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  1. Metcalf Vs Jenkins NCAA Final Metcalf vs Caldwell NCAA final (even though it still stings) Ramos vs Stieber NCAA final St John vs Taylor Big Ten final Mcdonough vs Long National Duals match Just to name a few, I thought all were pretty exciting matches. All can be found on youtube. If anyone could find video of it, Port vs Carter midlands final from last year was a great match.
  2. I don't think he was predicting where they would finish, he was responding to MSU's predictions of what could realistically happen, with the low end of what could realistically happen for the buckeyes. I'd say where the buckeyes finish this season is somewhere in between the two scenarios. Although I think Tomasello and Bo will be top 3, Mickey and Healthy Hunter will be top 5, Martin and DiJulius aroud 7/8 or R12. I don't see Courts, Mark Martin, Ryan, or Tav AAing this year. Edit: Vak beat me to it, doesn't need me defending him :P
  3. Hypothetically, if Dieringer moved back up, would we see BoJo move back up also? As Tom Ryan said Bo is back at 165 to have another shot at Dieringer.
  4. Dieringer was an 11-20 guy, as was Joe Smith, Dieringer was 16 and Smith was 15. I think guys in the 1-25 range are all generally really good, with usually the top 10s having a bit more prestigious tournament wins than the others, in terms of ranking of the recruits in HS.
  5. I'll throw my Hawkeyes name into the hat. Will still be tough as nails next year. Only graduating Burak/Grothus this season, will be adding Turk / Kemerer / Holloway to the lineup. Turk and Kemerer I think are potential Freshman AA's. Then we'll have a very strong SR class with Gilman, Clark, Meyer, and Brooks. Sorensen will be a JR. Stoll and Paddock will have a year of experience behind them and have yet to be determined how they will do this season anyways. 2016-2017 is going to be an absolutely barn burner season, much like I expect this season to be. This year there are about 7-8 teams with really deep lineups that can do serious damage at NCAAs. Iowa/PSU/tOSU/OSU/VTech/Mich/Mizz/Cornell, obviously some are favored in that field, but all tough lineups. Next year, Iowa/PSU/tOSU/VTech/OSU/ASU/Mich/Mizz/Cornell all have really deep lineups. Its an exciting time in College wrestling, with more teams battling for the top spot than seemingly ever before.
  6. I think he'd win 141 this year in D1. He's still just as skilled as he always was, it's just a matter of the gas tank which wouldn't be an issue later in the season.
  7. Thats what is so great about wrestling, people find a style that suits their body type and that they are comfortable with. Its not limited to just the short and stocky guy or the long and lanky guy, but everything inbetween.
  8. I stand corrected, i went and looked it up, it was 2011 Fargo, after both of their JR seasons. Match #6 Thomas Gilman (Nebraska) over Cory Clark (Iowa) Dec 2-1,1-6,2-0 Gilman ended up winning that bracket and Clark took 4th. So i guess i meant Clark hasn't lost to Gilman in college :P
  9. Clark has never lost to Gilman. Although Gilman did earn the starting spot after his Midlands title and clarks FFT out after semi's loss.
  10. npope, i think you mistake fattening up for the winter months for wisconsin college students inhumanly consumption of cheap beer. I find that on my campus in La Crosse, there is definitely no shortage of beautiful women, and I've noticed the same at nearly every UW campus i've been too. I have to side with MSU on this, the beautiful women are just more visible at ASU, but are definitely plentiful at nearly whichever university you decide to attend.
  11. Sammy Brooks Jake Sueflohn
  12. Wow that sounds awesome. Although I'm not sure I would be able to keep up with all of that book keeping. Do you by chance have any openings in your league? If so, I would love to participate.
  13. You will definitely see him in college again. Watch this interview if you have any doubt. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252645-Ohio-State-2015-2016-Preview/video/798308-Kyle-Snyder-Talks-Sadulaev-and-All-Challengers#.VicWmkotBjI
  14. If i had to guess I'd say Mark Martin redshirts this year, and Kollin Moore wrestles for tOSU. Then the following year when Snyder is back, Martin wrestles at 97 for his final year, and Moore redshirts. Just my gut feeling based on no inside info at all.
  15. Since you made the topic, It reminded me that I wanted to ask this forum is anybody out there has any ideas on how to run a fantasy wrestling league through the season. Being that wrestling season is way different than football season how teams have different schedules, and don't all meet head to head every week. For example, I draft a team of 10 wrestlers, and face another persons 10 in a fantasy matchup that week, but my guys all wrestle in a dual and a tournament and their guys just wrestle in 2 duals. Looking to start a fantasy league up with a bunch of my friends but have no idea how to go about setting it up or the format?
  16. Theres no reason to justify anything on this forum, but its fun to discuss. Anyways, to my prediction 125: Gilman Maj. Klimara 10-2 IA 4 OSU 0 133: Clark Maj Wayne-Harding 12-0 IA 8 OSU 0 141: Heil Maj Carton 14-6 IA 8 OSU 4 149: Sorensen Dec. Collica 7-4 IA 11 OSU 4 157: Marsteller Dec. Cooper 10-4 IA 11 OSU 7 165: Dieringer Maj Paddock 22-9 IA 11 OSU 11 174: Meyer dec Crutchmer 7-5 IA 14 OSU 11 184: Brooks Maj Boyd 13-5 IA 18 OSU 11 197: Burak Maj Schafer 12-4 IA 22 OSU 11 285: Marsden Dec Stoll 5-3 IA 22 OSU 14
  17. Brooks doesn't have to avoid upper body ties, and the move that Boyd 'hit' on Brooks (More of Brooks pulling him right on top of himself and falling to his back in an attempt at a sort of belly-to-belly suplex, from a bodylock) was more of just not getting thrown, not "the same move that Gelogaev hit numerous times". He just doesn't need to do that specific one, his other over under trips and underhook attacks all worked fine for him, but that throw he tried nearly got him in a spot of trouble on 1 or 2 other occasions, but he was able to scramble out of danger on those attempts if I recall correctly.
  18. Micah to 141 is just a rumor, but one of the insiders on the ohio wrestling forum said that the rumor had some legs to it. So while it may not happen, it might be in the discussion for the bucks currently. Just some food for thought is all, after all it is a forum..
  19. What i've been hearing out of buckeye land: 125 Tomasello 133 DiJulius 141 Jordan 149 Stieber 157 Ryan 165 Jordan 174 Martin 184 Courts 197 Martin 285 Tavanello Then the following year perhaps Tomasello Pletcher Hayes Jordan Ryan Jordan Martin/? Martin/? Snyder Haines/Tav
  20. By that logic do you think he will get bronze at this upcoming olympics after taking an OLY RS year to train freestyle?
  21. "The challenge is the same every year. The battle is in-state. The battle is the Big 10 Conference. The battle is national. The battle is planet Earth. And if they find life out there, then the battle will be Universal." - Tom Brands
  22. Saw on PSU's forum that Palacio also qualifies due to having dual citizenship to Columbia.
  23. I gathered that, and believe it or not I am with you there, I am a wrestling nut as well, I was strictly speaking about the NCAA Folkstyle level. I am aware they do happen, but not nearly as frequent as in freestyle. Do you disagree that the pushout would be beneficial to folkstyle wrestling in increasing action and 'comeback' potential?
  24. Thats why I stated the Jaysen Ness scenario, in clear reference to the Dennis match, So you see a lot of matches where guys are down by 3pts or more in the closing seconds and actually have a shot in folkystyle? You can just keep backing out of bounds and MAYBE get hit with a stall warning, but in freestyle you can get a push out multiple times in 15 seconds and still get a takedown. What are some other examples? Examples where people have had to get more than just a TD in the last 15-20 seconds and still win.
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