-14, based on who wins 197.
  12. LaxHawk174


    Thats exactly how I have 133 next year.
  13. Anybody who thinks Snyder wont come back should take a listen to this interview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c1a6qqX_aU
  14. I believe Cael alluded to this in an interview at some point this past season, he said Jimmys struggles had nothing to do with bumping up a weight class, that it was mainly mental, and his ankle injury could have affected his mindset a little bit. Even having that little bit of doubt could put you at 95% mentally instead of 100% and all it takes is a little lapse to lose a match or let it get blown wide open. I think he'll be at 141 again. He showed flashes last year of how good he can be when he's on. It looked kind of like his first year at 133.
  15. Nearly 18k out of his 24k goal in 1 day. Not to mention the various GoFundMe's for our Olympic Team members. The wrestling community (family) is truly full of amazing, and generous people.
  16. Could be a huge pickup for a team like NC State, or Virginia Tech if Dance moves up to 133. He also still has a redshirt year to work with. Heck maybe even ASU although they are in the same conference, or ISU even?
  17. MSU you are better off arguing with a brick wall. Any level headed fan without an agenda who peruses these forums saw the whole scenario unfold throughout the season. There was nothing at all unrealistic about the OSU prediction pre-season, and even into the mid season. After the scuffle it was obvious PSU was the favorites, but a fully healthy OSU squad still had a shot to unseat them with Crutchmer and an AA finish from Klimara. Any rational person adjusts their predictions accordingly as the season unfolds. Prior to the season, nobody but a PSU fan would have predicted Retherford, Nolf, and Nickal to have the dominance that they did. Everyone knew they would be good, but not as good as they were. I expected Nolf and Retherford to each be top 3, and Nickal to AA.
  18. A top 4 finish for Mizzou is definitely possible, I just think that there are 4 teams who have better lineups on paper. Iowa, Penn State, Ohio State, and Okie State will all have incredibly strong teams next year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see any of them win the team title. Then I think theres a tier slightly below them with Mizzou, Virginia Tech, and potentially Michigan. I wouldn't be surprised to see any of those 3 teams have a great tournament and crack into the team trophies. Before the start of last season I said that the 2015-2016 season was going to be one of the most exciting team races in a long time (which proved to be false, although it was a very exciting season). I think the team title and team trophy race will be phenomenal in the 2016-2017 season. On paper, I truly believe that each of those 7 teams listed has the potential for 6+ All Americans. Obviously thats very unlikely and theres only so many slots on the podium, but there are going to be some seriously stacked lineups across the board next year. I hope every team remains healthy going into March because there will be fireworks for sure!
  19. Bo didn't get caught on his back from his throw, he had an underhook and tried a far ankle pick while Martin had a over/under body luck and used the momentum to throw Nickal to his back. Thats how it looked from my perspective. I think Nickal is the better wrestler, but he definitely didn't gift Martin the win like he did Jackson in the dual meet. He just wrestled sloppy and got beat on the biggest stage IMO. I think we'll see a few rematches in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons up at 184, maybe even in the finals.
  20. Ness was an AA in 2015 at 157, and Zilverberg was an AA in 2014 at 165 I believe. Edit: Also Thorn AA 125 in 2013.
  21. "Gavin is heavier/bigger than Spencer right now. It was said to me they think Gavin will be a 141 lber. You'd be surprised how heavy he gets already." - Christian Pyles Plus Teasdale said himself he see's himself as a 133/141 in College. Lee says he see's himself as a career 125. "I want to be a 4 time undefeated national champion at 125." -Spencer Lee (PD Interview yesterday from IAWrestle guys)
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