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  1. You sir, have won the day. You're a gentleman and a scholar, thank you kindly.
  2. Lets just skip the complaining and how lucky we are crap and get straight to the trouble shooting...does anybody know how to help?
  3. So Im trying to watch BTS and im logged in but if I click the watch BTS now its just a black screen. Can anybody help?
  4. Burroughs vs Leen 08 Vegas finals http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/234368-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invite/video/89431-157lbs-Jordan-Leen-Cornell-vs-Jordan-Burroughs-Nebraska
  5. its funny to read the comments and everybody saying stuff like, who is this guy, nobodys ever heard of him, the ufc probably didnt want him anyways... Its simple, theres no way Dana didnt want ed, Im sure almost EVERY fighter knows who Ed Ruth is. Lets be honest here, the UFC signed CM Punk....theyll take anybody at this point.
  6. Hopefully both, both have been on fire lately! and i hate iowa and im saying this...
  7. Tell that to everybody Varner faced in 2012....
  8. Id like to think his low single/ankle pick is his go to with everything else hes just good at, difference being, him being "just good" at something is still better than any of us so it may look like hes trying to be good at everything. Id say ive seen him go to that Cael like pick more than his other td's though.
  9. Does anybody know when we will be announcing our roster? Per themat.com in an artice posted on the 5th of May they say in the upcoming days, but nothing. Were they waiting for the Open to finish before announcing the roster? Im personally most excited to see an Joey Davis vs Alex Deringer exhibition http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2015/May/05/Cuba-coming-to-Beat-the-Streets-Gala-on-May-21
  10. Looks like someone owes someone some pushups.... I bet @WillieAtFLO 100 push ups that @massa_logan will win the Jr's against the field, straight up no odds!! #Vegas— Andy Hrovat (@AndyHrovat) May 5, 2015
  11. If you're going to quote the movie quote it right. Its, lighten up, Francis
  12. Jeff Prescot, won in 91 and 92 at PSU. From Olean, NY...i win
  13. There arent many past your etc, and those three didnt leave schools to start a marketing and ad agency they had a cutting edge product. Thats different. There will always be exception to the rules but when the negitive outweighs the posiitive people will ask why. So you've named 3 who went on to be super wealthy after dropping out, how many went on to be not super wealthy after dropping out. The odds arent in his favor.
  14. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251790-2014-Whos-1-Dual-Event/video/752398-170lbs-Match-Anthony-Valencia-CA-vs-Mark-Hall-MN i know Anthony holds a win over him but after this match I dont think he closes that gap again.
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