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  1. It is beyond dumb to arbitrarily apply freestyle scoring to a match wrestled under folkstyle rules.  Nolf would have thrown Martinez for 5 in a Freestyle match but never came close to a TD on the move.  That doesn't somehow make Martinez lucky to win.  These matches were contested under folkstyle rules and pretending otherwise is foolish.  


    You're right.  I'll rephrase.  Gwiz scored 2 takedowns to Snyder's 1, and if Gwiz weren't a dimwit, it would have been 2 to 0. This forum's noses are so far up Snyder's butt they can't see when he got outwrestled for nearly an entire match.  Gwiz pissed it away, Snyder got lucky.

  2. I have no problem with 3 point TDs, I think it's a great change.  


    But the better guy won that match.  Being able to compete for 7 minutes matters.  Being able to get out from bottom matters.  Managing match tactics and not giving up unanswered points to end periods matters.  And scoring TDs on your own shot in OT matters.  


    Nah.  Those things matter, but Gwiz outwrestled him for 6:30.  Snyder would have lost that match in freestyle 4-2.  Congrats to him, he's the Champ, but I don't think he was the best heavyweight this year.

  3. Wow, Nolf really turned it on there. Does anyone have a rundown of the scoring starting late in the 2nd/early in the 3rd period?


    I thought the score was tied 2-2 before Nolf got the TD to end the 2nd. So, 4-2 Nolf. But the score ticker showed 5-2 starting the 3rd. Where did the extra point come from?


    Second stall call on Smith.

  4. I don't know what his problem is. He has a mental block when it comes to the pressure of nationals. I know he "hurt" his ankle when he was going to get tilted but the score would have been 7-0 if he had not.


    You'd think the pressure would be off once he hit the wrestlebacks.  Does he cut a lot of weight?

  5. this match reminds me of Hawkeye matches at carver, except there is no crowd influence on the refs to call stalling.


    Except that JoJo actually has set-ups and legitimate attacks.  He's not some inbred moron headbutting, shoving, and aimlessly hand-fighting.

  6. I am biased, so I would like another opinion.  In the Dechow - Dean match, I saw Dechow shoot many times, 5-7.  Dean shot once, maybe twice?  Dechow loses 3-1 on two stalling points.  Now I know with the new rules he backed out so it is stalling, but in my view, Dean did absolutely nothing but try to push him out?  Like I said, I'm biased so explain this please.


    I'll try to explain.  Your wrestler lost, you're biased, and you're now looking for an excuse to make yourself feel better.  

  7. @fishhook


    Go start a thread about how you've got a problem with how stalling is called then.  Go start a thread about how folkstyle rules should change to make the transition to freestyle easier.


    Stop your pissing and moaning about how it was applied in this match.  You make this match sound like Churella-Hendricks or Miller-Realbuto, but it was just another run of the mill match where stalling calls were made.  After 2 periods of collar-ties and backing up, Ryan has no one to blame but himself.

  8. Smith looked awful in the first period, most of the second, and only caught wind when the ref kept him in the match with the first two stall calls.  


    Smith did look awful in the first, but he earned those stall calls.  The ref didn't gift them.  There was one guy moving his hands and feet and attempting to score, and there was one guy who didn't have anything more to offer than a tight collar tie.  The better wrestler won that match.  


    Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate savvy defense and crafty stalling, but Ryan didn't have either, those were stalling calls well earned.

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