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    LaxHawk174 reacted to VakAttack in DeSanto is in trouble!   
    If Chaz Tucker keeps Austin Desanto out of the Big 10 Finals, I will pay you $1 million dollars.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Iowa is peaking too early   
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Iowa is peaking too early   
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to spladle08 in Jason Tsirtsis   
    Hell yeah! If he can rub off on those middleweights, there could be some serious 1-1 double overtime battles in their future. Huge get for Indiana
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to russelscout in Askren.......OUCH!   
    That strike has nothing to do with Askrens age. That is a one in a million shot by Masvidal.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to qc8223 in Teasdale at Iowa?   
    Every fan base, including PSU, does that. In fact, I think every fan base in every sport does that. You haven't stumbled on something unique here. There are 3-4 posters on there that are always overly optimistic about improvement and such, but you like to pretend that's indicative of the entire fan base. Simply not the case. Most Iowa fans have very realistic expectations for their team. 
    You also see PSU fans do this. For example, early last season a few were speculating that Nick Lee had closed the gap with Yianni and that Teasdale would be an AA threat at 125. There was also a lot of talk about Rasheed being able to beat Martin. Obviously, none of those things came to pass, but the conversations themselves weren't stupid or anything. They're the whole purpose of message boards. The difference between you and me is that I don't act smug and self-righteous about it as if I don't ever engage in homer reasoning.
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from Bombermule in Top Freshman 2019/2020   
    I have very high confidence that Cassioppi will AA for Iowa, time will tell how high. I don't think a top 4 or 5 finish is unrealistic. He has the tools to beat most at the weight, but definitely takes risks and sometimes unnecessarily puts himself in precarious situations that cost him a match or two. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to russelscout in What is the best body type for wrestling?   
    The best wrestlers are the ones that develop a style that takes advantage of their body type to optimize skill. Off hand, on the world level you see a burroughs who is quick, explosive, and has long arms. His style is perfectly adapted to work with his body type. Tsargush is long and lean, and you can see how he uses that to his advantage to get takedowns. Yowlys Bonne is short, compact, and powerful and all his moves play to his strengths.  I don't believe Tsargush could be a world champ wrestling like Burroughs, nor Buroughs wrestling like Tsargush. There doesn't seem to be one style or body type that dominates all, but if there was wrestling would be way less entertaining.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to MadMardigain in Which college coach is the best developer of talent?   
    I’m guessing someone could do a deep dive into recruiting rankings vs. NCAA results.   Not sure where he falls overall but Pop has found a way to develop a few dark horses in recent years. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to russelscout in Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?   
    Its definitely a strawman. You were responding to me weren't you? I didnt say anything about that, but it's the same routine,  same old song and dance to try to take as many shots at Iowa fans as possible. 
    The idea that this is going to sink Iowa's recruiting is completely baseless. There is absolutely no precedent to back what you are saying. You are treating your opinion as fact. 
    Do they have better recruiting than Iowa? It should be better than Iowa right?
    However the rule you are applying to Iowa is "if Iowa doesnt do freestyle in 2019 their recruiting will be hurt".
     "Well that's not the case for PSU"
    "Yeah but they win titles"
    "Ok well nebby does lots of freestyle, why aren't they number one in recruiting every year?"
    "Bc they dont develop"
    Freestyle participation is not quite as big of a deal as you are making it out to be. There are plenty more variables at play. It would be stupid to assume that the recruiting is going to go down the toilet because of this one tournament.
    Iowa has one of the most talented teams this upcoming year. They have done very well in recruiting.
    Do I think Mekhi winning a world title helped VT. Honestly? Not really. Other then people with their finger on the pulse of the sport, was his performance really common knowledge? How many big recruits do you think actually watched him win it? Him winning an NCAA title is a much bigger deal for VT. Kerkvlevit probably went to tOSU for a lot of reason. I dont think he went their because they had X amount of wrestlers at WTT last year.
    If Cassioppi would win a junior title, it would be great for Iowa, but it would be better for Iowa if he does well at NCAAs next year. Iowa is not hurt in recruiting, except forfeiting some opportunity in favor of NCAA performance.
    However let's be honest here. This is one year. They had a guy on the junior and senior team last year. Yeah they had some guys sit this year and dont always have their whole team wrestle free, but you dont have a clue why that is. You dont know if its athletes or coaches decisions. You dont know about injuries or anything else.
    The people that are the ones concerned here are the ussuals who hate on Iowa on this board all the time. This isn't a group of concerned wrestling fans. It's a group of Iowa haters reveling in the narrative they have created. 
    We are talking in circles, mostly because you have a very vague narrative going where you keep moving the goal post, and the entire thing is based on your opinion. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to JasonBryant in U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships   
    I think you misinterpret what I'm saying. Right now, if you've never been to the NCAA Championships, you have to make a hefty financial investment just to acquire tickets. That doesn't even take into consideration hotel, flights, transportation (to ANY venue/location). The ticket price issue wasn't the case back in the day when many of our longtime fans started going to the event and had access, maybe because a lot of them were on college campuses and it was affordable for students to go to a championship. The pricing structure as it stands right now, basically eliminates a lot of potential younger fans due to the always sold out aspect of the event. It's a popular ticket, because once you go, you always want to go. This has created somewhat of a barrier to opening the doors to fans in their mid-20's and 30's from broader portions of the fanbase. 
    So much of the weekend is the camaraderie and social element. You go to the session, watch your team, and get after it between sessions. The longevity of our sports' fanbase is going to be reliant on fans who finally get to go to the event. Giving 20,000 more fans that "We've gotta go every year" mindset is a way of keeping the fanbase strong and vibrant. The 2020 situation is actually going to allow a family of four to go to the event and not have to spend a month's pay doing it. Having a few thousand middle school and high school-aged kids in the stands is something that wouldn't be able to happen. That's a real option now (word is, there will be inexpensive single session tickets in the upper levels, like $20 inexpensive). Just getting first timers in the door means you have a better chance of getting them as second, third ... and eventually, 35-and-40-timers. 
    I think a lot of folks are missing the impact something like this can have on the sport longterm. 
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from andegre in Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup   
    125: Spencer Lee
    133: Austin DeSanto
    141: Max Murin/Jason Renteria
    149: Pat Lugo
    157: Kaleb Young/Nelson Brands
    165: Alex Marinelli
    174: Michael Kemerer
    184: Cash Wilcke
    197: Jacob Warner
    285: Anthony Cassioppi
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to potentiallydangerous in Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Braking Stories   
    Because of KMF, I never fail to tell my wife she's like family to me.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to LemonPie in No Offensive Points Given up. Who?   
    Time to sort through some Tony Nelson brackets 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to NJDan in Three 3x champions?   
    Didn't I expressly say I wanted other people to do the work?
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Ever watch the NCAA wrestling championships....on weed????   
    Seriously though, if you think I'm going to partake before an NCAA session you are sorely mistaken.  I won't sacrifice even a millisecond of the reaction time it takes for me to stand up out of my chair, point with my fist in the air, and yell "WHAT'S HE DOIN' REF?"  "HE'S BACKIN' UP"  "MAKE HIM WRESTLE!"
    The wrestlers have a job to do, and so do I.  
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Ever watch the NCAA wrestling championships....on weed????   
    I'll keep that in mind next time I run into Jack Reacher 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to pamela in Kyle Conel to PSU   
    PSU’s Murderers’ Row might be replaced with Medical Redshirts Row at 184, 197, 285.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Cementmixer103 in Bracket Landmines   
    Landmine: Vito Arujau
    Champ: Spencer Lee
    Coming off a loss in the EIWA finals to Glory, I think Arujau steps it up at the big dance and takes out Rivera in the quater-finals. I think his luck ends there though and Bresser shuts his offense down in the semis. On the other side, Lee realizes he still knows how to wrestle and shows everyone whe he's still the man. 
    Landmine: Montorie Bridges
    Champ: Suriano
    I think (12) Montorie Bridges finds ways to win when it matters most and takes out (5) Pletcher and (4) Phillipi to make the semis, where he'll lose to Fix. 
    If Micic is Infact injured give me Desanto, who will make the semis but drop another one to Suriano.
    In a rematch of the most boring "match of the century" ever, Suriano finally finishes a takedown against an elite opponent and becomes a National Champ.
    Landmine: (14) Jamel Morris
    Champ: (1) Yianni
    Why not? Morris looks great at times, then will take a head-scratching loss. I can see him being like teammate Wilson was, last year and stringing together a few big wins. Going bold here, I'll say he takes out (4) Nick Lee and (2) Mckenna, who decides to not open up as a senior in the NCAA semis. Yianni then majors him in the finals.
    Landmine: (8) Degen/(4) Mauller
    Champ: (4) Mauller
    I don't know if a 4 or 8 seed can be considered a landmine but I think Ash has a mental lapse and Degen slips by him. Mauller mauls on his way to the finals and takes out Micah. (I would love to see Finesilver make the finals)
    Landmine: (1) Nolf
    Champ: (1) Nolf
    The only way Nolf loses is if he somehow beats himself or decides he actually hates wrestling and ffts out. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Cementmixer103 in Bracket Landmines   
    Landmine: (13) Fogarty, NDSU
    Champ: (1) Marinelli
    I think he's right there. Fogarty takes out (4) Wick but loses to (5) Marstellar in the quaters. This weight is pretty brutal. I have a feeling we'll be talking about this bracket the same way we speak about 149 from 2008. White (aa), Wick(aa), Marstellar(aa), Massa, Shields(aa), Lewis (jr world champ), Cenzo(2x champ), Marinelli (aa), Smith (2 aa). Then I'd put the next tier at Ashworth, Fogarty, Romero,Viruet, Campbell and Bullard who aren't slouches, either. 
    Landmine: (12) Finesilver
    Champ: (3) Valencia
    I said in my other post, I like the Finesilvers. Hope this one can sneak into the semis. He'll lose to Hall there but he'll def have earned the AA. I'd like to see a confident Zahid put a takedown clinic on Mark Hall in the finals, only cause Hall's defense is so elite.
    Landmine: (26...wtf?!) Geer
    Champ: (1) Martin
    Who seeded Dakota at 26 and why? Anyway, O think he takes out (2) Shakur in the quaters. Him vs ZZ in the semis would be a good one. Unfortunately, I think everyone at 184 is a step or two behind Martin.
    Landmine: (13) Mcdonald, (14) Schultz
    Champ: (1) Nickal
    Landmine: (11) Haines
    Champ: (3) Steveson
    Haines last chance to be an AA, in his hometown..he finally gets it done. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Fletcher in Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime   
    @KMF - hate to be a grammar snob, but I think you meant to say "too" instead of "to".
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to hammerlockthree in Mckee/Brock style   
    These guys are great, and I think it's cause Mckee wrestles like a meathead, and Brock wrestles like he was coached by youtube highlights. 
    This seems like it makes them vulnerable to each other, but stingy physical wrestlers seem like they can crush Brock and stingy technical wrestlers seem to control Mckee.
    I'd be surprised if either of these guys ever made a final. I'm not really driving at anything I just wanted to know if anyone had any insights based on that commentary. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to boconnell in Mckee/Brock style   
    Brock is coached by youtube highlights is one of the greatest pieces of wrestling analysis I've ever heard.  
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to hammerlockthree in More Jordans   
    The jordan's decided to just breed their own program....its not very time efficient but at least you don't have to deal with parents.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to LemonPie in Day 2 Thread   
    Damn this AZE guy looks as old as Marinelli
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