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  1. Sorry I'm not at your Mensa level of intellect (yes, full sarcasm), but you are obviously the one with the reading deficit.  The rule says if he files within 18 hours he still has to weigh in, UNLESS the Sport Committee excuses him.  The Sport Committee did not grant this, Einstein.  Please return your best ad hominem; the last one was weak.

    And the arbitrator ruled that the Sport Committee was wrong.  Please tell me which rule Marable broke.


    "Marable failed to meet those rules."  


    Which rule did he break?  


    As far as "evidence" goes, there is plenty.  The final trials had very clear rules about what is allowed and not allowed within 18 hours of weigh-in.  Marable failed to meet those rules.  If he was injured and wanted an extension, he needed to file more than 18 hours before.  He didn't.  Within 18 hours, he had to weigh in.  He didn't.  If he truly has a concussion, that is unfortunate but we all know that the sport of wrestling and life in general can be very cruel. Whether he tripped on a treadmill and hit his head or not really is immaterial to the rules that he and everyone else in the process agreed to abide by beforehand.



    I understand your sentiment here Coach J, but you are just flat out wrong about the Marable failing to meet any rules.  


    "If a request for delay of the Final Wrestle-Off is made within 18 hours of the weigh-in, the athlete will be required to weigh-in and make weight at the qualified weight and have the illness or injury certified in writing by a medical doctor approved by USA Wrestling; provided, however, that the Sport Committee may excuse this weigh-in requirement if the basis for delay is determined by the Sport Committee to be due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances"


    How do you interpret that rule to mean that Marable had to "file more than 18 hours before?"  Do you not understand the word within?  


    Furthermore, he doesn't have to weigh-in "if the basis for delay is determined by the Sport Committee to be due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances."  The arbitrator decided this was the case.  


    I'm sorry you weren't born with the mental capacity for solid reading comprehension, but don't take it out on Marable.

  3. You'd be surprised.  You would think that a high box jump would mean a high vertical, but that really isn't the case.  They are correlated, sure, but not even close to 1 to 1.  JB is pretty damn athletic, but he isn't NFL type athletic.  I'd guess his vertical is on the lower side of the 30's..  


    Burroughs best shot in the NFL is the same as ours, at long snapper.

  4. What is the injury specifically? Injuries suck


    Nobody knows, which reveal lemonpie and cooch as the morons they really are. (Honestly, I think lemonpie is just a troll, but cooch truly is mentally challenged)  


    If it is an injury that can't be worsened further, then there is no issue here.

  5. So the Seahawks never blitz?  Never double team an elite receiver?  Just hang back in prevent mode all game?  You are equating "defense" with "conservative."  Not the same thing.


    Good point.  Perhaps my analogy is off base.  


    Every decision on the playing field/wrestling mat has risk and reward.  My point is that a defensive, low risk style of wrestling is still wrestling, entertaining or not.

  6. Here is what you originally said:


    "How can you explain to someone why a wrestler is allowed to hang out on their back, even when they are being held there with their opponents leg on top of them, without being penalized?"


    Herbert bailed on that ankle because he was on his back and realized the ref would soon award control and nearfall.  There is not a ref in the country that is currently allowing a wrestler to ankle dive and lay on his back without giving up points. Provide evidence if I am wrong.


    The original poster would want Herbert to be penalized every one of the times he attempted to pass an ankle.  That's asinine.

  7. Except a lot of schools don't have the $$$ to travel the country.  For D1, there are big tournaments like Midlands, Scuffle, CKLV, which allows most people to face top competitions a couple of times. The RPI rankings that come out are thus accurate because of the # of matches against each other.  I don't think the RPI for division 3 would be nearly as precise, since a lot of teams don't go outside local competition due to budgetary restraints.  It is a merit based sport, and the best kids qualify and win the national tournament in D3.  Your argument is about the 15th vs 20th ranked kid qualifying when there are 18 spots.   

    "Your argument is about the 15th vs 20th ranked kid qualifying when there are 18 spots."


    No, my argument is not this.


    I'm talking about a division like this: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=7652 qualifying as many as a division like this: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=7647


    I am talking about this Region's 149 weight class: http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=7623.  

    The number 2,4,5,6 guys at 149 are in this division, and only 3 will qualify assuming no upsets from the other guys in the region. In the West region, three UNRANKED wrestlers will qualify over, at worst, the #6 ranked guy in the country.  This is not unusual.  In fact, Central region 197 has a similar situation going on.  Top 10 ranked wrestlers, at the very least, should not be left at home.


    This isn't about travel or money either.  Many of these teams now travel FURTHER to these new regions than they previously did.  Why would the team from Concordia, WI travel to Minneapolis before UW La Crosse or UW Stevens Point?


    You don't know what you're talking about here.  This qualifying system is a joke.  Wildcards are necessary at the very least.

  8. But actual wrestling. 


    No. Wrestling is gaining the dominant position more often than your opponent, which is rewarded by points.  Sometimes that can mean taking chances. Other times it can mean taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.  I can not take a single chance an entire match and win by tech fall if my opponent is a fool.


    "Taking chances" implies risk.  The easiest way to win a match is by not losing a match, and "taking chances" significantly increases the odds that I may lose the match.  It may not be the wrestling you care to watch, but it is wrestling nonetheless.


    The Seattle Seahawks have relied on an elite defense and solid, low risk rushing attack to win a lot of games the past few years. Why don't you hear fans screaming for them to take more chances?

  9. oco....... stalling is when a wrestler is not constantly improving their position, no matter where they are. IMO

    Perfect. Thanks for your response.


    If a wrestler has my leg and is about to score, is not diving for an ankle, even with the goal of a stalemate, an effort to improve my position?  Should stalling be called in that situation?


    I agree with you AKHUNTER, that stalling is when a wrestler is not trying to improve his position, but the words "improve" and "position" leave quite a bit of wiggle room for interpretation, and your criteria for stalling is certainly not as straightforward as you make it seem.

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