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  1. 41 minutes ago, Husker_Du said:

    when did i publish 'fact-free innuendo'?

    i never said anything not factual. i said coaches were buzzing up to the head table to question his age and eligibility.

    that's facts. 


    Right on. Next year at Fargo I'm going to buzz up to the head table to question the quality of Flo's streaming, commentary, and customer service. Looking forward to you reporting on that.

    Also looking forward to how you'll move on after you get done taking your foot put of your mouth on this. Knowing you guys, I imagine you'll just post a few pictures on twitter of either Desanto or Suriano with some hip slang as a caption and call it a day. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Perry said:

    There is a reason Dana waited so long to get askren in the ufc, he waited until he was well out of his prime for this exact reason

    Idk.. what would Ben have done differently in his prime? He tried to wrestle and got kneed in the head.. brutally.

  3. I really dont see how anyone is accepting of the officiating or outcome of that match. Its like if the Chiefs were running out the clock against the Patriots in the 4th quarter up by 6 and the Pats challenged a call that overturned a Chiefs touchdown from the 3rd quarter, winning them the game. In no other sport would this be acceptable, and yet here we are, with nobody in any position of power admitting that something is wrong.

    The second match should be re-wrestled, but that's not going to happen. Zane will be our representative. A bunch of imbeciles will continue to run and officiate this sport.

  4. 27 minutes ago, Katie said:

    Why do you think Dake is better? I’m pretty sure JB is 7-1 against Dake. 

    Because every year Burroughs ages he loses a bit of freakish athleticism, which has always been a large part of his success. Theres a reason he's got a bronze and a DNP in the last 3 years, and it's because he doesnt have the same explosiveness he had when he started at the sr level. 

  5. On 4/18/2019 at 1:00 AM, Billyhoyle said:

    You could list a name of "studs" in an NCAA wrestling bracket-that doesn't mean it's stacked for a world championship. Obviously those guys are all elite wrestlers because they compete at the world level and have won some medals, but none were able to qualify for the 2016 olympics. It wasn't a stacked bracket-it was the opposite.  The best guys from the weight competed at the olympics at 57 or 65. Most weights in a world championship have prior world or olympic champions in it.  

    These were my thoughts as well. Dimwitted flo uses the word "stacked" and in doing so, ironically, draws attention to the fact that, by WC standards, it wasnt anything special. 

    Surprised they haven't posted a video of Desanto or Suriano reacting to the retirement news yet. 

  6. Per flo: "Upon graduation, Stieber promptly made the 2016 world team at 61 kg and won gold in a stacked world championship bracket."

    Not attempting to diminish any of Stieber's accomplishments, but wasn't 2016 an Olympic year and most of the studs we're either cutting or bulking to compete in an Olympic weight class? Was it still stacked? I took a look at the bracket and I don't really recognize any of the names outside of Chakaev.


  7. 24 minutes ago, Katie said:

    I favor believing the refs got the call right. Here’s why.

    First, both refs apparently agreed on the call.

    Second, both refs watched the action up close and then on the replay, multiple times.

    Third, the replay was reportedly at an angle none of us saw.

    Fourth, both refs knew this was a match everyone would talk about later. I have to believe they did NOT want to get the call wrong.

    First, both refs apparently agreed on the wrong call.

    Second, after watching the action up close, they rightly awarded a takedown to Hidlay.

    Third, I'll attach an image from the angle we have. Regardless, any angle needs to be conclusive to overturn the call on the mat..

    Fourth, are you suggesting that refs care more about the correct call when a match will be talked about later? Well, that does sound like the kind of logic an incompetent ref would use, so maybe you're on to something.


    I think I'm just too emotionally worked up to talk about this anymore.  That look on his face will haunt me for weeks.


  8. Hey Gable, you gave up a TD.  You've got about 30 sec to get out before your opponent earns riding time.  Oh.. you're just going to hang out on bottom near the edge of the mat?  Okay then. Have fun wrestling tomorrow morning with an equally boneheaded Myles Martin.

  9. I haven't seen this much bad wrestling in a while.  Guys not paying attention to riding time, the score, the clock and where they are on the mat and what position they're in. The best wrestler of the evening was **** on by the refs. What a let down.

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