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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from WrestlingFan89 in Consecutive seasons with AA in weight class   
    Iowa has had a top 3 AA at 133 from 2012-2017 - 6 year streak. If Ramos had AA'd in 2011 instead of R12, it would be a pretty big streak, going back to 2008 I think. 
    Went 2-7-2-R12-3-2-1-2-2-1 from 2008-2017. 
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from Erminio8 in Spencer Lee will (fill in the blank)   
    Bury any wrestler in his path for the next 4-5 years at the NCAA level.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Ray_Brinzer in Best Legger Ever (Where is Zain in the discussion)   
    The problem with evaluating this is, the results tend to converge.  Really good leg riders tend to look similar, and once you hit "nobody gets out from under this guy" it's very hard to distinguish.
    Actually turning people would be an important way to differentiate.  If you could cross-reference "people who mostly rode legs" with "nearfall points earned", it would be very interesting, but I doubt you'll find good records for nearfall points.  You could scan the list of top pinners, and look for leg riders, at least.
    I'd give style points to someone who was adept with both parallel legs and cross-body legs.  It doesn't mean he was more effective overall, but versatility is admirable.
    From my era, Terry and Troy Steiner deserve mention.  At a time when I didn't worry much about getting off bottom in the NCAAs, I knew that if one of those guys got a boot in during practice, I'd be 20 or 30 minutes fighting my way off bottom... and I think they were 3 and 4 weights below me.  If you'll excuse me for patting myself on the back, I think I was roughly as good as they were.  Our technique was similar, and again, it's really hard to tell who is better after a certain point.  (By the way, I felt matwork got easier once I graduated from high school.  Pennsylvanians were brutal with this stuff.)
    Also, Dave Schultz isn't remembered as a leg rider, but he was damned nasty with legs... as with just about everything else on top.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to PSUMike in Spencer Lee will (fill in the blank)   
    If he stays healthy and is not undersized, then I'll answer this with the same thing I've been saying about him for 3+ years now. 
    Spencer Lee will...not lose in college.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to LemonPie in Spencer Lee will (fill in the blank)   
    Win Midlands this year. 
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from BigTenFanboy in Will the TRANSFER Ever Win a NC?   
    No he won't! Spencer Lee will bury him if they ever cross paths. 
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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from leshismore in FRL Feedback   
    I really enjoy having Bratke and Nomad on the show. I think both are very knowledgeable and foil CP and Willie well. In fact, I often find myself agreeing with Bratke's takes more than anybody else. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Flying-Tiger in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    Once in a while we see someone make reference to an animated, over-the-top poster from the past that is now viewed favorably from an entertainment standpoint. It seems that most of those guys were connected to one particular wrestler and once their career was over, they tend to disappear. Some day people will say remember when that PDII guy posted on the forum, well that time is now so we should all enjoy the experience.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Brands Wants To Have His Cake and Eat It Too   
    ^ Sounds like a lack of initiative to me.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to hammerlockthree in Is it time to get rid of the escape point?   
    I think a pin should bestow an insane amount of team points and end the dual or tournament in question. Just like when you get the golden snitch in harry potter
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to TheRealOne9050 in Maroulis - best three year run?   
    My God, that foot-sweep. Poetry in motion.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to ColumbusBuckeyes in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    Sir, what does it feel like getting trolled?

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    LaxHawk174 reacted to KTG119 in McKenna Transfer   
    uh oh, another hurricane warning
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to KTG119 in The one weight where we are like Russia   
    World/Olympic  performances going back to 1972:
    1972 Wayne Wells Gold
    1973 not top 6
    1974 Dziedzik 5
    1975 Carl Adama 5
    1976 Dziedzic Bronze
    1977 Dziedzic Gold
    1978 Lee Kemp Gold
    1979 Lee Kemp Gold
    80 Boycott
    81 Kemp Bronze
    82 Kemp Gold
    83 Schultz Gold
    84 Schultz Gold
    85 Schultz Silver
    86 Schultz Bronze
    87 Schultz Silver
    88 Monday Gold
    89 Monday Gold
    90 Koll 5th
    91 Monday Silver
    92 Monday Silver
    93 Schultz Silver
    94 Schultz 7
    95 Schultz 5
    96 Monday 6
    97 St John 16
    98 Marienetti 11
    99 Joe Williams 4th
    2000 Slay Gold
    01 Williams Bronze
    02 did not send team
    03 Williams 13
    04 Williams 5
    05 Williams Bronze
    06 Donnie Pritzlaff Bronze
    07 Joe Heskett 5
    08 Ben Askren 6
    09 Dustin Schlatter 23
    2010 Trent Paulson 29
    11 Burroughs Gold
    12 Burroughs Gold
    13 Burroughs Gold
    14 Burroughs Bronze
    15 Burroughs Gold
    16 Burroughs 9
    1976-1993 medal every year except boycott and Koll 5th one year. crazy. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to lu1979 in How many years til Iowa has even 1 champ?   
    I would add Rodgers, Walsh and Kutler in that group.  165 will be a very competitive weight again this year.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to buckshot1969 in Trump and Wrestling?   
    He was the best baseball player in the state of NY in the early 60's, I remember reading that the Yankees were thinking about releasing Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris and just letting Trump play center and right field.  
    As far as wrestling goes, everybody knows that he only wrestled JV because the coaches hated him.  His whole life has been an uphill struggle, he's never once caught a break or been treated fairly.
    BTW, here he is winning Wimbledon last month.  Of course the fake news media didn't report on it because they hate him and refuse to show images of his incredible physique.

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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from Buckxell in Nick, Joe, and Brayton Lee   
    Nick and Joe Lee are brothers but I don't believe Brayton is related to them. They do have a younger brother named Matt though. Think he is a SO in HS. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Perry in Downey Update   
    I was wondering how this thread got to 3 pages so quick..
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to steamboat_charlie in 2016 NFL Wrestling All Stars vs. 2016 U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team   
    Another matchup of 2 teams with 5 champs.  Since these are hot right now.  At first blush you might think this dual is a one-sided affair.  I beg to differ.  
    For the purpose of this analysis we assume that there is no minimum weight for any weight class.  
    125 - Simon Biles vs. N/A;  Simone takes this one and leads the dual off for the ladies; 6-0 USWGT
    133 - Gabby Douglas vs. N/A; another strong bout for the ladies; 12-0 USWGT
    141 - Laurie Hernandez vs. N/A; the wins keep rolling; 18-0 USWGT
    149 - Madison Kocian vs. N/A; mark up the W, they can't be stopped; 24 - 0 USWGT
    157 - Aly Raisman vs. N/A; they just don't lose; 30 - 0 USWGT
    165 - N/A vs. Kalif Raymond (Broncos); Kalif takes this one; 30-6 USWGT
    174 - N/A vs. Will Likely (Patriots); could he beat an actual opponent? not likely; 30-12 USWGT
    184 - N/A vs. DJ Killings (Patriots); he's listed at 185 but I'm slotting him here because I like the name; 30-18 USWGT
    197 - N/A vs. Richard Sherman (Seahawks); prone to outbursts, but he's rangy; 30-24 USWGT
    285 - N/A vs. Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers); Big Ben with the Big Win, brings the dual to a dead heat; 30-30 USWGT
    Couple of items to consider--I stuck to the 5 champs vs. 5 champs formula.  This one looks like a guaranteed stalemate.  IF we start letting in non-super bowl winners, can Chiefs kicker Cairo Cantos (listed at 160 pounds) such down to 157 for the team?  And if he can get down there, can he even beat Raisman?  I'm not convinced.  
    Your thoughts?
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Medicine_Man in Baldwin   
    Fox Baldwin?

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    LaxHawk174 got a reaction from levityrel in Josiah Rider decommits from Nebraska   
    Could be because Nebby may be bringing in Brayton Lee as their 'preferred' recruit. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to MSU158 in Favorite Wrestling GIFs   
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Medicine_Man in It's Official   
    HurricaneWrestling, on 11 Jun 2017 - 9:31 PM, said:
    Sneak peak a Vak's possible avatar for 2017-18 season:

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    LaxHawk174 reacted to MSU158 in It's Official   
    I believe they would have to actually get Nelson's permission for that.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to AKHUNTER in It's Official   
    "antics" by some OTHER countries wrestlers FAR surpass anything Mr. Gilman has EVER done.
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