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    LaxHawk174 reacted to steamboat_charlie in Hawk Talk with Mudflap   
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from Housebuye in 133 is going to so much fun!   
    List of guys who have AA'd or made R12 in their careers + other impactful newcomers that will presumably be competing at 133 this season: 
    Gross (R12-2-1)
    Micic (4-2)
    Suriano (X-2)
    Fix/Piccinnini (4-R12)
    Pletcher (R16-4)
    DeSanto (R12)
    Wilson (3)
    Lizak (R16-2-4)
    Parker (R24-8-7)
    Bridges (8)
    Mueller (6-R12)
    Erneste (DNQ-NQ-R12)
    Lantry (NQ-R12-R16)
    Arujau/Tucker (NQ)
    Weight could be 15-16 deep with really quality guys. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to TobusRex in Wow- Breaking News   
    I don't hold the world in particularly high regard, actually.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to LemonPie in Wow- Breaking News   
    less bickering, more reckless speculation
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Does this mean Iowa challenges PSU this year, really?   
    I see Iowa as a prohibitive favorite and will consider it a meltdown of epic proportions if the Hawkeyes fail to win the 2019 NCAA tournament.
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from JBluegill133 in Rinteria and The Storms Coming Gents   
    DeSanto (JRent RS)
    Turk/Murin/Happel (DeSanto RS)
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from stp in 133 = Toughest Weight Class Next Season?   
    Looking at the guys rumored to be moving up, and the returners at 133.. shaping up to be a monster weight class. 
    (Results are just from this past season) 
    Seth Gross (Champ @ 133)
    Stevan Micic (2nd @ 133)
    Nick Suriano (2nd @ 125)
    Daton Fix/Nick Piccinnini/Kaid Brock (Piccinnini R12 @ 125 - Brock 5th @ 133 - Fix Incoming RS FR)
    Ethan Lizak (4th @ 125)
    Luke Pletcher (4th @ 133)
    Tariq Wilson (3rd @ 133)
    Montorie Bridges (8th @ 133)
    Scotty Parker (7th @ 133)
    Austin DeSanto (R12 @ 133)
    John Erneste (R12 @ 133)
    Jack Mueller (R12 @ 133)
    Josh Terao (12 seed @ 133)
    Roman Bravo-Young (Incoming TR FR)
    Austin Gomez (Incoming RS FR)
    Vitali Arujau (Incoming GS FR)
    Any other notable names that belong on that list? The depth resembles 125 or 165 from 2018. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to RetiredPoster in Separated at birth?   
    That is un-real hilarious!!!  Cody, got ny of them french fried potaters?
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to headache in Very annoying recent trend in wrestling (Millenials at it again)   
    It all started with the hand slaps after missed freethrows. This country is going down the toilet.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to pish6969 in Rank the Rankers   
    WrestleStats is the best tool in this sport for us fans the last few years. Let’s not bust on Andegre for all the time he puts into it.  
    Without wrestlestats, good luck looking up results, comparing duals, etc.
    His rankings are a lifetime achievement Eli rating system not a 1 yr glance.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to MSU158 in Lock Haven   
    Lock Haven had an incredible season relative to what they have done since '97.
    1.)Won EWL's for 1st time since '97.
    2.)15 out of 23 rostered wrestlers made the EWL  All Academic Team.  That is outstanding.
    3.)Qualified 6 wrestlers for NCAA's.
    4.)5 of the 6 won at least 1 match at NCAA's.
    5.)Had 2 AA's with a 4th and a 2nd.
    6.)Finished 16th at NCAA's and ranked 21st as a dual meet team(Intermat).
    Hat's off to Moore.  Very deserving for COTY honors.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to boconnell in Toughest path to a title?   
    I'll go with whoever Yianni faces in round 1.  That guy has to beat all the same guys as Yianni, plus he has to beat Yianni.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to BigTenFanboy in 157 Bracket   
    Heres a bit of a plot twist... I think the fact that he actually wrestled Micah and got pinned hurt him. Had he just MFF out of the semis he probably would have been the 3 seed and Nolf 4th. Makes you wonder... them trying to punish him for the MFF actually encourages guys to MFF in the future!
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to BigTenFanboy in Beazley drops out of NCAA's....   
    My world view before smackie84

    My world view after smackie84

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    LaxHawk174 reacted to MrBurns in Beazley drops out of NCAA's....   
    The guy dislocated his elbow in his last match at Big Tens to end his college career. Let's crack jokes about something else.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Ching in Rank the Rankers   
    Which ranking service is the most predictive?
    At the conclusion of the NCAA's this year, I'm going to score each of the ranking services with a very simple metric (result relative to rank) to determine which service is the best. The following table will be used to score each of the top 8 ranked wrestlers at each weight class based on their ranking and placement for each service:

    Each service will have a score per weight class and those will aggregate up to their total score.
    Initially, I considered looked at each head-to-head matchup and scoring points based on the ranker having the correct wrestler winning. I thought this would be a good way to deal with the seeding having an outsized impact on the final results. Unfortunately (or maybe good for me), this doesn't work very well. After looking at last year, there are not enough individual matches that actually test the rankings to be useful. See examples:
    Let's say Joe beats Bob in some round of the tournament
    Example 1) Ranking A has #13 Joe upsetting #7 Bob and Ranking B has #14 Joe upsetting #5 Bob
    Example 2): Ranking A has #5 Joe upsetting #4 Bob and Ranking B has #4 Joe beating #5 Bob
    Example 1 is common enough (basically any upset), but none of the rankings services differ enough to score that result differently. Directionally, all ranking services are going to have Bob ranked above Joe. Example 2 happens, but is not common enough to separate the ranking services.
    I plan to score the actual seedings as its own ranking system. If seeding has a significant effect, it should do better than the rankings services.
    The scoring grid I'm using (see graphic above) is non-linear. I've created some cutoffs to reward getting a ranking close to the result, and punish as you get further away. R12 through 0-2 have a bigger step down because those are shared places with other individuals (there are 4 R12's and 8 R16's, etc). I also had a rule for no positive points for 0-2.
    These are the ranking services I will include:
    Flowrestling Intermat The Open Mat WrestleStat NCAA Seedings
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to DF in Vision Quest brings back them nostalgia feels   
    No social media:
    Louden had to actually go scout Shute at the match where Shute suplexed MacLean and also tried to go psych him out in person when Shute was carrying the telephone pole up the bleachers.  Now it would be them scouting each other via the interwebz and trolling each other on their social medias.
    No political correctness:
    And yet people seemed more friendly in the 1980s.  Even when Louden made fun of his opponent with Jheri curls it wasn't a big deal.  Now at minimum he'd be suspended from the team if not outright expelled.
    No cell phones:
    Louden had to actually talk to Carla in person to form a relationship with her instead of meeting her on a dating app.
    The 80's to the about late 90's were the best brahs.  Now it's all so weird.  Eddie Money was right all along...

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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Billyhoyle in Vision Quest brings back them nostalgia feels   
    Going based on the movie:
    The wrestling back then was way more exciting.  Everyone was always hitting lat drops, fireman carries, etc.  Big moves that get the crowd to their feet. 
    High school matches had huge crowds.  Probably due to not having the internet/video games, the average student at the school didn't have much to do.  They therefore had more school spirit and attended high school matches in great numbers.  All of the matches in the movie had packed crowds, which you only really see nowadays for two nationally ranked teams going against each other. 
    The music was better. What would the soundtrack be to a remake of vision quest?  Doubt it would be nearly as epic.  
    The best athletes weren't best friends training in the same club. Nowadays, Louden would be training in the same club as Schute and the match never would have happened.  
    Louden was 18.  Louden just turns 18 at the start of the wrestling season, meaning he was a normal age for a high school senior.  There wasn't this 21 year old college freshman stuff.  \
    Nosebleeds were given the respect they deserve:  Louden defaulted a match because he had a bloody nose.  You would NEVER see that these days.  Back then, coaches cared more about the health of their athletes.  
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Zebra in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    Lots of them. We had a local one my wife called the "Psycho-dad". I loved it every time my kid beat his. It's the little things that keep you going in the morning. Kind of like the smell of napalm.  
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    A State Champion and proper legend carried me up and down stadium steps a bunch of times. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Medicine_Man in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    Wrestling credentials? Well, okay.
    Started in 6th grade.  Undefeated in 7th with one move, double underhook pancake...farm boy move.  Lost a couple in 8th grade to guys who knew technique.
    Learned some technique.  Made varsity 98 as freshman...but after not making weight 3 times in a row, instead wrestled Jr. High matches at 105.  Undefeated.
    Soph.  Defeated varsity 126 lber in tourney that allowed two at each wt., but couldn't beat him following week in wrestle off.  Stayed on JV all year, lost a couple (got pinned once) by guys who cheated and used more technique.
    Jr.  Beat varsity 132 pounder (same guy as mentioned above at 126) in wrestle off at mid year.  Coach took me aside after practice and said, "He's a senior and a captain, so we're just gonna let him wrestle varsity."  He took 2nd in state and I went undefeated on JV, 24-0 with 21 pins (still pancaking everyone...got one in :06)
    Sr.  Went to 167, where there was an undefeated defending 2-time state champ with a 97 match win streak (this was before Brian Shute, but pretty sure Shute was based on him...maybe the entire movie, only difference was I went up two weights to battle him.)   Got pinned in state finals.  Didn't cry.
    Worked construction for 7 years, then entered an old timers tourney, lost in finals, 5-4 to a 3-time Dll all-american.  A juco coach recruited me, gave me my own dorm room and free food for semester.  Won national qualifier and then lost in round of twelve, med fft, separated shoulder.
    Told coach I was done, but he wanted me back.  Said I could take photoshopping classes.  I said no.  He said he would get me a log cabin to stay in, out by the river, just house sit and tend horses.  I said no. 
    One day I was walking in his office, just before summer break, and he came out and introduced me to a gorgeous 105 lb brunette who he said was interviewing for team trainer next season.  After she left I told coach if he hired her I'd come back....we shook on it.  He and I were about the same age.  I told him I also wanted the cabin and the chop classes.
    We had a team meeting before school let out for the summer, and voted for next year's captains.  I got all the votes except one, and I told coach to find out who the one was, I wanted to know.
    I was a good captain, I never went out to shake hands with the opposing captains, instead I sent out whichever of my team mates had the toughest opponent.  My shoulder healed up pretty good, and I started training early that year, determined to win a national title. 
    Me and the trainer girl lived in the cabin out by the river.  My second bout that year was against a 3-time NAIA champ, and I was leading 13-12 with 20 seconds left, but I wasn't quite dead fit, and lost a step late in the match...he took me down with 5 sec left...a good tune-up match though.  Think I still have her pic around here somewhere...

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    LaxHawk174 reacted to DF in What is everyone’s wrestling experience?   
    Frosh (103lbs): DNP (lost in the quarters and didn't show up for the consolation bracket)
    Soph (112lbs): DNP (lost in the semis and didn't show up for the consolation bracket)
    Junior (171lbs): State champion
    Senior (HWT): 2nd place
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to DF in Why is faking shots ok but it's not ok to fake an injury?   
    Just got back from reffing a dual meet.  In one of the matches a wrestler kept taking shots but with no real commitment.  Then in the 3rd period his opponent took a timeout for an "injury".
    The coach of Wrestler Fake Shots yammered about how the other wrestler was faking the injury timeout so he could rest.  I told him the same thing could be said about his wrestler who was faking shots and just going through the motions to give the impression of being on the offensive.
    The coach had nothing further to say after I pointed out this hypocrisy.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to stonerd7 in Bad Coaches Kill Programs not Title 9   
    For working with what Bono has in Brookings, SD; small town and previously irrelevant to the national scene, he has got to be doing "more with less" and has butts in seats for every meet, and all of them are crazy for the team and program.  In my opinion, he is setting the standard of what a coach can/should do.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Medicine_Man in Thanks, Tom   
    Not to mention filling Snyder's brain with "Dark Places" psychology
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