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  1. I think JB is as likely to not place as he is to win Gold. Perhaps more likely to not place. He doesn't have the raw explosiveness he once had. After seeing the draw, I predict a 5th place finish, qualifying the weight for the Olympics.
  2. Kyle Dake shuts down guy who has been piss pounding most of the world in the past year. Internet forums: "Dake looks bad, I expect Dieringer to take match 2."
  3. Right on. Next year at Fargo I'm going to buzz up to the head table to question the quality of Flo's streaming, commentary, and customer service. Looking forward to you reporting on that. Also looking forward to how you'll move on after you get done taking your foot put of your mouth on this. Knowing you guys, I imagine you'll just post a few pictures on twitter of either Desanto or Suriano with some hip slang as a caption and call it a day.
  4. As far as cringey goes, this isn't top 20 for PD3. Still, I can't help but root for the guy. I'd prefer this to another cheesy, cliche comment about how the win wasn't in Gods plan like we'd get from the other world team members.
  5. Idk.. what would Ben have done differently in his prime? He tried to wrestle and got kneed in the head.. brutally.
  6. That was difficult to watch.
  7. Looks like Ben Askren might be looking for a job.
  8. I really dont see how anyone is accepting of the officiating or outcome of that match. Its like if the Chiefs were running out the clock against the Patriots in the 4th quarter up by 6 and the Pats challenged a call that overturned a Chiefs touchdown from the 3rd quarter, winning them the game. In no other sport would this be acceptable, and yet here we are, with nobody in any position of power admitting that something is wrong. The second match should be re-wrestled, but that's not going to happen. Zane will be our representative. A bunch of imbeciles will continue to run and officiate this sport.
  9. Because every year Burroughs ages he loses a bit of freakish athleticism, which has always been a large part of his success. Theres a reason he's got a bronze and a DNP in the last 3 years, and it's because he doesnt have the same explosiveness he had when he started at the sr level.
  10. No. It's far more likely there will be 0.
  11. Gable must have got the wrong impression when his coaches told him to "bring his hips to the party." I'll see myself out.
  12. I'm guessing that's probably because the challenge brick is supposed to be thrown within 5 seconds, so not much time should have gone by before the call was reviewed.
  13. Hold on, you have to buy a subscription AND watch ads on flowrestling's platform?
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