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    Very true. Pell Grants for families with fewer means cover a considerable amount and don't have to be paid back.
  2. Snyder is 5-11, about 225 when he not cutting.
  3. Like Trump supervised the Miss Universe contestants getting dressed.
  4. Steiber would normally be at 61KG with Zane at 65.
  5. Pro wrestling is dying. TV ratings are way down along with attendance at arena shows. The WWE essentially bought out or destroyed the regional brands like the NWA or WCW. Even the pro wrestlers say it's dying. I saw interview an interview with Snyder after the tournament (local here in Ohio) where he said he wanted to wrestle freestyle as long as he could and then coach.
  6. I wrestled in college, but always wore headgear and had minimal ear damage. I think wearing headgear should be mandatory during all practice sessions in high school and college. Wrestling already has enough problems attracting kids. Permanent disfigurement shouldn't be part of the sport unless you are one of the few who chooses to wrestle post college. I would even support headgear for off-season tournaments for those still in school, although you probably couldn't make it mandatory.
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