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  1. Haha
    Spladdel reacted to Cradle1 in Micic   
    Moved up to the veterans world championship this year 
  2. Haha
    Spladdel reacted to LJB in Did Nomad Really Get Fired?   
    oh willie... did you get your chores done?
    no gossiping until everything is finished...
  3. Like
    Spladdel got a reaction from stp in If you could win a state title, which state would it be??   
    PA would be the best. I also like Indiana because they have around 300 schools and only one state championship series. If you win state in Indiana you're more than likely college ready. 
  4. Like
    Spladdel got a reaction from Hokierama in Indiana State Finals Chad Red vs. Nick Lee   
    Match lived up to the hype. Red's riding in the 3rd is what won him that match. 
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