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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted to AnklePicker in Ben Askren   
    He said that crap about Dana White not testing for roids when he could.  Not the best move on Ben's part at all.  White blames it on Ben's style and that may be true but it's really about those comments.
    I'd love to see him get a shot, but I'm not holding my breath.  I consider Ben one of the great minds of wrestling technique.  He has a very cerebral approach when it comes to technique.  He just puts himself in positions he's more comfortable in and  makes you wrestle/fight his style.  
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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted to hobiecat in Ben Askren   
    Ben's wrestling is "OK" on the mat???! LOL! He is a freak on the mat!!! Nobody has ground controll and scrambling like him... not even other high caliber wrestlers. That's what has made him so dominant thus far. When it goes to the mat... not if it goes to the mat... when it goes to the mat, there is no way to get him off of top. 
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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted to Alwayswrestling in Ben Askren   
    Askren with out a doubt deserves to be in the UFC is at least a top 5 at his weight class IMO. But got on White's bad side which was a stupid move by Askren so who knows what will happen with his career?
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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted to Sheerstress in Ben Askren   
    Not someone who will take the opponent out right away, but can systematically dismantle them over a few rounds. It would be nice to see fans develop a taste for this type of fighting, rather than focusing on instant knockouts.
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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted to smittyfan in Ben Askren   
    I think he will eventually get a shot, but I'm with you. I'd like to see him fight the best, he's pretty darned good.
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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted in Ben Askren   
    It's really a bummer he isn't competing in the UFC. I would really like to see what he could do against the best competition in the world.
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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted to tigerfan9311 in Ben Askren   
    Ben just submitted the dude from Azerbaijan in round one at OneFC debut. That guy was a combat Sambo and Grappling World Champ. Ben got taken down initially, immediately reversed and began pounding the guy from his back. Eventually, he turned into Ben and the arm triangle choke was there "all day" as Ben said. Super nice guy, great ambassador for the sport. Of course I'm biased, but whatever.
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    MatWrestlingNeophyte reacted to smittyfan in Ben Askren   
    I have totally enjoyed this guys career since his freshman year at Mizzou. I'm a big Poke fan, and even had Chris Pendleton in my room for a clinic a few years back. That said, Ben Askren is just flat out a great competitor, in the octagon, and an amazing representative for the wrestling community. I know many feel his weakness to be his striking and kicking offense, but I on the other hand, appreciate a guy who comes out and just flat out says, "I'm a wrestler, stop me if you can!" Another reason I admire Ben is the fact that he doesn't just visit a wrestling room before a big fight, he continues to compete in wrestling. I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head doing that. Best of luck Ben Askren. I will always pull for you...unless you fight an OSU Cowboy:)
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