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  1. Some great Wrestling Mindset Tips for early this season. 1. Recharge your battery in between rounds. Detach yourself emotionally and mentally from other matches during the day. Don’t watch too much wrestling. Get out of the tournament area when there is some time to do so. Leave the building and get some fresh air if you can. 2. Do not make the tournament into an event. You wrestle several matches each practice. This is no different. 3. Don’t spend too much time looking at brackets. (1) All you need to know is who you’re wrestling and your mat number. You do not need to read every name, since you will probably only wrestle 4 or 5 people there anyway. (2) Over-analysis of brackets leads you to “looking ahead” and playing “what if” scenarios in your head. (3) Brackets can make the tournament into more of an “event” which could add pressure. Read all- http://www.wrestlingmindset.com/blog/top-105-tournament-mindset-tips
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