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  1. I agree with most of those. Your VT bias is obvious, can't argue with that. :-) I'm a VT fan (spent a chunk of my life in VA) and excited to see the rise of this program. The VT staff is doing things the right way. Also an Iowa fan, and have been since my high school wrestling days. I am particularly interested in the potential Dance - Gilman match up, and would have to go with Dance to win at this point. Epperly over Evans? Evans cruises to the finals, an Epperly - Evans match-up would be fun to watch. Evans wins this time around. I suspect Epperly will progress a ton this season, he's shown he can win the close ones against top shelf guys. He's tough to beat now, and will be tougher in March. 125 Dance 133 Schopp 141 Carter 149 Habat 157 Martinez 165 Jordan 174 Evans 184 Brooks 197 Burak 285 McMullan Team title goes to Iowa by no less than 20.
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