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  1. You're right. He had a really good redshirt year I believe. He also owns a victory over Kaid Brock about a year ago in an All Star Dual meet in the post season I believe.
  2. Just thought it might be an interesting topic for everyone to predict any freshman who they think will AA next season. Both True freshman and Redshirt freshman. 125 Suriano PSU 125 Piccinnini OSU 125 Micic Michigan 133 Brock OSU RsFR 141 Hayes tOSU 157 Kemerer Iowa 165 Marinelli Iowa 165 Joseph PSU 165 Massa Michigan 165/174 A.Valencia ASU 184 Z.Valencia ASU Which is a total of 11 predicted Freshman AA's by me In comparison this past year we had 9 Freshman AA's: 141 McKenna Stanford, 141 Chishko Vtech, 149 Oliver CMU, 157 Nolf PSU, 157 Smith OSU, 165 Lewis Mizz, 165 McFadden Vtech, 174 Martin tOSU, 174 Nickal PSU
  3. Also Matt McDonough 2012 instead of 2010. How does never having a champ at weight factor into the Avg year for last championship? (Asking for PSU's avg with no 157 lb champ)
  4. Most recent champ 133: Tony Ramos 2014 157: Derek St. John 2013 off the top of my head.
  5. Heres how I think Mizzou will shake out (althought I have no idea who will be in at 174 or 285) 125: Barlow McGhee (R12 2016) 133: Jaydin Clayton (Undefeated HS career, beat Kaid Brock when both were SRs, RS this past season) 141: Matt Manley (Ranked top 10 for most of the season, faltered due to injury at NCAAs), 149: Lavion Mayes (3rd 2016) 157: Joey Lavallee (Former R12 or R16 I believe, RS this past season) 165: Daniel Lewis (4th 2016) 174: ?? 184: Willie Miklus (6th 2016) 197: J'den Cox (1st 2016) 285: ??
  6. Iowa 125: Thomas Gilman (2nd 2016) 133: Cory Clark (2nd 2016) 141: Montell Marion (2nd 2012) 149: Brandon Sorensen (2nd 2016) 157: Derek St. John (5th 2014) 165: Ryan Morningstar (7th 2010) 174: Alex Meyer (8th 2016) 184: Sammy Brooks (8th 2016) 197: Nathan Burak (4th 2016) 285: Bobby Telford (5th 2015)
  7. I'm gonna throw Sam Stoll in as honorable mention. If he doesn't get hurt, I think he's on the podium in a very deep heavyweight class.
  8. Only JR World Medalist earn an automatic qualifier spot. Neither Valencia fits that criteria. As for the lineup, I think you may see some combinatination of 157 Maruca 165 Shields (Beat Rasheed at this weight) 174 Valencia 184 Valencia 197 Benick 285 Hall No idea on the lighter weights.. Everyone is penciling in Naser, but he still isn't listed on the roster, and there were articles on him transferring to ASU last summer. I wonder if that situation is ever going to materialize? If it does, he will be a tough customer whatever weight he decides to go 125/133.
  9. I see many people say this, but I've never seen a basis for this argument. Maybe wishful thinking for some. But Snyder has stated multiple times in interviews how much he values his college education, and how much he loves competing for the buckeyes individually and the team aspect of it. I doubt we don't see him finish his career as a buckeye, even if he wins gold in Rio.
  10. Gilman Clark Heil Retherford IMAR Dieringer Nickal Dean Cox Snyder
  11. I'm not sure his strategy of clinging to the arm, and then after he does that, clinging to the arm REALLY hard would've done him any better up at 141.
  12. Iowa returns Gilman, Clark, Sorensen, Meyer, Brooks, and Stoll. Among the strongest returning core of any team. Other teams who I think return the toughest cores: PSU: Gulibon, Retherford, Nolf, Morelli, Nickal, and McCutcheon return. (Although I don't think Morelli will crack the lineup again) tOSU: Tomasello, Jordan, Ryan, Jordan, Martin, and Snyder return. OSU: Wayne-Harding, Heil, Collica, Smith, Rogers, Crutchmer, Boyd, and Weigel return. (Brock will be in for Harding I'd assume, and not sure how 65/74 will play out for them with Marsteller/Rogers/Crutchmer) VTech: Dance, Chishko, McFadden, Epperly, Zavatsky, Haught, and Walz Mizzou: McGhee, Synon, Manley, Mayes, Lavalle, Lewis, Miklus, and Cox. (Poster above alluded to Synon being bumped out) Any other teams that y'all think could make a push for top 5 with a strong returning core?
  13. You will have a hard time finding a better compilation of all season results than http://www.wrestlestats.com. You can search a wrestler then look at his results from each of his competition seasons, although wrestle stat only dates back to 2013/2014 season when it was created. Includes competition results during Redshirt years for wrestlers. My go to site if I'm trying to see who has wrestled who and beaten who by what margin.
  14. I think Tomasello and Gilman will both be Two timers. Tomasello as a FR and SR, Gilman as a JR and SR.
  15. They return everyone except Brascetta next season, should have a good season next year as well.
  16. Since Iowa has already been done, I'll take a crack at Minnesota. 125: Skyler Petry? 133: Sam Brancale? 141: Tommy Thorn #7 149: Jake Short #15 157: Brandon Kingsley? 165: Cooper Moore #19 174: Micah Barnes #17 184: Hayden Zillmer #5 197: Brett Pfarr #3 285: Sam Stoll #7
  17. Gilman is 1-1 with both Dance and Tomasello Tomasello 0-0 with Megaludis Gilman is 0-1 vs Megaludis
  18. According to an interview with Dennis, he said himself, Ramos, Metcalf, and Telford will all be competing at the Yarygin this year.
  19. Just saw on twitter that Sadulaev will be going 97kg for Yarygin. We may get to see the Snyder - Sadulaev match.
  20. May have hurt himself at midlands, he wrestled all the way up until the 3rd place match where he MFF to Alex Meyer of Iowa. I don't think he's wrestled since then.
  21. I think I speak for a lot of wrestling fans when I say we are lucky to have someone like you JB who is always on the forefront to save wrestling programs from being dropped. I vividly remember your interview with the Cleveland State AD, and quite frankly, you made him look like a buffoon. You clearly had done immensely more research on the subject than he had, and he didn't have an educated answer for any of your questions, which really exposed his true agenda. I think this interview was a piece of helping get the program reinstated. I'm hoping this is the case with the Anderson University AD, and hopefully he accepts your interview. You have a knack for wrestling related research, and to be honest, I expect a similar interview should he accept.
  22. Morningstar said in an interview with FLO at the Midlands, that Clark will probably be in for the next dual against Illinois and its not serious. Also read an article on the Midlands where Brands said it was Clarks decision to withdraw from the tournament and that he trusts his guys instincts, and basically he didn't want a minor injury to become a major injury while wrestling the semis and finals at midlands.
  23. Grothus had off season shoulder surgery this summer. He has been practicing and down to weight for the past month it seems, just started live wrestling a week or so ago. He won't be wrestling at midlands it appears, but is expected to be back very soon, likely a January dual. Here is the list of Iowa wrestlers competing (someone else posted it on Hawkeye report) Mitch Bowman Sammy Brooks Nathan Burak Topher Carton Cory Clark Edwin Cooper, Jr. Thomas Gilman Paul Glynn Steven Holloway Michael Kemerer Alex Meyer Patrick Rhoads Logan Ryan Brandon Sorensen Skyler St. John Sam Stoll Vince Turk Cash Wilcke
  24. Well he did something Dieringer could never do in beating St. John. He's proven to have the top talent, just shows inconsistencies at times.
  25. Outside of Gwiaz and Jack and maybe Rohskopf? they don't really have many potential finalists. Iowa has Gilman, Clark, Sorensen, Meyer, Brooks, and Burak. With an outside shot of Stoll. Grothus will also be making his first apperance at 141, and of the season. He has made weight a few times and been feeling really great lately. I'm excited to see what hes able to do at this weight class.
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