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  1. What did the USA boys eat this morning!?!??
  2. Geez I don't know what was worse, the beat down Fix gave Khashalov or that tongue lashing his coach gave him afterwords!
  3. Looks like the Russian is running around crying about the outcome and not willing to shake hands.
  4. Abdullahgadzhi-son Logan beat him last year. It was a good match you should watch it.
  5. I've been MIA when does Tsirtsis find out about his eligibility?
  6. PA would be the best. I also like Indiana because they have around 300 schools and only one state championship series. If you win state in Indiana you're more than likely college ready.
  7. Don't see Frank making it to the semi's but I hope he proves me wrong.
  8. Dennis was great Sent from my ISG-4589 using Tapatalk
  9. I watched a 119 pound high school state champ tech a womens world champion in under a minute. It wasn't even close.
  10. Is there anyway to find the mat number on track so I don't have to go thru 8 separate mats of archived footage to find an individual match?
  11. Match lived up to the hype. Red's riding in the 3rd is what won him that match.
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