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  1. FreestyleWrestler

    Junior Worlds

    + Ali Reza Dabir, Dilshod Mansurov is couple who quickly came to mind.
  2. FreestyleWrestler

    Iran Wrestling News

    Dont worry Swedish wrestler win Israel. Swedish won CHINA in qualification round 10-0 and in 1/8 round JAPAN 13-2.
  3. FreestyleWrestler

    Yasar Dogu

    Where is Fix? Graff have some family peronal reasons, but i havent see any reasons why Fix not wrestle at Dogu.
  4. FreestyleWrestler

    European Games

  5. FreestyleWrestler

    Anybody Going to World's?

    I am going to World Championship and stay all days 13-23.9.2019. Our group is about 10 people and direct flights cost only 300 euros. 2009 Herning, 2010 Moscow, 2013 Budapest, 2015 Las Vegas, 2017 Paris, 2018 Budapest and 2019 Nursultan. Tickets you can buy here --> https://kassir.kz/category/chempionat-mira-po-borbe
  6. FreestyleWrestler

    2019 Senior Wrestling World Championships in Nur-Sultan

    Yeah i read same article. Maybe i have to wait that UWW publish where i can buy tickets. How many in this forum is coming to Kazakhstan?
  7. Hi, does anybody found internet site where i can buy tickets to world championship 2019 in Nur-Sultan.
  8. FreestyleWrestler

    NCAA tourney - legal streaming options abroad

    https://www.espnplayer.com/packages 7 day free trial. You can watch NCAA Championship for free!
  9. FreestyleWrestler

    Russian coach receiving team trophy

    Taimuraz Tigiev
  10. FreestyleWrestler

    Streaming options for worlds

    I have been been: 2009 Herning,Danmark 2010 Moscow, Russia 2013 Budapest,Hungary 2015 Las Vegas, USA 2017 Paris, France 2018 Budapest, Hungary (on this friday start my sixth trip to world championship)
  11. FreestyleWrestler

    Streaming options for worlds

    I dont know any other country than USA where you cant watch uww stream via their homepage for free. Fortunately in europe we can watch for free.
  12. FreestyleWrestler

    Asian games 2018

    Michigan Domenic ABOUNADER represented Lebanon and took silver medal in the 86kg . https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/asian-games Lähetetty minun COL-L29 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  13. FreestyleWrestler

    Russian nationals 18 results

    Do you know where Rashidov and Bekbulatov was and does Geduev retired? Lähetetty minun COL-L29 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  14. FreestyleWrestler

    World Cup - quality of competition

    NCAA all-stars team would be cool replacement for Russia or Iran :D 57kg Lee 61kg Gross 65kg Retherford 70kg Nolf 74kg Hall 79kg Valencia 86kg Nickal 92kg Kent state guy 97kg Kasper HWT Coon
  15. FreestyleWrestler

    The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)

    This year Yarigin in 79kg was not harder than than Medved 2016 or golden grand prix 2013 where dake wrestled.