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  1. Daniel Dennis and Coleman Scott will both be at this weight for the olympic year.
  2. I suggest bringing in the pushout, and the 30 second shot clock / cautions to replace stalling. It's essentially the same thing, its just that the shot clock gives you 30 seconds to negate the 'stall point' by scoring. I think this would work well to encourage much more attempts to turn on top, and action from the feet. The thing i like about freestyle is that if theres 15 seconds left and you are down by 3 or 4 there is still legitimate hope to win, late second comebacks happen a lot in freestyle. A pushout, and a takedown to nab criteria or a 4 pointer, you can make that happen very fast. But in folkstyle as it currently is, a 3-4 pt lead with 15 secs left is basically a lock to lose barring a miracle move like Jayson Ness but it is unbelievably more rare in folkstyle than freestlye. I think the adding of those would still keep the things we love about folkstyle (Great neutral scrambles, establishing control for points TD/Turns, and More mat wrestling compared to freestyle) while still encouraging an exciting product similar to freestyle.
  3. Yeah... well.. Burak and McIntosh have wins over someone who has a World Championship!
  4. From what I understand the contending teams lineups will be Iowa/PSU/OKST/tOSU (Mich/Mizz/VT/Cornell fighting for 5th spot IMO) Iowa 125 Thomas Gilman 133 Cory Clark 141 Brody Grothus 149 Brandon Sorensen 157 Edwin Cooper 165 Burke Paddock 174 Alex Meyer 184 Sammy Brooks 197 Nathan Burak 285 Sam Stoll PSU 125 Nico Megaludis 133 Jordan Conaway 141 Jimmy Gulibon 149 Zain Retherford 157 Jason Nolf 165 Shakur Rasheed/Garrett Hammond 174 Bo Nickal 184 Matt McCutcheon 197 Morgan McIntosh 285 Nick Nevills OKST 125 Eddie Klimara 133 Wayne-Harding 141 Dean Heil 149 Anthony Collica 157 Chance Marsteller 165 Alex Dieringer 174 Kyle Crutchmer 184 Nolan Boyd 197 Austin Schafer 285 Austin Marsden tOSU 125 Nathan Tomasello 133 Johnni DiJulius 141 KeyShawn Hayes 149 Hunter Stieber 157 Micah Jordan 165 Bo Jordan 174 Myles Martin 184 Kenny Courts 197 Mark Martin/Kollin Moore 285 Thomas Haines/Nick Tavanello Michigan returns 5 AA's 1 Finalist (Connor Youtsey, Rossi Bruno, Brian Murphy, Max Huntley, and Adam Coon) Virginia Tech returns 4 AA's (Joey Dance, Nick Brascetta, Zach Epperly, and Ty Walz) Mizzou returns 3 AA's 1 Former champ (Lavion Mayes, Willie Miklus, and J'den Cox) Cornell returns 3 AA's, 2 Finalists 1 champ (Nahshon Garrett, Brian Realbuto, and Gabe Dean) They have strong teams, i just don't feel enough overall strength to contend with the top 4.
  5. SHP, I'm not sure 5 AA's will be enough for VT to win a title. I think Dance, Brascetta, Epperly, and Walz very well could all be top 5 guys, but 125 and 157 will be two very tough weights, IMO. At the top of 125 to contest Dance will be Megaludis/Gilman/Tomasello/Moisey, plus the other 5 or 6 AA's returning in the weight. 157 IMAR, Miller, Realbuto, Murphy and Marsteller + Nolf coming into the mix. 174 will have a lot of new blood, Crutcher and Epperly two highest returning AA's. Meyer, Nickal incoming for Iowa and PSU 3/4 guys from R12 will be back and in the mix. 285 With medberry redshirting and a few graduating there will be some new blood here too i'm sure, Marsden still returns and Gwiz/Coon/Kroells as AA's return, and Cabell from UNI R12, Nevills, Stoll, Haines coming in as frosh could shake it up a bit. I don't think that any of the VT guys could be considered 'favorites' at their weight class, and to win NCAAs this upcoming season the champs will have individuals champs and finalists, as well as multiple top 5 guys, but the top guys will be needed moreso.
  6. They look to be pretty tough this upcoming season. I believe 4 returning All Americans in Dance, Brascetta, Epperly, and Walz. Mastriani was also R12 this past season, as was Dance but he AA'd his true frosh year. Does Anyone else know what the rest of their lineup with look like, and will anyone be making an impact this season in terms of potential team points at NCAAs? 125 Dance 133 141 149 Mastriani 157 Brascetta 165 174 Epperly 184 197 285 Walz
  7. Kyle Dake Vs Brent Metcalf at 149, Dake was a year away from this matchup
  8. I don't think Taylors bracket in 2011 was easy, St John in the Quarters, Fittery in the semis, and Jenkins in the finals. And i'd say his 2013 finals match gave him some challenges.
  9. Could it be? IMAR, first four time undefeated champ at... FOUR different weights?! 157-165-174-184! ?!?! IMAR Stops Dieringer this next season mark it down! Just being goofy, but imagine..
  10. 2 of my favorites were mentioned in a post above: Montell Marion- Had some really slick takedowns, amazing speed, and was money come NCAA tourny time. I thought his first NCAA finals match with Dake was a LOT closer than the score and most people thought. Dakes impeccable defense was the difference in that match, Marion had some slick attacks that he just couldn't finish on him. Andrew Long- I loved his underhook series, he was very electrifying and you couldn't beat him with just 1 takedown. Fell to other freshman phenom McDonough in the finals his FR year. I really would have loved to have seen how his last 2 years of his career played out. But despite his off-the-mat issues, his life is back on track now and I am very happy he is on the right path in life again. Even though I am an Iowa fan he was always fun to watch. I would also say that about Andrew Alton, that guy had amazing talent, and for him to have the season he had as a true freshman was amazing. He was super fun to watch, and I had watched him a lot in high school too. Cael made a comment once something like "Andrew has David Taylor/Ed Ruth type talent, but injuries have been holding him back a lot." and I believe that. Its insanely hard to maintain peak condition required to compete at the NCAA level while also trying to rehab and nurse many serious injuries, which might explain some of the gassing problems, but other than the gassing the dude was flat out electric.
  11. Its definitely being talked about on Ohiowestling.net, and it might make some sense. Not many 19 year olds are talented enough to win a US Open, so he has serious Olympic potential at a young age, that Oly RS year could prove very beneficial. It would also make room for Mark Martin to move into the lineup at either 84 if Courts moves up or 97 similar to what Heflin did 2 years ago. There has been a lot of talk on that website that Martin will not be able to make 74 for another season due to the cut. Then Myles Martin redshirts, and the following year you have Myles Martin, Mark Martin, and Kyle Snyder at 74-97. But thats assuming Myles can make 74 after a redshirt year. I think its been on record somewhere that myles doesn't cut a whole lot at all for 82, but i may be wrong about that.
  12. Is there actually any possibility of Alton next year for a 6th year at Penn St.? I've seen it pop up in a few different threads here, not sure if it was all the same person or not but it did pique my interest. A healthy Alton could shake things up a little bit, but who knows its tough to come back after that many injuries, and thats assuming he's even given the opportunity. Any PSU fans know anything about this situation?
  13. 125: Conaway dec Tomasello. 3-0 PSU 133: DiJulius dec Gulibon. 3-3 TIE 141: Stieber pin Moss 9-3 tOSU 149: Stieber dec Beitz 12-3 tOSU 157: Alton dec Demas 12-6 tOsu 165: BoJo Maj. Hammond 16-6 tOSU 174: Brown dec Martin 16-9 tOSU 184: McCutcheon dec Courts 16-12 tOSU 197: McIntosh dec Snyder 16-15 tOSU 285: Gingrich dec Tavanello 18-16 PSU Lot of matches that could go either way in my mind. 125, 133, 157, 184, 197.
  14. #1 IOWA vs #6 OKLAHOMA STATE 125: #5 Thomas Gilman vs #11 Eddie Kilmara = Gilman by dec. 3-0 IOWA 133: #5 Cory Clark vs UR Gary Wayne Harding = Clark by Maj. dec. (could see a fall here) 7-0 IOWA 141: #8 Josh Dziewa vs #20 Dean Heil = Dziewa by dec. 10-0 IOWA (looking for a big rebound here) 149: #5 Brandon Sorensen vs #2 Josh Kindig = Sorensen by dec. 13-0 IOWA (my upset special of the dual) 157: #16 Iron Mike Kelly vs #18 Anthony Collica = Kelly by dec. 16-0 IOWA 165: #9 Nick Moore vs #1 Alex Dieringer = Dieringer by dec. 16-3 IOWA 174: #2 Mike Evans vs #14 Kyle Crutchmer/Jordan Rogers = Evans by dec. 19-3 IOWA 184: #7 Sammy Brooks vs #15 Nolan Boyd = Brooks by dec. 22-3 IOWA 197: #6 Nathan Burak vs UR Austin Schafer = Burak by dec. 25-3 IOWA 285: #1 Bobby Telford vs #4 Austin Marsden = Telford by dec. 28-3 IOWA Things could get ugly for the cowpokes on their home mat. This is probably a best case scenario, although still very likely. Dziewa looking for a nice rebound win after a tough week. Sorensen, would love to see him beat Kindig and keep building on his momentum going forward. Iron Mike has been wrestling TOUGH lately, and Collica is an undersized 157, will likely slot in at 149 next year for the pokes, advantage Iron Mike. Those three matches described above are really the only other matches I could see the pokes pulling out other than 165. Maybe Hwt, but Big Bobby has been wrestling so tough this year, and looks to be a legitimate #1. That being said I don't think the cowboys win more than 3 matches on any given day unless we have a total meltdown.
  15. Bergman did a great job for the Iowa - tOSU dual. Its clear he is pulling for tOSU, but does not let that affect his call of each match, allows himself to be objective when calling the broadcast. Very classy and knowledge, agree with above posters.
  16. I'll list my early top 3 at each weight + teams: 125: Water Garrett Gilman 133: Clark Schopp Dardanes 141: Stieber Port Carter 149: Tsirtsis Houdashelt Habat 157: Ness Miller Green 165: Dieringer B. Jordan I. Jordan 174: Kokesh Evans Storley 184: Dean Dechow Brooks 197: Cox Gadsen Schiller 285: Telford McMullen Gwiz Team: Iowa Minnesota tOSU
  17. He did AA his soph year, or did you forget he took 7th last year? :) He wrestled as a true frosh and Qualified but DNP in 2011-2012 Redshirted in 2012-2013 Last year AA'd 2013-2014 Will likely AA this year and next year assuming he stays healthy. When all is said and done will likely become at 3x AA for PSU. Not too shabby.
  18. The hunter that showed up against Houdashelt, Sorensen would spank him. The hunter that AA'd twice, Sorensen will wrestle a tough close match with him. Honestly I think Sorensen is better than Ballweg from Iowa (2012-2013) and he wrestled Hunter Tough every time, dang near beat him at the dual in Carver and that year Hunter was B1G Champ and #1 at NCAA's. So regardless if Hunter is 'ready' or not, he will have his hands full in Sorensen. Here is how I have the dual playing out. 125: Gilman by dec. 133: Clark by dec. 141: Stieber by Tech 149: Sorensen by dec 157: Demas by dec 165: Jordan by dec 174: Evans by dec 184: Brooks by Maj dec. 197: Burak by dec. 285: Telford by dec. Reasoning: I think Gilman and Clark are just superior to their opponents, straight up. Stieber will do his thing, and if it isn't a tech it'll be a pin, but a Major wouldn't totally shock me. Sorensen has looked like a beast so far this year, and will continue to improve, good test for him against (a hopefully healthy) Stieber. Kelly is coming off of a win over AA perotti from Rutgers, and I like his chances to continue his momentum, especially considering the tight scores of a lot of Demas' matches, and Kellys gas tank, but think his Quickness will be too much for Iron Mike. If Jordan is 100% I think he is a little better than Moore, but Moore is a savvy veteran and if he gets his head on straight could beat most guys in this weight. Evans is clearly better, and could get potential bonus if things get out of hand for Martin. Brooks will wreck courts, courts doesn't have a gas tank and looks to be severely lacking in the heart department more times than not, especially when he needs to gut out a win, Brooks will be on him from the start of the whistle to the last second of the match. Snyder has shown that hes susceptible to getting taken down multiple times, by far lesser opponents than Burak. He is basically a neutral only wrestler with little to no mat skills shown thus far, he wont ride Burak and may even give up riding time against him, but Burak has proven to be excellent at getting in on guys legs, and the key will be how many times will he finish against Snyder. Telford is just better than Tavanello and expect a pretty easy W here. All in all, I have 7 matches for the Hawks and 3 for Buckeyes, but a few tossups i think. 125, 133, 149, 157, 165, 197 will all be excellent matches that realistically could probably go either way. Hope the Hawks come out on top, and keep building momentum towards march, also Hope Moore gets his head on straight! Should be a great dual, Go Hawks!
  19. Wonder why Gus Solomon not listed on the pre seeds. Could've potentially been another finalist for Franklin Regional.
  20. McDonoughs SR season he was hampered by a shoulder injury that required surgery after the season was over. Now I'm not here to make excuses for him, and I can guarantee he wouldn't want me to either way, but lets be honest, a healthy McD his senior year and we are likely stacking him up against the all time greats as a 4x Finalist, 3x Champ.
  21. Long time Reader here, first time posting, mostly due to the fact for the past few years I've always gotten an error when trying to create an account but when i tested the waters today everything worked fine. Although I am a Hawkeye fan, here is my take on the PSU situation. 125 I think keep Conaway, he is ranked 9th right now, in that fringe category, and may have a shot to get to that 7/8th place match come march, heck, every year unseeded guys make the podium it seems like, and Caels guys are usually ready by March. 133 Gulibon is solid and seems to be emerging this season with more consistency, he is the best guy at this weight and looks to be an AA this year. 141 Moss wont get much out of him, The only thing i wonder is could PSU still put up enough points next year at this weight to contend for a title if Zain wrestled THIS year and shirted next year while the three N's make their debut. This year i think Zain would be in the top 3, but it's difficult to gauge how much he's improved because he has yet to wrestle a match this season i believe, I think the only one with a legitimate chance to beat Stieber at this weight, has never gotten bonused, and Stieber has whipped up on Carter twice, Port i think matches up with Zain and they are very even against eachother, but Zain performs better against stieber, i think Port will get majored by Stieber too. phew.. long winded. 149. Beitz will probably be a R16/R12 guy come March but, I sincerely Hope that Andrew Alton can make a comeback for his SR year. He was healthy and ready to go coming into the season rehabbed & strong after mutliple shoulder injuries and surgies. Then he was derailed by a knee injury in late august i believe. If he can come back healthy and return to true freshman form he can contend for a NCAA title at a wide open 149 IMO. But it's easy to say that, not too many people can return to form after an injury riddled career, (Caldwell, Schlatter, etc.) But i think people forget just how good he is when healthy, which many people have not seen for a long time, he was right there with 2x Champ kellen Russel every single match, and a bonus point machine, which certainly wouldn't hurt the teams title chances for 5 in a row. That being said, as an Iowa fan, my personal favorite PSU wrestlers are the Altons, i loved watching them in high school and I am a bit biased. Healthy Altons = PSU back in the hunt. 157. Pull the Nolf redshirt for a title this year or wrestle Dylan Alton? Wrestle Dylan Alton. A SR Dylan Alton who will be presumably wrestling Healthy for the first time in a long time will be a threat for a title. Certainly think he would be top 4. And I honestly don't think that Nolf could do that much better as a Tr FR despite being a beast, he hasn't beaten any AA caliber talent yet, even if he can beat DA in the room, that different, Dylan is a proven winner, and was a Freshman AA 3rd place, lets not forget that, he has obvious talent, and basically the same goes for him as for Andrew, if he can be HEALTHY and return to form, he will put up big points at NCAAs. Like i said i think people are sleeping on healthy Altons because they haven't seen them for so long, but two healthy altons i could see each in the 3/4 match at NCAAs and that puts some nice points in PSUs lap for the title race. 165. Hammond has been solid but i don't think he will do much better than a 1-2 or 2-2 finish at best at NCAA's. Lots of room for growth here, might we see a Rasheed redshirt pulled here with Manville on the horizon he might want to get his mat time in now, when hes ready to come back healthy. During the summer sounds like Cael was considering it, then he got injured and has come back surprisingly quick. 174. Brown this year no doubt. he will be top 3/4. Nickal will be a good one next year though, showed it by going Toe to toe with Brown at the NLO. 184. McCutcheon shows some promise but i don't think this is his year to AA with a ton of talent in the mix, maybe another year or two of sharpening and he will be at the AA level, right now he is below the AA level guys. 197. McIntosh will be top 5 I believe, and could contend for a title if healthy, hopefully the Med FFT at NLO isn't anything big or anything at all for the sake of PSU. 285 Lawson i think will be a low AA as he and Gingrich are pretty even, and will be at about that 7/8 ranking and sneak into a low AA at NCAAs. This was done by taking off my Black and Gold colored glasses and predicting IMO a best case scenario for PSU's title hopes this year. PSU's best case scenario would be this for the season i think Conaway 7/8th AA Gulibon 5/6th AA Zain 2/3/4 AA Alton 3/4/5 AA Alton 3/4/5 AA Hammond 2-2 NQ Brown 1/2/3/4 AA McCutcheon 2-2 NQ McIntosh 2/3/4/5 AA Lawson 7/8 AA That gives them 8 AA's, and although they might not have any champs, that puts them right in the mix with Iowa, tOSU, and Minnesota with firepower i think. But thats basically relying on clutch performances at NCAAs by Conaway, and Lawson. As well as Healthy Altons, which Cael is on record as stating that Healthy Altons are just as good as David Taylor / Ed Ruth. I agree with him simply because I am a huge Alton fan, they are super fun to watch. But that being said it is tough to bounce back from all the shoulder surgeries each have had and the knee surgery Andrew underwent early september or late august i believe. That is just my opinion as a wrestling fan on what PSU is capable of this year. Although some teams this season i believe are capable of a little more, making this seasons title race the most anticipated for me in a long time.
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