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  1. Wouldnt really prevent what happened with Martin/Rasheed though, would it?
  2. ohcomeon

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    Of course they're abusing medical forfeits. Create a solution that doesnt punish legitimately injured athletes and I'll be on board. Ya'll got pissed off about lung timeouts and guys would have to give up position after getting poked in the eye.
  3. ohcomeon

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    I agree. We need to make sure these guys wrestle while injured. I like how we already punish a wrestler for taking injury time during the match too. Wouldn't want those athletes who are actually injured to get the rest and attention they deserve.
  4. ohcomeon

    Wrestlings Marketing Efforts

    Lets start a month where all teams wear a certain color singlet to raise awareness for ringworm/impetigo/herpes? I think that could catch on.
  5. ohcomeon

    Why NAIA... D2 or D3?

    If your son isn't offered money to wrestle, don't encourage him to waste his time. There are far more productive ways to spend your time in college than training 30 hours per week for free. Study, network, volunteer, get a part time job, socialize responsibly. Those are things that will help him grow as a person.
  6. ohcomeon

    Dagestan prepare for Yarygin

    You might be better off studying their genetics and culture.
  7. ohcomeon

    Jordan Oliver

    Could be no more than a nasal spray or decongestant..
  8. ohcomeon

    Scott, Dutt, Chaos...

    Can he retroactively apply for the award money that Burroughs and Varner received for winning gold?
  9. What don't you understand? It will never be a popular sport and it will never earn primetime television coverage. It's primitive. It's blue collar. It doesn't draw large crowds or bring in much money. No amount of rule changes will change the fact that, to an average person, wrestling is a sport of two sweaty guys dancing/rolling around. It looks as gay as the UFC without the potential for a violent finish. Get over it and just enjoy what the coverage you are receiving.
  10. ohcomeon

    Kyle Snyder is a god

    I am very petty, thanks for noticing. Behind my stunning good looks, positive attitude, and world class humility, my pettiness is probably my greatest attribute. Congratulations to Snyder, the guy is special, he has got a bright future ahead of him. However, I, for one, won't be going to bed with a raging hard on over his performance tonight. Good night folks, and God bless.
  11. ohcomeon

    Kyle Snyder is a god

    Like I said to that other jagoff, nuance is lost on some people. You may consider yourself one of those people. I'll do my best to explain it to you. There is a difference between being butthurt about an event, and being butthurt about people's reaction to that event. When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, the media called him/her a hero. People got upset with the media's labeling of the act, not with the sex change. Similarly, I am not upset with Snyder winning. I'm upset with you Snyder fanboys calling him a god. Have you noticed the difference yet, or should I find some crayons and try to explain it to you with a colorful picture?
  12. ohcomeon

    Championship Thread

    What are you talking about? Are you trying to apply some misinterpreted version of my logic to a completely different match, and then extend it to another completely different match, and then use the resulting absurdity as evidence that the original, unrelated logic was faulty? Jesus, with that kind of ass backwards thinking, it's no wonder outsiders view this sport and its fans as primitive. Why don't you tuck yourself in for the night and leave the discussion for the adults?
  13. ohcomeon

    Kyle Snyder is a god

    Did I stutter? I'm bitter about the reaction to Snyder winning. You may not notice the difference, but nuance is lost on many people, so don't feel too bad about yourself.
  14. ohcomeon

    Kyle Snyder is a god

    I'm not salty about Snyder winning, if that's what you're implying. I'm salty about the Snyder circlejerk. The dude get's taken down off of his own shots, doesn't score off his opponents shots, wrestles about even with Gwiz on the mat, and then lucks into Gwiz losing brain function with 30 seconds left and there's a thread claiming he's a god? Give me a break. The dude is spectacular, but this was not one of his finest nights. He doesn't make it past Varner in the OTT wrestling like this.
  15. ohcomeon

    Kyle Snyder is a god

    Hey dimwit, watch the match again, Gwiz was in on at least 3 deep singles that I can distinctly remember.