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  1. I just watched five fights from Ben Askren and I agree with the OP and everyone else who believes Ben deserves an opportunity. His fluidity in going from one hold to the next is unreal and I get the biggest grin on my face seeing his wrestling acumen fleshed out in the octagon. The guy more than has the credentials to affix his signature on a UFC contract (13+ fights, two time NCAA Champion, 2008 Olympian). Dana White needs to get over himself. At least in the meantime Wrestling still has a strong presence in UFC with Chris Weidman as Middleweight Champion.
  2. So as I alluded to in my post yesterday the 2014 Youth Olympic Games this year in Nanjing has been my introduction to amateur wrestling both of the Freestyle and Greco-Roman variety. I am watching this Greco-Roman qualifying Round Robin style tournament to see who will be competing in what place. An Armenian wrestler by the name of Zaven Mikaelyan absolutely dominated this tournament with three straight victories giving him an opportunity at the Gold medal which I hope to watch afterwards. His power game is unreal as he rag dolled a wrestler from the Dominican Republic in his first bout and would demonstrate his power again in the second bout. His third bout was my personal favorite thus far as I believe I really saw his technical acumen come to the forefront. He is just such an exciting wrestler to watch and I tried to find more video of him on Youtube but there were absolutely no results whatsoever which is disheartening. I can see this young man representing Argentina in the regular Olympics and taking home gold for them. Just a great athlete all around from my vantage point. Check him out in the Greco-Roman qualifiers: Match 1: 22:57 Match 2: 1:14:50 Match 3: 2:05:52
  3. Guys, anyone who views my profile knows that I am completely new to the world of Amateur Wrestling at all levels. Normally, I try and understand the more technical aspects of a new sport or interest before diving right in. However, I felt an excitement about taking this journey and so I decided that my education in this would be more on the auditory-visual level. I am watching the Wrestling Men's Freestyle Finals and am blown away by the performances of these fine athletes. In particular, Russia, Tunisia, and Turkmenistan's representatives absolutely floored me with their dominance. On top of that, I feel like I am genuinely learning while watching thanks to commentary. This is what I have learned so far: Technical Superiority- A form of victory that is attained when one wrestler has a ten point gap over another. Take downs are worth two points Throws are worth four points (Specifically, points are awarded if you can successfully get a wrestler on their back.) I know the commentator also said how much reversals and pin attempts were worth but I cannot recollect the correct valuation. I believe they are worth one and three points respectively but someone correct me if I am wrong. Overall, I am loving every second of this and am eager to return to this when I submit my post. I have to say my favorite bouts from the ones I watched were from Russia and Tunisia respectively.Can't wait to watch more video as I feel this is the best and most entertaining way to learn.
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