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  1. 1 minute ago, calot said:

    Of course a foreigner beats a tough American and it's gotta be doping.Not sure doping helped him outwrestle Snyder in every position

    I dont mean that doping is reason why he beat Snyder. This is only answer for PinFallRecruit why he disappears for 4 years. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, LJB said:

    to be fair, there has not been one junior who ever won 50kg and then went and placed as a senior on the world level...

    not one...

    winning a child's weight in juniors means absolutely nothing for senior level success...

    just an FYI for the kids here..

    + Ali Reza Dabir, Dilshod Mansurov is couple who quickly came to mind. 

  3. 1 hour ago, irani said:

    Judging from the last name of the Israeli wrestler (Bartov) he may be either Russian or Bulgarian.  If that is the case, usually they would be favored against a Swedish wrestler.  I am afraid we are about to see Iran forfeit this match, and potentially have the whole team championship forfeited because of this insane policy.

    I would like to see Iran go back to the days before 1979, where Iranian wrestlers just pinned the Israeli wrestlers instead of boycotting them.

    Dont worry Swedish wrestler win Israel. 

    Swedish  won  CHINA in qualification round 10-0 and in 1/8 round JAPAN 13-2. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, maligned said:

    I can't find anything either. This article from 5 April says tickets go on sale "later this month," so it seems they're not on sale yet.


    Yeah i read same article. Maybe i have to wait that UWW publish where i can buy tickets. How many in this forum is coming to Kazakhstan? 

  5. 7 hours ago, Peso said:

    Enjoy!  My dream is to make a World or Olympic wrestling tournament outside of the US.  I was at The Garden when we hosted the World Freestyle there.  This will be a fascinating once in a lifetime spectacle...or maybe not.



    I have been been:

    2009 Herning,Danmark 

    2010 Moscow, Russia

    2013 Budapest,Hungary

    2015 Las Vegas, USA

    2017 Paris, France

    2018 Budapest, Hungary (on this friday start my sixth trip to world championship)



  6. On 10/15/2018 at 8:41 PM, JasonBryant said:

    UWW contracts with Track to stream to the U.S. viewership. UWW is sending that signal out to its vendors (the U.S. isn't the only country that has a vendor charging PPV access).

    A comparison would be how NBC owns the broadcast rights for the Olympics in the U.S., even though the streams originate from OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Service). If you're watching the Olympics in Canada, you're not watching NBC, you're watching/streaming on who holds the Canadian rights.  

    I dont know any other country than USA where you cant watch uww stream via their homepage for free. Fortunately in europe we can watch for free.

  7. Dake wrestled well given his newness to international competition. Remember this is his first major international tournament EVER. He beat a couple of solid opponents, especially his first, and gained valuable experience. The finals match gave him homework to go do before his next foray overseas.


    This weekend showed how tough it is to beat the best in the world. Helen Maroulis loses twice, world champ Stieber gets teched out of placing, etc. Dake will be fine going forward and will adjust, as he has always done.

    This is not Dake's first international competition. 90c23ec916517129093022c3734feed2.jpg


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