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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Billyhoyle in Top meltdowns   
    How can you have a wrestling meltdown thread and not list the greatest meltdown of all time?
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to vsnej in PSU vs tOSU   
    Snyder takes more shots in one match than most HWTs take in a season
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to bbresslin1 in Dapper Dan Trivia   
    Matt Roth 1994 W 6-4 Vega (AZ)
    Derrick Jenkins 1998 W 5-0 Miller (NE)
    Mike Ottinger 2011 W 6-4 over McCauley (MN)
    Ethan Lizak 2014 W 2-1 over Fleetwood (DEL)
    Saucon Valley
    Brandon Palik 2009 W Fall Scales (OH)
    Jerry Rodriguez 1977 W Fall Fitzgerlad (IA)
    Jim Zenz 1976 W 8-0 Beinlich (MI)
    Rick Rodriguez 1976 W Fall Mueller (IL)
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to BobDole in Why Do Some Great Wrestlers Struggle As Coaches?   
    Wrestling has backwards thinking in that if you were an accomplished wrestler on the mat somehow that magically translates into being a great coach also. Anytime a new coach is hired people immediately go to his career stats as a competitor and think if they were that good they would be able to coach it. I don't know of any other sport in which this is true.
    There is so much more to being a coach that being able to show a double leg. In college especially you have to recruit, relate to kids, deal with administration, work the fundraising trail, and more. Add to that being able to get kids to believe in themselves and probably more importantly getting kids to peak at the right time is not an easy task to do. 
    I can't wait to hear the potential candidates and everyone critiquing their competitive resume instead of their coaching resume.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Smedley in Brands' Appearance   
    Belichick keeping warm on sideline in a deer carcass.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Billyhoyle in IMart: One match from perfect   
    The title of this thread may end up being a bit more prophetic than I originally intended.  
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to MA_Wrestler in Mark Hall   
    He did beat Crutchmer, who is about as big and strong as any 74 in the country, so I dont know if we can totally say size and strength is the only problem. First match, at CHA, vs 5th year senior, who knows?
    All I know is 174 just got even more interesting and I think this is going to be a wild weight come NCAA's. Jordan's health seems to be a real question, then you have a guy like Meyer who can beat anyone or lose to anyone, a guy like Hall who you can probably say the same thing about looking at his year so far, you've got returning AA's ranked as low as 14th (Kent) who can never be counted out, a rapidly improving guy like Preisch, a 5th year senior who has been in the finals and just beat Preisch in Realbuto, a stud freshment who has been consistent as hell all year in Valencia and the guy who took 3rd last year has also been steady as they come in Epperly. Throw in a funky scrambly freshmen like Lujan who could upset anyone, seniors who have been around and beaten good guys throughout their career like Brunson and Weatherspoon. Hell, throw in a guy near the bottom of the rankings like Brucki since he beat Hall, or in the middle of the pack guy like Kocer who just beat Crutchmer.
    Yup, I think I just talked myself into picking 174 as my favorite and most anticipated weight for NCAA's. Not only do you have the depth I just talked about, this is one of the few weights that doesnt have one guy who is basically head and shoulders above the rest (Nolf, Retherford, Cox, Snyder). Yup, definitely my new favorite weight this year. 133 a close 2nd with that top 7.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to JasonBryant in Iowa rivals board   
    No, TWT was TheWrestlingTalk, a board ran by JensenS and the late Jacob Schlottke. Great personalities over there. It launched after a bunch of bannings here (long before I moderated this board)
    The NWT board here was the pits, but it had its moments ... magistrate!
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Iowa rivals board   
    i went to a stupid club for dumb idiots and called everyone jerks and now they won't let me join!
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to VakAttack in Iowa rivals board   
    LOL at complaining about another message board.  You are truly a loser, my man.  First you're carrying on a yearslong feud with Lostnumber, and now this.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to JasonBryant in Iowa rivals board   
    ... or running to another board to generate sympathy. Or doing it on Twitter.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Pinnum in Injury Scenario Help   
    You want the NCAA rulebook, not the wrestling rulebook.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Pinnum in Injury Scenario Help   
    12.8.4 Hardship Waiver
 Five-Year Rule Waiver
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to pawrestler in PSU - IOWA predictions   
    jesus bo that guy might have a family
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to boconnell in PSU - IOWA predictions   
    Nevermind then.  When I made my post I didn't realize you didn't believe it played a role.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to pamela in Boy do I love me some Gilman(More fuel for his haters)   
    The chippy talk works because they create storylines, and storytelling matters. If ESPN was only scores, stats and live games they would easily lose half their viewership.  If sports teams didn't have fansites, message boards (like this one), social gatherings and other platforms to share stories, establish traditions and create competitive tension, fans would lose interest.
    The most sophisticated wrestling fans may only care about technique and what happens on the mat.  More casual fans care about the stories and experience before & after matches. Look at how boxing draws nonboxers, or how the NFL has grown its female audience. Fortunately, casual fans are easily converted into hardcore fans who want to learn more about strategy, technique etc. but you have to draw them in first and give them a reason to want to watch.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to LemonPie in Massa vs. I Mar Fri. Nite   
    Kemerer is not small
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to cangemi in Massa vs. I Mar Fri. Nite   
    Ill take guy from young guns
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to VakAttack in OSU vs Iowa   
    LOL.  You got me.  My team lost a couple of matches by razor thin margins, but the score looks bad.  If Clark and SOrensen pull switch their razor thin losses and they call that pin for Brooks, Iowa wins.  Regardless, we lost and I never said we didn't.  It wasn't an ass whooping on the mat in terms of each result, but the score shows it as being a blowout.  Whatever.  We all understand how dual scoring works, and Okie State was the better team.  It just wasn't an ass whooping.
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to ironmonkey in Boy do I love me some Gilman(More fuel for his haters)   
    Here is the beauty of this; everyone doesn't have to be the same.  if you don't like him, root against him.  I don't think it is false bravado though.  I think he lives it. Many of us appreciate that aspect of his persona.    
    As for Olympians being meek and humble, what about Tom Brands?  Wrestling has room for all types.  I knew far more Gilman types than the meek ambassadors while wrestling in college, although most pretended to be the later when dealing with the public/media.  Gilman doesn't pretend.  Some fans just can't wrap their minds around that.   
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to PhiferFuqua in Whatever happen with Clemson....   
    God bless Jay Bilas.
    A couple more supportive Tweets is all he'll need to get himself inducted into the NWHOF ... 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Zebra in Which college wrestling program do you support?   
    I guess what I mean is there is a dot at my zip code and when I move over it the school name pops up. I guess I figured dots would appear at both locations. 
    Still the data is pretty cool regardless. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to MSU158 in Can Oklahoma State win it?   
    The PSU bonus point line is getting a tad tiresome.  They absolutely have 2 guys that will put up bonus in at least 4 of 5 matches.  However, after that, they have ZERO proven NCAA Tournament bonus point scorers.  Suriano is a True Freshman, and altough he is looking great, is not putting up big bonus now, let alone when the best 33 guys are in a tournament.  Cortez has shown nothing to indicate he will be winning matches let alone bonusing.  Gulibon has shown us what to believe he will bonus people?  Joseph is another freshman that has a style to score points, but, again, hasn't proven himself to the point to expect bonus in the toughest tournament there is.  Morelli DOES NOT bonus.  Nickal has looked great, but he only scored 2 bonus pts last year in a weight that wasn't even remotely as deep as 184 is.  McCutcheon may AA, but I don't see him bonusing along the way.  Finally, Nevills has looked good, but he is a Heavyweight.  Bonus is hard to come by.
    What am I missing?  Are we solely calling them some bonus pt. machine because the school itself has had a history of doing so?  They are in contention to win it because they have 3 HAMMERS with a solid supporting cast.  But, just flat out expecting big team bonus from the current lineup assumes a lot!
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to Zebra in Which college wrestling program do you support?   
    While I think this idea is pretty cool you've got the results tied to our zip code and not the school. It would be nice to see both in some fashion. 
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    LaxHawk174 reacted to simple in Big Ten   
    I disagree. They have 8 of the top 13/14 teams according to Flo/Intermat. That's the same as or better than most other years.
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