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  1. 5 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    Ok, I see why Hidlay didn't get the takedown.  Notice in the gif below that when Nolf's right hand is down, his left leg is in the air.  By the time his left leg hits the mat, his right hand is now off the mat.  He magically retains two points of contact the entire time. 



    6.07 seconds. 3 pts of contact. 2 pts.

  2. 4 minutes ago, randyfoxwell said:

    Everyone agrees that if someone is actually injured that they shouldnt be competing man. But do you really think that people arent abusing the medical forfeits?

    Of course they're abusing medical forfeits. Create a solution that doesnt punish legitimately injured athletes and I'll be on board. Ya'll got pissed off about lung timeouts and guys would have to give up position after getting poked in the eye. 

  3. What don't you understand?  It will never be a popular sport and it will never earn primetime television coverage.  It's primitive.  It's blue collar.  It doesn't draw large crowds or bring in much money.  No amount of rule changes will change the fact that, to an average person, wrestling is a sport of two sweaty guys dancing/rolling around. It looks as gay as the UFC without the potential for a violent finish.  Get over it and just enjoy what the coverage you are receiving.  

  4. He's the youngest American to ever win a world championship. If you can't come to terms with him being popular with the wrestling community I don't know what to tell you.... Seems like something very petty to upset about.

    I am very petty, thanks for noticing.  Behind my stunning good looks, positive attitude, and world class humility, my pettiness is probably my greatest attribute.  


    Congratulations to Snyder, the guy is special, he has got a bright future ahead of him.  However, I, for one, won't be going to bed with a raging hard on over his performance tonight.  Good night folks, and God bless.

  5. There is no effing difference you numbskull..


    Like I said to that other jagoff, nuance is lost on some people.  You may consider yourself one of those people.  


    I'll do my best to explain it to you.  There is a difference between being butthurt about an event, and being butthurt about people's reaction to that event. When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, the media called him/her a hero.  People got upset with the media's labeling of the act, not with the sex change.  


    Similarly, I am not upset with Snyder winning.  I'm upset with you Snyder fanboys calling him a god.  Have you noticed the difference yet, or should I find some crayons and try to explain it to you with a colorful picture?

  6. I would just like to point out that by ohcomeon's Logic Tomasello was the better wrestler and he pissed his win away by giving up a TD to lose. Knowing he has Megaduluis beat every time he would be a 2 Timer right now..


    Thanks ohcomeon for helping me see the light..



    Seriously. Take the loss like a man...


    What are you talking about?  Are you trying to apply some misinterpreted version of my logic to a completely different match, and then extend it to another completely different match, and then use the resulting absurdity as evidence that the original, unrelated logic was faulty?  Jesus, with that kind of ass backwards thinking, it's no wonder outsiders view this sport and its fans as primitive.  Why don't you tuck yourself in for the night and leave the discussion for the adults?

  7. Ya you're right. I was just thinking about how he scored off Snyder's shots but you are correct he did not take 0 shots


    And another super classy wrestling fan making personal attacks because he's salty. Thanks, "dimwit."

    I'm not salty about Snyder winning, if that's what you're implying.  I'm salty about the Snyder circlejerk.  The dude get's taken down off of his own shots, doesn't score off his opponents shots, wrestles about even with Gwiz on the mat, and then lucks into Gwiz losing brain function with 30 seconds left and there's a thread claiming he's a god?  Give me a break.  The dude is spectacular, but this was not one of his finest nights.  He doesn't make it past Varner in the OTT wrestling like this.

  8. I think Snyder got outwrestled for almost the whole match.  I argued with the idiots who made Snyder a big favorite based on imaginary freestyle practice matches.  I'd be tempted to pick Gwiz in a rematch.  I think the funk he had left the freestyle Snyder flat on his belly.  I think the mat wrestling was on two different levels.  I think Snyder was fortunate to come out on the perfect timing of both the RT and stalling count.  


    But Snyder didn't get lucky.  There was no controversial reffing.  There was no penalty or stalling points.  He tied the match on an offensive TD and then won it on another offensive TD.  

    I think he got lucky that Gwiz had a brain aneurysm with 30 seconds to go.  


    3 point lead, 1 stall call against, 30 seconds left.  Put him in Carver Hawkeye with a bunch of dimwit Iowa fans screaming for stalling and he still shouldn't lose that match if he just circled and kept his distance.  Snyder earned those late TDs, but he got lucky that Gwiz even decided to tie up with him.  

  9. What!? Seriously?! He was on the offensive most of the time and all Gwiz did for the first part of the match was fall on top of Snyder when he shot. Not taking anything away from him, but it was a pretty damn good match the whole way through.


    Yes.  I don't give a rat's ass how many shots you take, if you're giving up points off of them, you are getting outwrestled.  Snyder wasn't a god today, he was just lucky that Gwiz doesn't know how to close out a match.  A win is a win though, I suppose.

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